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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in Perth

Settled along the beautiful coastline of Western Australia, Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city and home to some of the country’s top universities. Therefore, Perth is also one of the best places to earn a degree in the entire country. Considered one of the world’s most livable cities, because of its pristine setting, advanced infrastructure, thriving culture, and local entertainment, earning a degree abroad in Perth is sure to be enriching. Whatever your academic interests, there is a degree program in Perth that can help you reach your highest potential.

Academics & Degrees

Perth is home to five major universities: University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, and the University of Notre Dame. But, there are also a bevy of other smaller specialist schools where it is possible to earn a degree in Perth too.

International students who decide to pursue degree programs in Perth will have a wide range of fields and degrees to choose from. While degree program options are expansive, some of the most popular degrees in Perth include history, business, international relations, and environmental studies. Pretty much any discipline, ranging from the hard sciences to the liberal arts, will have a corresponding degree program in Perth for international students to explore.

Similar to most other countries, undergraduate degree programs in Perth will generally require students take courses for three to four years. On the other hand, the length of postgraduate degree programs can vary significantly, depending on the subject and degree level. Since seasons are reversed in Australia, the semester system runs to a different tune than many other countries in the northern hemisphere. Summer break usually runs from November to February, with the academic year generally beginning in March.

Life in Perth

Perth is home to over two million people, making it the largest city in Western Australia. It is located on the coastal plains, where the Swan River runs into the Indian Ocean, so students will have access to a large number of beaches on their free time, where they will surely spend many relaxing afternoons soaking in the balmy climate. There are also many well kept public parks throughout the city, most notably King’s Park, one of the largest of its kind in the world.

In terms of culture and entertainment, you could live a lifetime in Perth without growing bored. When feeling adventurous students can try surfing or snorkeling at Cottlesoe Beach. Feeling in need of refinement? Students can spend their day perusing the halls of the Western Australian Museum or Art Gallery of Western Australia. Finally, when classes are over and students are ready to cut loose they can revel in the city’s exciting nightlife, packed to the brim with great music, bars, and restaurants.

Students may experience an element of culture shock while initially adjusting to life in Perth, but soon enough this will give way to a greater appreciation for the city’s pulse. Earning a full degree abroad in Perth will give students an opportunity to immerse themselves more fully into the Australian way of life, than a single semester or year ever could. At the end of a degree program in Perth, international students will most definitely not be let down.

Scholarships & Costs

You might have been able to see this coming, Perth is a very expensive city to live in, and on top of this, tuition in Australia can cost quite a pretty penny for international students. However, don’t let money scare you away from looking for degree programs in Perth. Like any major city, it is still possible to live cheaply in Perth, and there are also a large number of scholarships available that can help cover the costs of earning a degree abroad in Perth.

Accommodation & Visas

Most international students choose to live in the dorms at the onset of their degree program in Perth, and then opt to find off campus housing later in their tenure. However, housing is expensive in Perth, so living with roommates is usually necessary for any student. Homestays are sometimes offered to students during shorter degree programs in Perth too, which provide students with a unique immersive experience.

You will need to obtain a student visa in order to earn a degree in Perth, and it is best to get the ball rolling early to avoid last minute entanglements. However, most host universities will help you through the process and make sure you have completed the appropriate visa requirements. You can also check out GoAbroad’s Australian Embassy Directory to learn more about the process.

Benefits & Challenges

Life Down Under. Visiting Australia can be a great experience for anyone, but earning your full degree in Perth will give you the opportunity to get to know the country on a whole new level. Not everyone gets the chance to live amidst such a lively culture for an extended period of time.

Push Your Limits. Earning your degree abroad in Perth is a big decision that will take the concept of international education to a whole new level. You will be leaving home and entering into an entirely new environment for at least a year, but usually two or more, which will prove to be a tremendous growth experience and one that will be as challenging as it is rewarding.

Global Education. As an international student you will be interacting daily with peers from all over the world. You may even find that the relationships your form and conversations you have with your peers may be just as educational as your academic courses!

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