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A Guide to Bioengineering Degrees Abroad

Perhaps you’ve always gravitated towards Isaac Newton’s footsteps, yearned to decipher Einstein’s equations in Germany, or desired to win the Nobel Prize just like Kyriacos Athanasiou. If bioengineering is your passion, and your international education equation is just right, that could be you! With international bioengineering degrees, your career could involve saving cancer patients’ lives or giving a heart attack victim a second chance to live. As famous scientist Marie Curie once said, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” So abandon your fears and attend one of the best biomedical engineering schools in the world.

Why Earn a Degree Abroad

Bioengineering is an innovative and integrative global business. The genius ideas of gravity, calculus, antibiotics, pacemakers, and laws of motion didn’t all come from the same place, you know. Experts collaborated from across the globe! In fact, the top bioengineering companies work with international partners.

With an international bioengineering degree, you can spark a career in almost any field, such as health, sales, research and development, or patient evaluation. Since your future career will require you to communicate and problem solve within a slew of cultural contexts, it’s important that you develop an appreciation for cultural differences. Bioengineering companies are on the lookout for an employee with an exponential global perspective and knowing another language won’t hurt your chances either. Earning your degree abroad in bioengineering will develop all of those skills! You’ll sure strike up chemistry with any employer.


So, where’s the best place to compute your new degree? Where you pursue a degree in bioengineering may not be an exact science, so listen to your heart and use your inner intuition to help point the way (but do your future a favor by also considering top biomedical engineering schools if you can!).

China is a great place to dig for bioengineering degrees abroad. China has a reputation for being forward thinking in the areas of health and technology, so you’ll be surrounded by the best of the best. Programs offer undergraduate, graduate, one semester, or year-long programs, and all they require is a high school diploma to start! Don’t know a fraction of Chinese? You won’t be confuddled. Many programs serve up bioengineering classes in English with Chinese language lessons on the side. While you’re taking a break from your next booming breakthrough, explore the mystical rural parts of the country. Artists, writers, and members of high society have flocked to smaller Chinese cities, like Suzhou, to appreciate a gentle presence. Historically renowned for high class and elegance, Suzhou is known for its luminous canals, intricate bridges, and tranquil Chinese gardens.

Looking to solve the science blunder from down under? Australia has some top picks for bioengineering degrees abroad. Oz is a magnet for foreigners, so you can explore a vast sum of cultures while having the familiarity of English speakers at your side. Melbourne, for example, currently educates over 10,000 international students at its university. Entertain yourself at Melbourne’s plethora of rooftop restaurants, chic shopping, live music, and don’t forget the sports. Australia’s programs overall focus on gaining real life experience and getting a well-rounded education, even if that means going outside of your area of study. Sounds like a perfect time to study bioengineering and pick up a new language while you’re at it! 

Yearning to add some eastern exploration into your educational equation? Look no further than futuristic Saudi Arabia. The Middle East’s emphasis on technology has grown exponentially as of late. You’ll find well-revered universities that uses English as its official language and welcomes students from around the world. While you’re in the birthplace of Islam, visit the archeological ruins of Madain Saleh. Carved into the rock face that lines the paths of this city are 131 ancient tombs adorned with Aramaic script, elegant gyno sphinxes of women, lion’s bodies, and wings. Don’t forget the Red Sea, which sports premier scuba-diving locations and pristine white sandy shores.

Bioengineering Degrees

Bioengineering combines biology, computer science, and biochemistry, so it’s definitely helpful to be strong in math, science, and technology. So how do you go from an intern to an Einstein?

Starting out, undergraduate students have a wider selection of programs to choose from since their studies are more general. All you need to get started is your high school diploma. Over the course of three to four years, you’ll study basic chemistry, computer science, and biology. If you’re not quite ready to dive into bioengineering, you can always start by earning your degree in one of these three topics, and jump to bioengineering for graduate studies. A degree from top biomedical engineering schools for undergraduates could earn you an entry level bioengineering position, but to keep up with the competitive pace of this field, it’s best to shoot for the stars with a graduate degree.

Graduate students will want to pick a program based on their specific interest within bioengineering, like medical device development, patient evaluation, or research and development. Your classes at top biomedical engineering graduate schools will be more meticulous, research based, and you’ll get lots of hands-on experience with internships in the real world. After two to three years, you’ll be ready to tackle the world! With a graduate degree, you can hope to snag a cool research position at a university or a top company in the field.

Benefits & Challenges

Bioengineering has its own pluses and minuses. Once you’re released into the bioengineering world, your accomplishments can shoot to infinity and beyond! You can take pride in knowing that you will be changing the world, one experiment or research project at a time. Bioengineering is a field where you can really make a difference in people’s everyday lives, and getting your degree abroad only expands the lives you’ll change for the better. You can learn a new language, meet colleagues from around the world, and form bonds that will last a lifetime. You’ll have fond memories of adventures, that’s for sure, and that slip of paper could be your ticket to a job anywhere in the world!

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to change worldwide healthcare with your research and inventiveness. Your mission will be to innovate the latest technologies. You’ll create solutions to questions like: “How can machines help the heart work more efficiently?” “How can cancer treatments be more pleasant for patients?” “How can patients self-test for disease?” You will be one of thousands out there that have chosen the same path, so there will absolutely be competition. Sometimes it’s hard to stand out among a sea of intellectuals, but that is where your unique voice comes in. Stay true to your ideals and inventiveness, and you won’t have a problem letting your laser beam shine.

It’s not easy to create the technological future, but with your newly honed international perspective and your razor-sharp scientifically trained mind, you’ll have the right skills in your toolbelt to take on anything this world throws at you with a bioengineering degree!

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A Guide To
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