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Mente Argentina's Masters and Graduate Degrees Program may be the perfect program for someone interested in studying in a new culture. Through this international program students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in thier career. Individuals can chose to study from some of the most renowned universities in the Country: Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Universidad Argen...


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Whether you want to study undergraduate and graduate degree programs or shorter-term semester and year-long programs, Across The Pond can help. For over 10 years we have been helping students from the USA, Canada, Latin America and Norway to find and apply to over 40 of the top colleges and graduate schools in England and the rest of the UK. Our team of UK Study Experts, who have had first-h...


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Be inspired by immaculate Renaissance architecture, passionate art pieces, as well as a vibrant and historical culture! Florence is arguably one of the most desirable cities in the world and offers a great learning environment as well as opportunities for internships, service learning, and volunteering. Ideal for someone who doesnt mind the hustle and bustle of a touristy city and for those...


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The American University of Beirut has long been admired for the strength and breadth of its academic programs and its commitment to a broad-based liberal arts education. All entering undergraduate students are required to complete a number of general education courses that provide them with the opportunity to explore many different disciplines. The University's Faculties of Agricultural and Foo...


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Thinking about where you would like to study, what you want to study and how you apply? Dublin City University (DCU) is a warm and welcoming environment for students from over 114 countries who wish to take a semester in Dublin, a full time undergraduate degree or a postgraduate masters programme. The International Office will help you with advice on all aspects of study in DCU including cou...


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This comprehensive program includes lectures delivered by reputed speakers, hands-on experience & case-studies provided by top-level professionals from companies and both national and international institutions, as well as field trips and technical visits. The program is ideal for undergraduates, recent graduates or young professionals who are interested in enjoying a unique experience, lear...


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Study at Western Australia’s largest and most preferred university. Ranked in the top two percent of universities worldwide Curtin has campuses in Perth, Malaysia and Singapore and welcomes a diversity of nationalities and cultures. Over 50,000 students from more than 130 countries are studying one of our internationally recognised degrees. Based on Curtin’s high proportion of international st...


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Whether you are interested in an exchange semester or want to pursue your bachelor, master or post-graduate degree in India, we assist you in locating and enlisting in the best suited study programs. Our services cover all formalities, from the selection of the most suitable educational institute and the first point of contact to the application process and finding appropriate accommodation. ...


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Deakin University, Australia, is a top-rated university with world-class graduates. Industry-focussed degree programs and a strongly international outlook mean that Deakin graduates are ready for the global workplace. Deakin is ranked in the Top 3% of universities worldwide and was named the 2014 International Educator of the Year by the Government of the Australian State of Victoria. Deakin...


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The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) will assist you in finding the right program in Australia or New Zealand where you can earn your Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, or PhD. Our services are free to you. We do not charge you for the work we do on your behalf. By utilizing TEAN's services you are saving money on international postage, faxing, and phone calls. Here is a list of the ways we ...

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Agriculture Degrees Abroad

If you're tired of just watching videos of cute baby goats in lederhosens and would rather spend your time learning the best way to raise them, hoof it abroad for an international agriculture degree. The subject may not seem like a popular choice due to its stereotypical cowboy-hat and boot-wearing stigma; however, as the world population increases every year — and remain hungry — the industry is advancing quickly, making agriculture jobs high in demand. Why not be outstanding in your “field” and revolutionize agriculture like Temple Grandin or Orville Redenbacher? Take a ride on the wild side by pursuing a degrees in international agricultural development!

Why Earn an Agriculture Degree Abroad

“The food we eat, the water we drink, the land we live on, and the quality of the air we breathe are threatened by depletion on of non-renewable resources, global warming, pollution, and loss of plant and animal species. These challenges affect the whole earth and require international intervention...” — Professor Jan Hopmans, University of California‐Davis, Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources.

Agriculture has been practiced since the dawn of human civilization and is an industry that affects every single person in the world on a daily basis. People need to eat, right?! However, with today’s rapidly advancing technology, there grows a demand for a new crop of students, ones that are eager to learn and share their knowledge (not to mention the fruits— and vegetables— of their labor) with the world.

When you earn a degree from top agricultural universities in the world, you are not simply earning a degree, you’re learning from a global context — super helpful when it comes to gaining skills to combat world hunger and other world crises. Hello UN and World Food Program! Get hands-on instruction, learn how other cultures view agriculture, and belly up to those big issues facing our world community.

You’ll broaden your personal horizons. What better way to learn who you are and what you are truly made of than to uproot from your comfy surroundings and move to a totally new and different place? You can pick up the language. You can make friends with the locals. You can explore your surroundings and take tours off-the-beaten path when you aren’t studying. Plus, you might just decide that you will stay a while longer and continue your education (agriculture graduate programs FTW!) or possibly even plant deep roots and find your first job there.


When choosing a location to earn your international agriculture degree, think big! There are certain countries in the world known for being big players on the world stage of agriculture, so why not go directly to those places and immerse yourself smack dab in the middle of it to better enhance your studies.

Don’t enjoy the hassle of all the red tape involved with applying top agricultural universities abroad? New Zealand and Australia are popular locations because they provide a service that helps make the entire process easier for international applicants. If you are considering going where the action is and are interested in animal agriculture, you cannot go wrong here. After all, New Zealand has more sheep than people of the island! The numerous and diverse species to study in these countries are an agriculture students paradise.

If you are interested in studying cattle ranching and animal agriculture, consider these big players, and earn your degree in Central or South America. Argentina, the land of milk and honey, is an agricultural paradise. If you are interested in studying organic farming, Argentina is a world leader in organic agriculture. It is also second to none in the beef industry, best in the world wine, and a major global contributor to the world’s food basket. So, where better to earn your degree in agriculture, while studying these industries and their environmental impact right in their own back yard.

If you speak Chinese (or want to!), you might want to consider earning your degree in China. With over 200 universities with agriculture degree programs, degree programs in China focus on plant production, nature conservation, environmental ecology, animal production, animal medicine, forestry, aquaculture and agrostology. Some Chinese universities require that you are pass a language capability test and already possess a bachelor’s degree — in essence, China may be a better for agriculture graduate programs like a masters or PhD.

Agriculture Degree Programs

Agriculture is a broad, interdisciplinary field of study that encompasses numerous sub-disciplines, such as agribusiness, agro-economics, agronomy, farming, and animal husbandry. In general, students study the cultivation of soil for the growing of plants, fungi, and animals for human consumption and use while obtaining agricultural degrees.

An undergraduate degree in agriculture will equip you to enter the workforce with knowledge and skills to obtain jobs such as agricultural business management, sales, farming, plant breeder, soil scientist, forest manager, and food production. Expect equal parts laboratory work, outdoor field experiences, and plenty of time in the classroom when attending top agricultural universities. As with most abroad degree programs, an undergraduate degree in agriculture can take about three years to complete.

If you are particularly interested in one specific field of study, it is possible to obtain a master’s or doctorate degree abroad in agricultural studies. Crop science and management, animal technology, and agricultural technology are popular fields for further study. Also, you might be interested in teaching agriculture. Expect to get your hands dirty when earning an advanced degree abroad in agriculture. You will likely spend the majority of your time in an outdoor research farm setting. Expect to earn an advanced degree in international agricultural development in two to three years.

Benefits & Challenges

Internationally obtained agriculture degrees include hands-on experience, exposure to traditional farming practices, and bilingual skills, all of which will give you a competitive edge for future jobs. It shows potential employers that you’re not afraid to place yourself on unfamiliar soil and dig right in. Employers will *favorite* your resume since you sowed an extra row by earning your degree in agriculture abroad!

Earning your degree abroad in agriculture will challenge you and strengthen your interpersonal and intercultural skills. It will prove that you are flexible and can work with different types of people from different backgrounds who speak a different language. Anticipate the peaks — and valleys— of adjusting to different available technologies and resources, as well as different cultural ideologies surrounding agriculture.

Hang on to that cowboy hat, apply for a program, and soar to another country for an agriculture degree abroad. Giddy up!

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