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GoAbroad & Lonely Planet: Unstoppable Forces for Good

Feature - Tuesday, 17 October 2017 - 0 Comments

  The ideal volunteer abroad scenario: The heart is there, the time is there. The passion and project need is there. All that’s missing? The cash to fund the meaningful travel experience. That’s where we come in. GoAbroad and Lonely Planet have teamed up to support one traveler’s volunteer trip…


David Comp on Meaningful Travel, Family, and Working in the Field

Feature - Friday, 6 October 2017 - 0 Comments

  For several years now, our good friend David Comp, author of the International Higher Education Consulting Blog and Assistant Provost for Global Education at Columbia College Chicago, has been sporting a hat all around the world. We thought it was high time we interviewed David to share his…


What Experts Are Saying About International Education

Feature - Monday, 24 July 2017 - 0 Comments

study abroad career help

  If you’re thinking about studying in the US, or moving from the US to study, then there’s going to be lots of things you need to consider. Will you get the right level of education for your needs? Will it be simple to get a place in a foreign…


Shout Out to Our FIRST 20 Clients

Feature - Monday, 19 June 2017 - 0 Comments

This throwback Thursday is the most epic to hit international education since…Troy Peden discovered mock-turtle neck sweaters. We’ve seen the internet evolve a LOT in the last twenty years. Long gone are the days of “‘Hello World’ Blog Posts,” counters, and having to share the phone line with your internet…


Announcing the 2017 GoAbroad Innovation Award Winners!

Feature - Tuesday, 6 June 2017 - 0 Comments

goabroad innovation awards

As the leading resource for meaningful travel, GoAbroad is pleased to present annual awards celebrating exceptional innovations in international education. The winners are selected by a prestigious and selective group of international educators known as the GoAbroad Innovations Academy. The GoAbroad team is pleased to share the winners of the 2017…

Hand holding a pen writing on papers spread out on desk with mug of coffee

Do you give unsolicited travel advice to people who don’t have a passport? Are you looking to get your foot in the door of the exciting world of travel writing? Do you get excited about researching meaningful travel experiences around the world? Are you highly attentive to detail, a strong…


#GoAbroad20for20 — It’s HERE!

Feature - Tuesday, 23 May 2017 - 0 Comments


We thought about celebrating our 20th anniversary with a 20 layer cake. We considered going on a 20-country world tour. We thought about ringing in the year with 20,000 big balloons. But then we thought — the best way to commemorate 20 years of helping millions of travelers find meaningful…


5 Reasons You NEED to Visit GoAbroad’s NAFSA Booth

Feature - Friday, 19 May 2017 - 0 Comments

Team GoAbroad at NAFSA

NAFSA 2017 is right around the corner and Team GoAbroad can’t wait to share what we have in store this year — and why you MUST come see us at booth #1101 at the Los Angeles Convention Center! In fact, here are 5+ reasons you simply need to be sure to…


GoAbroad & FEA Distribute Scholarship for Young Women

Feature - Thursday, 27 April 2017 - 0 Comments

  In January 2017, as a part of our #intledunited campaign, coordinated a fundraiser to support future travel opportunities for young females with the Fund for Education Abroad. The campaign, which coincided with the Women’s March on Washington, aimed to unite international educators in our vision of equality for…


1997-2017: A Look Back at the Year Started

Feature - Thursday, 20 April 2017 - 0 Comments

  GoAbroad has officially reached its 20 year anniversary! That’s right: in the age of furbies, chokers, and the beginning of Bill Clinton’s second term, an international educator named Troy Peden had the bright idea to digitize program catalogs. That idea has grown and evolved into what you see you…