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If you’re considering a food science degree, you must already have an interest in food. Well honestly, who doesn’t have an interest in food, but you may be the one person who reads the ingredients label and understands what each word actually means! What better way to cook up an impact on your studies than learning abroad in top food science programs, complete with different food, sightseeings, people, and culture. It’ll take more than learning the secrets to red sauce in Italy or bagels in Australia. What exactly makes food nourishment for the body (and the soul)? Get the scoop by earning a degree at international colleges with food science majors!

Why Earn a Food Science Degree Abroad

There’s a difference between knowing how to order from the secret menu at Qdoba and knowing the scientific facts behind the queso sauce. You could enroll in the old-fashioned YouTube School and teach yourself, but wouldn’t it be better to learn at the best colleges for food science? Food science is more than food tasting all day; it’s the perfect blend of biology, chemistry, technology, and– of course– a little food tasting. In this field, you’ll learn about all the realms on consumer foods from distribution to government restrictions as well as nourishment value. Government agencies, manufacturers, and retail organizations are just a few entities that’ll seek you for employment if you’re decorated with adornments from food science universities. These companies are always in needs of food scientists, so job security will rank high on your list of pros.

As you come back home or stay abroad, you’ll be able to combine the best of both worlds on your upcoming applications. As a foreign candidate, you have something many of your competitors won’t have: an objective point of view. With your international experience at food science colleges, you’ll not only have access to facilities that are only available in other countries, but you’ll also learn how to compare theories and tactics. Employers seek candidates who have learned different points of view in an effort to attract new customers, discover new outcomes, and more.


Food science is a globally-accepted and always-in-demand field of study, so if you have an itch to travel somewhere specific, it will make the trip even sweeter if you came back with a degree from some of the best food science programs. As the world turns and becomes more flat (not literally), many universities are investing in food science degree programs to help propel society forward and countries across the board have something to offer.

United Kingdom. While home to many of the best colleges for food science, the bulk can be found in London town. London is a world-renowned city, so you’ll interact daily with people from different corners of the world. As a student, you have plenty of access to European countries that are just a hop, skip, and train ride away– perfect for eating new exotic cuisines (which is basically homework, right?). Just because you’re in London doesn’t mean you’ll be drowning in tea and chips. This international foodie haven has a food scene that would make even the pickiest eater admit that the food is delicious. You’ll have access to the best sushi in Thames Town or the best roast duck in Chinatown.

Australia will be an outdoor lover’s dream; their top food science programs present the chance to crack the code for the perfect recipe of lamb chops. Australia is the perfect twist of the countryside and big city. If you consider yourself a city slicker, then the streets of Sydney or Melbourne will keep your midnight oil burning. For the old-fashion outdoor enthusiasts, this is your haven. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef or hiking up the Blue Mountain National park will leave you eyes dazed and legs exhausted. Never fear of being the only expat—almost half of Australia’s population is foreign born or 1st generation Australian. Australia has over 15 universities that offer food science programs from the undergraduate level to doctorate level.

Spain. What’s better than studying for your food science degree Monday through Friday while squeezing in Spanish lessons and siestas? Maybe you would prefer to grab some seafood paella or BBQ tapas on the rooftop of a boutique wine bar. Spain is the perfect storm for international students who work hard and want to play harder. Many students choose to study in Spain for the international scene. Once you set foot in the classroom, you’ll indulge in food safety, food products for human consumption, wine microbiology, food engineering and more. Over 30 percent of the students in Spain come from abroad. Traveling will consume your weekends while visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, and more.

Food Science Degrees

No matter how many Indeed searches that lead to a dog grooming or cat sitting, you won’t be bored while getting a degree in food science and technology. Best universities will offer a full, 360 degree lens to look at your dinner plate a little differently. Unlike your counterparts who study different majors, food science studies has a lot of hands-on experience. Yes, you'll have lectures and reports during your early years, but as you grow into your studies, you’ll become a lab rat. Food science students will spend anywhere up to 50 percent of their undergrad and graduate years in the lab. 

Experience is highly valued in the food science industry. No matter where you plan to place your beakers, you’ll need to get out there and get your hands greasy. If you’re considering becoming a nutritionist or a dietitian, finding an internship or part-time position within the health field will do wonders. For those who are looking to go corporate and work in the manufacturing side of things, try you best to gain experience within a food distributor or food retailer.

Undergraduate and graduate-level coursework is available in food science degree programs. The field is competitive because on average, food science majors have an 88 percent job security rate upon graduation and that’s just for your bachelor’s. The bachelor level of food science prepares graduates to work in a wide range of capacities including research, manufacturing, and retail. As your pursue a master’s in food science or a Ph.D.; in top food science graduate programs, you’ll learn more about food policies, designing, food distribution regulations, and be able to work more on the business side of the industry. A food science masters degree is your ticket to success!

Benefits & Challenges

Food science majors can compare and contrast domestic methods versus international methods for food production, nutrition, and accessibility. For example, you’ll be able to take a deep dive into the food consumption behavior of the United States versus and how this affects its citizens’ health. You’ll have access to different facilities and tools that won’t be normally available in your home country. The perspectives you gain and the bilingual skills you develop will open doors you didn’t even know existed before.

Challenges will include some culture shock and a language barrier while attending food science universities. You can learn food science abroad in English, but life continues outside of the classroom, making second language skills are handy. Learn the etiquette and customs before you book it to the airport, and consider taking language immersion classes to help ease you into the country. Food science is considered to be an intensive study field, so don’t forget to log in those study hours during your time abroad. Keep a work hard, play hard attitude. When you’re studying hard for weeks at a time and thinking about all the cat videos that you want to watch, just know your hard work will pay off. You can run with the bulls after you ace your next quiz.

Completing your food science degree will heighten your taste buds from all of the overseas cuisines. You’ll become a scientific expert whose career will go beyond reading the ingredient labels in plain English. With all of the benefits, including job security, range of placement, and high salaries, food science majors will be rewarded for their leap of faith to life as a student abroad.

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