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A Guide to Environmental Studies Degrees Abroad

As the human population of our planet continues to grow and industrialize, environmental studies has developed into one of the most important fields of understanding to successfully tackle the oncoming challenges embedded in the 21st century. The task is a global one at heart, and earning your environmental studies degree abroad can be a fruitful first step along the path to greater understanding, cooperation, and action between different cultures and the nations which they comprise.

Why Earn Your Degree Abroad

Beyond the personal benefits of studying abroad at a foreign university – the tremendous growth you will undergo, the new people you will meet, the new things you will see – earning an environmental studies degree abroad makes even more sense because of the subject matter you will be devoted to. The challenges of development, pollution, renewable energy, climate change, and the like are all global in scope, and the threats that human expansion pose to the sustainability of our environment will increasingly require an international approach to rooting out and solving.


Environmental studies is a widely conferred degree around the world, meaning that you will have plenty of options while deciding where to study abroad.

One important factor to keep in mind is the geographical, economic, and political context of your host country, as this will often determine both the content of your studies and the type of field research you might have the opportunity to engage in. For example your environmental studies degree abroad will likely take on quite a different focus between India and Switzerland, because these countries face very different contextual challenges.

Another factor to keep in mind is the language barrier. Most universities abroad will use their native language as the medium of education, so it is often expected that you have a decent command of that language from the outset upon enrollment. Countries as varied as Sweden, Japan, and Argentina can all be great places to earn your environmental studies degree abroad, but each will traditionally require proficiency in a second language as well.

Nevertheless, within the English speaking world, countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom continue to boast some of the most reputable universities and environmental studies programs in the world. There are pros and cons all over the planet, so take your time researching different degree programs to discover for yourself where feels like the perfect fit!

Academics & Degrees

Environmental studies is a broad, interdisciplinary field that features crossover between many different academic subjects. At the undergraduate level you will often be required to take prerequisite courses in subjects ranging from chemistry and physics to economics and political science, and many others in between.  Environmental studies requires a broad knowledge-base because there are many different scientific phenomena and social stakeholders to take into account.

Further along at the graduate level (either a Master’s or PhD), you will generally have the opportunity to focus on a specific field of environmental studies to specialize in, such as environmental engineering, sustainable development, resource management, marine biology, or many more. Earning a graduate degree abroad in environmental studies can acquire up to several additional years of study, and often requires extensive independent research and fieldwork as well.

It is important to keep in mind that different countries may have their own unique entry requirements to enroll for an environmental studies degree abroad, so it’s best to get on the ball as early as possible while planning at your degree track. You should also look into internship opportunities while pursuing your degree, as this can greatly strengthen your future career prospects and on-the-ground network abroad!

Benefits & Challenges

Planetary Perspective. Earning your environmental studies degree abroad will place the relevant challenges we face in their proper global context; our environment is decaying, and it is up to our generation to collaborate and reverse the process.

Diverse Degree. Careers in environmental studies can either be highly localized or global in scope; either way, going abroad for your degree is going to look great on a resume. Just another perk!

Adventure Awaits. Last but certainly not least, going abroad for your degree in environmental studies will be a formative journey, one that will free you and shape the scope of the rest of your life. So stop thinking, and do it.

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A Guide To
Environmental Studies Degrees Abroad


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Master in Sustainable Design - IED Barcelona

This masters tackles sustainability from a 360°angle based on materials, the business model concept or service idea and profitability. Students are guided through the most complex aspects of product design and contemporary packaging with a special focus on creativity, project analysis and factoring in social values such as sustainability. The Masters in Sustainable Design includes a cross-cu...


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Transfer to John Cabot University in Rome, Italy

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Master's Degree in High Performance Sport

The UCAM Master in High-Performance Sport degree program is the first in Spain to be recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The curriculum is specially designed to impart not only the theoretical and practical applications, but also the methodological foundations necessary for independent research, allowing students to address the most controversial lines in Sports Sc...


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BSc in Civil Engineering

Technion International Israel Institute of Technology teaches students about construction management at different stages of the construction process, touching on areas such as management, economic business, planning, and legal issues associated with the process. Topics related to the design and management of water delivery and supply systems, water and waste-water treatment and recycling, and t...


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Middlesex University, London UK

At Middlesex, no matter where in the world our students come from, we give them the tools and opportunities they need to make their own path to success, to grow as individuals and to stand out from their peers back at home. We offer a broad range of industry relevant courses and our academics draw on their experience and employ practical teaching techniques. We provide our students with the op...


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Study Abroad at Bangor University in Wales, UK

Many students choose to study at Bangor University, North Wales as visiting study abroad scheme students. Every year, well over 100 students from North, Central and South America, Asia and mainland Europe undertake a semester or a whole year at Bangor and transfer the credits achieved to the home University. This means that students who are taking a degree course at another university can vi...


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Mente Argentina: Master's and Graduate Degrees Program in Buenos Aires

Mente Argentina's Masters and Graduate Degrees Program may be the perfect program for someone interested in studying in a new culture. Through this international program students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in thier career. Individuals can chose to study from some of the most renowned universities in the Country: Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Universidad Argen...


Environmental Law LLM

Climate change, with its far reaching consequences, is a universal problem that confronts all individuals, societies, industries and governments. The LLM in Environmental Law explores all the legal and political issues concerning natural resources law, climate change policies, and environmental protection, with a focus on the impact of oil and gas. An interdisciplinary programme, The LLM in ...


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TEAN: Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in New Zealand

For those wanting to study abroad beyond a semester, TEAN can assist you in finding a program in New Zealand to earn your Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or PhD. Our services are free to you. We do not charge you for the work we do on your behalf. By utilizing TEAN's services you are saving money on international postage, phone calls and more. TEAN is an official representative of the be...


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International Master's Degree Programs in Helsinki, Finland

Broaden your academic knowledge further with a graduate study in Finland! Enroll in any of the University of Helsinki’s 33 Masters Programmes, which are taught entirely in English. Complete your full-time study in two years and earn 120 ECTS credits. Our annual tuition fees are 13.000, 15.000 or 18.000 €, depending on the program. The International Master's Degree Programs at the University ...


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Degree Programs at the University of Westminster, London

The University of Westminster is a diverse and dynamic university located in the heart of London, England. With a vibrant learning environment and a commitment to educating for professional life, the university has a distinguished 175-year history. It offers a wide range of bachelors and masters courses, ranging from Business Management and International Relations to Conflict Resolution and Mus...


BSc Environmental Science

Study BSc Environmental Science at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. The programme offers an integrated approach to environmental science. It confronts broader environmental challenges and issues, as well as economic and social issues. This approach helps students learn to use their scientific knowledge to assist the government and industries in their environmental management and policy info...


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University of Otago - Study Abroad

The University of Otago welcomes study abroad students from universities throughout the world, and enrolls international students in degrees from bachelors through to PhD. Live among local students of the university, all within 15 minutes walk of campus and the Dunedin city center in New Zealand. The two to six-bedroom houses or apartments typically have at least one local student living in the...


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Dublin City University Study Abroad and Degree Abroad Programmes

Thinking about where you would like to study, what you want to study and how you apply? Dublin City University (DCU) is a warm and welcoming environment for students from over 114 countries who wish to take a semester in Dublin, a full time undergraduate degree or a postgraduate masters programme. The International Office will help you with advice on all aspects of study in DCU including cou...


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American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut has long been admired for the strength and breadth of its academic programs and its commitment to a broad-based liberal arts education. All entering undergraduate students are required to complete a number of general education courses that provide them with the opportunity to explore many different disciplines. The University's Faculties of Agricultural and Foo...