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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in Australia & Oceania

A vast region covering the continent of Australia and the surrounding islands of the South Pacific, Oceania encompasses a highly diverse landscape which promises to provide a fun, educational destination where to earn your degree abroad. The mainland of Australia boasts some of the most prestigious universities in the entire world, while the smaller surrounding countries host a handful of reputable academic institutions as well. Wherever you choose to go, earning your degree abroad in Oceania will be an enriching adventure that you will never forget.


It is hard to define strictly which area constitutes Oceania, because categorizations vary and the geographical area which the islands are sprawled out upon in the Tropical Pacific is quite vast. Most often the term Oceania is used to encompass the Australian continent, the neighboring country of New Zealand, and the nearby island subregions of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia (which each in turn contain several independent countries of their own).

Australia is by far the most populous and infrastructurally developed nation in the region, and is therefore the top destination where many international students choose to earn their degree abroad in Oceania. Australian universities such as the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and University of Queensland all sit atop the global standings in many departments, and further are hosted by cities which are ranked as some of the most “livable” in the world.

Beyond the Australian mainland, other countries such as New Zealand and Fiji can also be promising destinations where to earn your degree abroad in Oceania. While much smaller than Australia, these countries nevertheless boast a handful of prestigious universities themselves, such as the University of Auckland and University of Otago in New Zealand, followed by the University of the South Pacific in Fiji.

Academics & Degrees

International students travel from across the world to earn their degree abroad in Oceania for all different subject matters. Some of the most popular include anthropology, geography, international business, environmental science, and Australian Studies. You will by no means by limited within these areas, however, as you will have the opportunity to select from a full course catalogue upon enrolling at a local university. Simply put, you can travel to earn your degree abroad in Oceania for pretty much anything!

One reason for this is that most local universities formally use English as the medium of education, which makes the region very accommodating for international students who are first or second language speakers. While native languages in the Polynesian, Melanesian, and Micronesian regions may be otherwise, most citizens of these countries speak English as well nonetheless, making everyday communication easy.

You can also earn a degree abroad in Oceania at any point during the course of your studies, ranging from undergraduate enrollment to postgraduate degrees such as a Master’s or PhD. One additional thing to keep in mind is that the seasons are reversed throughout most of Oceania, so the semester system will be at odds with much of the northern world. For example in Australia the first semester of the school year generally runs from March to June, followed by winter break, then second semester running from July until summer begins in November.

Scholarships & Costs

Tuition and costs of living will vary throughout Oceania, though on general principle you can expect both to be more expensive in Australia and New Zealand than in the less developed regions of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. Australia and New Zealand can be particularly expensive destinations for international students, with many living costs exceeding those of even Europe and the United States.

As long as you develop a routine on a budget, however, you should be fine. If affordability is a concern while earning your degree abroad in Oceania, then also be sure to check out our Scholarship Directory to learn more about potential opportunities for financial aid in the region.

Accommodation & Visas

Most international students who earn their degree abroad in Oceania choose to live in dormitories from the outset, then may move to off-campus housing down the line of their degree track. Homestays are also available for some degree programs in Oceania that are shorter in duration. Housing costs and infrastructure will again vary between the larger countries of Australia and New Zealand and the smaller island nations.

While the countries of Oceania also differ in their visa policies, you should generally expect that you will have to obtain a student visa in order to earn your full degree abroad in the region. Most often your degree abroad program or host school will help endorse you through this process. For more information about country-specific visa requirements, you can also visit our Embassy Directory in the meantime.

Benefits & Challenges

Ancient, Recent History. The region of Oceania has been inhabited for tens of thousands of years, and only recently became integrated into the global system within the past few centuries. The all-encompassing history is fascinating to learn about.

Adventurous Terrain. Wherever you end up earning your degree abroad, one of the most redeeming factors about Oceania is how scenically beautiful and sparsely populated the entire region is. Get ready to explore wilderness!

Remoteness. Cut off from any major continental landmass, you may feel off-the-grid at times while you earn your degree abroad in Oceania. Soon, however, you will take it upon yourself as an opportunity to reflect and grow in a new home with new perspective.

Earning your degree abroad in Oceania is a serious commitment, but one well worth the challenge, as you come to thrive academically in a too-often overlooked region of the world. From the Outback of Australia to the islands of Polynesia, a great adventure awaits you.

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A Guide To
Degrees Abroad in Australia & Oceania


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