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A Guide to Degrees Abroad in Argentina

One of the most booming educational centers in the Americas, Argentina is rich in boundary-pushers and revolutionaries, and it is guaranteed to force anyone outside of their comfort zone. Despite times of economic and political uncertainty, Argentina has always been a place of innovation, technological and artistic passion, and an overall love of education and learning, making it the perfect place to earn your degree abroad!


Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and home to many bustling educational hubs. Therefore, students are guaranteed to have their pick of fantastic degree program options and dynamic cultural centers regardless of the specific location they choose in Argentina.

Buenos Aires. The most popular city to earn a degree in Argentina, Buenos Aires offers endless program options for students. Boasting an impressive list of over 20 different public universities just within the city walls, students are guaranteed to obtain a world-class education, as well as a deep understanding of the country’s vibrant culture and history, by earning a degree in Buenos Aires. Whether you are interested in earning a degree in international business and finance or art history, Argentina’s capital has plenty of degree programs to fit your needs.

Córdoba. Located in central Argentina and the second largest city in the country, Córdoba is home to six international universities and host to the greatest number of international students in Argentina. This is easy to believe, as Córdoba was one of the first Spanish colonial capitals of the region and the University of Córdoba was the second university to be inaugurated in all of Latin America, earning the city the nickname of La Docta, or “The Learned One”.

Rosario. Another important educational center in Argentina, Rosario is the third largest city and home to over 80,000 university students (or almost 10 percent of the city’s population). In addition, Rosario is also home to the revolutionary Che Guevara and one of the most important industrial areas in the region, earning it the nickname of “the Argentine Chicago”.

Degree Programs in Argentina

Obtaining a degree in Argentina is possible for any type of student. Since the country greatly prioritizes education, there are opportunities for people from all walks of life to earn a degree in almost anything. Only have a year to get your degree? No problem. Don’t speak any Spanish? Neither do almost half of all international students in Argentina. Don’t look for excuses because you won’t find any in this country!

There are three types of degrees for international students to pursue in Argentina: undergraduate, graduate, or specialty degrees. A graduate or specialty degree typically only takes one to two years to complete in Argentina, while an undergraduate degree can take three to four. Many international students choose to pursue master’s degrees in Argentina due to their shorter nature.

The most popular degrees in Argentina include business, international relations, and Spanish, but these degrees barely scratch the surface of the options available. Some universities in Argentina offer degrees ranging from international political economy to wine production, so you can get as creative as you want with your degree search!

Scholarships & Costs

Argentina is a fairly inexpensive country to live and study abroad in. Even in metropolitan areas like Buenos Aires, the cost of living is still relatively cheap for most international students. Despite the costs associated with flights and enrollment, students will probably end of saving money by earning a degree abroad in Argentina. With that being said, many students view Argentina’s inexpensive costs as a reason to go wild with their spending, so be sure to set a budget and make good choices, that way you’ll actually have room to splurge once in awhile. 

Instead of spending your time at Argentine steakhouses and tango shows, hit up an underground milonga for the real deal and grab some piping hot empanadas on the street after. Your wallet will not only thank you, but it’s also a better way to integrate into the culture!

Tuition costs for university varies throughout Argentina, depending on the location and type of school you decide to earn your degree at. However, because Argentina is such a popular country for international degree seekers, there are a lot of scholarships available to help students keep their educational costs down. Check out GoAbroad’s Scholarship Directory for scholarship opportunities, funding ideas and other financial tips, and be sure to check with your advisor about other untapped financial resources available to you too.

Accommodation & Visas

There are many different types of accommodation options available to international students, though most long-term students opt to stay with a homestay or rent an apartment for the duration of their degree program in Argentina. Dormitories are available in most university cities, but these don’t tend to be as popular as in many Western countries. Depending on the length of a student’s degree program in Argentina, some individuals choose to live with a different family every year, while others keep it simple and rent an apartment close to campus for the full length of their studies.

International students will need to obtain a student visa in order to legally earn a degree in Argentina. Student visas will need to be obtained upon arrival in Argentina because students will have to apply in person. Most universities in Argentina provide international students with the necessary support and documents to secure the appropriate visas; be sure to work with the resources you have (including the actual university) to ensure you complete the visa process properly. Visa offices in Argentina are notoriously disorganized, so you will likely need your advisor to help you get what you need and avoid waiting in line for an entire day. While you do not need to have a visa to enter Argentina, you do need to make sure you have the proper vaccinations (and vaccination card in your passport) in order to enter the country; this is especially important if you are traveling from a country, such as Brazil, that has many cases of malaria. 

For the latest information on visas for Argentina, consult’s Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

The benefits of earning your degree in Argentina greatly outweigh any challenges you may face during your time there. Students are guaranteed to leave Argentina with a greater sense of awareness, open-mindedness, and global responsibility, among many other things.

Safety. Earning a degree abroad in Argentina is one of the best ways to experience the Latin American culture, without encountering many of the risks that often plague the region. Despite its social problems, such as poverty, Argentina is much safer than many of its neighbors and students will have access to any support they need throughout their degree program.

Immersion. Geographically, Argentina is huge. Studying in such a large country makes students less likely to run off to other countries on weekends and breaks, and instead spend time really soaking up all the nation has to offer. International students studying in Argentina are much more likely to become truly immersed in Argentine culture because their mindset will be naturally more geared toward the here and now, versus booking the next weekend trip. By the end of your degree program in Argentina, you will view the country as your second home, instead of just a place you visited for a while.

Due to its large size, diverse population, and important role in international education, students who earn a degree in Argentina will truly have the world at their fingertips. Whether you’re hoping to become a doctor, a professional musician, or a vineyard owner, your degree program opportunities in Argentina are endless! 

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