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A Guide to Chemical Engineering Degrees Abroad

Chemical engineering is not all explosions and brightly-colored smoke; rather, it is using chemistry to solve problems. This field merges physical sciences (chemistry and physics), life sciences (biology, microbiology and biochemistry), and applied sciences (mathematics and economics) to produce applications for the modern world. The skills you’ll gain plus the international experience you’ll have equate to a smart solution for a bright future! Being such a universal field, what better way to prepare than by forming all sorts of positive bonds while pursuing a chemical engineering degree abroad?

Why Earn a Degree Abroad

It takes much more than knowing that hydrogen and oxygen equals water to be a chemical engineer — but it’s a good start! Getting a chemical engineering degree abroad enables you to acquire an international mindset and approach to your profession. It also assists you greatly in your professional development, so start sketching plans and causing reactions.

Getting a degree abroad provides you with much different training that at home. Not only do you pick up local lingo and professional jargon, but you do so in more than one language. Furthermore, the cultural adjustments that naturally accompany any scholastic experience abroad extends into the classroom as well. There are different learning methods, work ethics, and project styles, and the more you are familiar with, the more you will be able to use in the future.

Earning a degree in chemical engineering abroad also grants you a chance to work with people who have different perspective on issues. If you plan to return home after your degree, then you can put your newfound ideas to good use and develop multi-faceted solutions and practices. Whether you’re drafting an environmental decree or trying to figure out thermodynamics, being an ambassador for international ideas gets you major proton points on future work resumes and projects.

Where to Earn a Chemical Engineering Degree

Chemical engineering is a fairly universal degree and can be studied anywhere in the world. Most well-known universities offer a degree in chemical engineering, though where you do your degree might play a role in what specific industry you plan on getting into. Here are the best countries to get a chemical engineering degree.

In Europe, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark emphasize practical training and are a great choice for anyone that wants hands-on training in state-of-the-arts laboratories. Germany has the largest chemical industry in Europe and its universities offer many technical courses. As an extra bonus, recent educational reforms make Deutschland a particularly affordable place to learn (and live!). The UK and Ireland both have have leading universities concentrating on organic and inorganic chemistries while also providing ample research options (and teach all classes in English).

Various universities in Australia offer degrees in chemical engineering, with emphasis on courses such as organic chemistry, engineering analysis, chemical process analysis, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and reactor engineering. If getting a tan between classes and chilling with some of the world's craziest animals on the weekend sounds like your flavor of vegemite, hop on down under.

China has become increasingly notable in the chemical industry, with booming advances in both engineering and technology. There is also an important crossover with computer sciences, which is good for learning about subjects such as data structure and algorithms. If biochemical and some fine chemicals are more your cup of tea, then Japan is a good option to consider. Keep in mind that learning styles in these countries do tend to be more conservative, but the degree will be worth its weight in gold!

Types of Chemical Engineering Degrees

The structure of chemical engineering degrees vary with the level of studying and its location, but most programs usually deal with the basics of general engineering, with later years concentrating on fields of chemical engineering in particular. Chemical engineering degrees are usually three to five years, including practical work.

Undergraduate chemical engineering degrees are comprehensive and last anywhere from three to five years. They cover fields such as pure and applied mathematics, computing and computer-aided design (CAD), and the sciences. In later years, studies move onto advanced laboratory classes, working with large-scale and industrial equipment. There are also classes concentrating on wider subjects, such as financial, ethical, and environmental issues. 

Master's degree courses go into detail in specific fields within chemical engineering, allowing for research options. Courses will involve a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, computer practice sessions, extensive practical laboratory work, and project work, including field work. 

Most institutions require you to have previous qualification in mathematics and a high school level in chemistry and physics. You could also get into chemical engineering from a natural sciences background or through engineering or computer sciences. If you don’t have the required qualifications, some institutions offer a foundation course to get you up to speed.

Chemical engineering is a buzzing field, and salaries tend to reflect this pretty well, regardless of which country you decide to work in later. However, if you need some help covering college costs, take a look at GoAbroad´s scholarships page.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Getting a chemical engineering degree abroad helps you acquire and develop industry contacts. Cultivate your network, which can be great resources both for study sessions, recommendations, job hook-ups, or BFF’s. Extending contacts beyond your home country offers you a whole new set of possibilities, which never hurts social or professional life.

While you’re pursuing a chemical engineering degree abroad, you might get the chance to attend global seminars and industry events. Take advantage of all current topics and events abroad; most topics in the field are global issues, and it's good to attain an international perspective to solve on solutions for these problems. 

Language might be an issue when getting a degree abroad, but industry speak and specialized vocabulary is a global tongue that lets you communicate with colleagues around the globe. So, pick up another language to get you a resume boost, but marvel at the ease of communicating with scientists from India and Kenya.

Chemical engineering plays a major role in how the world shapes up today, with its influences stretching even into medicine and space technology. Earning a degree in chemical engineering abroad is a great catalyst to a solid future, so start diving into long formulas, investigating resources and computer programs, and saving the world.

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A Guide To
Chemical Engineering Degrees Abroad


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