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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in Paris

For hundreds of years, Paris has been a global hub of travel, learning, and culture. One of the world’s most popularly visited cities, Paris boasts a handful of the most respected universities in the world, within the backdrop of a stimulating and multicultural cityscape like no other on earth. Earning your degree abroad in Paris is the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the French capital, developing an intimate relationship with the city which is usually only enjoyed by locals. Are you ready to learn the true meaning behind vive la France?

Academics & Degrees

Home to the French Revolution and central to the European Enlightenment, Paris has maintained its standing as one of the finest academic cities on the continent for centuries. Paris’ most famous academic institution, the Sorbonne, was founded all the way back in the 12th century, and continues to be one of the most reputable in the world to this day. Other top schools where you can earn a degree abroad in Paris include Sciences Po Paris, ENS Paris, and Paris Tech.

There are some 17 public universities throughout the Paris metropolitan area which host nearly 400,000 students, along with 55 prestigious grandes ecoles (grand schools), which are essentially smaller, specialized private universities. You will generally be expected to speak French if applying for admission to either a public university or grandes ecoles. English speakers can still find niche degree programs in Paris’ international schools or through exchange programs, though speaking French will still open up whole worlds of opportunity you wouldn’t otherwise enjoy while living in Paris.

Some of the most popularly pursued degrees abroad in Paris among international students tend to include French, European studies, political science, business, and history. You are, of course, by no means limited within these subject areas; there are hundreds of different degrees abroad in Paris that you can pursue, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Life in Paris

With some 12 million people living in the metropolitan area, Paris sits right behind London as the second most populous city in the European Union. Having a long history of international influence and a very diverse population coming from all over the world, Paris is also regarded as one of the top global cities on earth in areas of politics, finance, and culture, sharing this acclaim with other major hubs such as New York, London, and Tokyo.

While Paris is one of the most popularly visited cities in the world for obvious reasons, living abroad in France’s capital will expose you to a much deeper appreciation of what makes it such a magnetic destination. Beyond the major attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral, you will discover an endless number of restaurants, cafes, parks, historical sights, and modern venues which can provide for limitless exploration and immersion.

The city is very efficiently connected by metro, (it’s metro system, which opened all the way back in 1900, carries nearly 5 million passengers everyday) meaning that you can take advantage to seek out all the hidden nooks and crannies while earning your degree abroad in Paris. Take your studies seriously, but don’t lose out on the chance to embrace the city to its fullest potential!

Scholarships & Costs

There is a wide price gap between the public universities and grandes ecoles in Paris. For the former, you will often only have to pay a few hundred dollars in fees as an international student, while the latter will often set their tuition at several thousands of dollars. For information on financial aid opportunities available while pursuing a degree abroad in Paris, check out our French Scholarship Directory.

Paris itself is also quite an expensive city to live in, so you will want to learn how to live on a budget during your time abroad. Simple steps like cooking for yourself, shopping locally, and taking advantage of all the city’s student discounts and free entertainments can make a big difference.

Accommodation & Visas

Many international students pursuing a degree abroad in Paris choose to live in student dormitories during the outset of their program, with the option open to move to off-campus apartments later in their studies. Rent in Paris can be quite expensive, so if you do intend to move off campus, then it’s definitely a good idea to bring roommates into the fold!

Unless you are coming from within the European Union, then you will also have to apply for a student visa in order to earn your degree abroad in Paris. Your host university will endorse you throughout this process, but in the meantime you can scout out our French Embassy Directory for more information about the country’s visa policies as they apply to you.

Benefits & Challenges

City of Light. Earning your degree abroad in Paris will place you directly in one of the world’s leading cities of culture and higher education. Give yourself fully to the city, and it will give everything back.

French Immersion. French is one of the U.N.’s six official languages, and is spoken commonly all over the world from Europe to Africa to the Caribbean. Earning your degree abroad in Paris, fluency is just around the corner.

Idealism. As you might expect from a city which was central to the enlightenment era and to democracy itself, Paris has always stood for something much larger than the city itself. It is diverse, curious, restless, and ambitious; are you ready to join in the fervor?

Earning your degree abroad in Paris is the rare opportunity to earn a world-class education in one of the most historically and modernly influential cities on the planet. If you think you’re up to the challenge, then the only thing left is to make it happen.

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A Guide To
Degrees Abroad in Paris


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LLM Paris

The LLM in Paris is a Master of Laws programme taught in the English language by prestigious visiting lecturers and academics at Queen Mary. The course provides students with in-depth insight into commercial law from both international and comparative perspectives, within a framework of common law. It offers sound understanding of the participants’ own legal system, as it provides tools for ...


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Gastronomy and Hospitality Internships in France

Gastronomie France offers to students the unique opportunity to carry out their internship in the best hotels and restaurants in France. Interns will be placed in selected prestigious French establishments, which range from gastronomical and traditional restaurants to Michelin star restaurants. Interns will learn from passionate and dedicated French chefs and hotel managers keen to share ...


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Paris College of Art Undergraduate Degree Programs

Located in the heart of Paris, and deeply connected to the art and design professional industries in France and Europe, Paris College of Art offers American degree programs to students from around the world. On the undergraduate level, PCA offers Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Art History, Theory, & Criticism; Communication Design; Fashion Design; Fine Arts; Interior Design; Illustration;...


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Study Abroad at The American University of Paris

Studying in Paris is the dream of many students. Completing a semester or a year at The American University of Paris (AUP) is an exceptional way to enhance your experiences against the backdrop of vibrant metropolitan Paris. AUP is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, meaning that the courses you take with us will transfer back as easily to your home ...


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Superior Culinary Arts Diploma

The Ducasse Education Superior Culinary Arts Diploma is a program dedicated to culinary arts graduates and practicing chefs who want to complement their culinary expertise and advanced technical skills. This program provides the highest standards expected at top international establishments and the highest level of expertise for every specialty in the professional kitchen, from cold kitchen ...


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ESMOD-ISEM Undergraduate program in Fashion Business

This program is dedicated to the business of fashion, specializing in marketing, communication and distribution in the designer and luxury market, including textiles and accessories. This undergraduate program has been designed for students with a high school degree or an associate’s degree in another field, with a strong desire to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Students will c...


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Executive On-Line MBA in Paris

* The online MBA program from the American Business School of Paris allows students to acquire the managerial competencies in leadership and a wide range of high level business areas: strategic marketing, finance, communications, international management, economics, and more. * The flexibility of the 100% online program allows students to earn an American diploma at the Masters level despit...


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MBA in Luxury and Fashion Management

Earn your MBA in Luxury and Fashion Management in Paris, France. This rigorous program brought to you through Study Abroad in Europe lasts one full year (three trimesters) and includes a broad range of industry-specific subject matter including fashion, leisure, hotels, yachts, private jets, wineries, and more. The curriculum is focused around understanding consumer behaviors, marketing tech...


Biotechnology Engineering Training at Sup'Biotech, Paris

Sup'Biotech regularly welcomes international students pursuing a complete curriculum in biotechnology. The Biotechnology Engineering Training is a five-year program that follows the License-Master-Doctorate (LMD), according to the European standard. Its curriculum is divided into successive Undergraduate (1st-3rd year) and Graduate (4th-5th year) cycles. The Undergraduate cycle focuses on th...


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Top up degree - Bachelor in Business Studies with Marketing

IPAC School of Management offers a one-year Bachelor in Business Studies with Marketing program in France. The first semester, taught entirely in English, is for full-time studies. The second semester comes with a 19-week internship, which can be done anywhere in the world. Students can either do both semesters and graduate with a European certifications framework, which is equivalent to Bac...