Shout Out to Our FIRST 20 Clients

This throwback Thursday is the most epic to hit international education since…Troy Peden discovered mock-turtle neck sweaters.

Fashion king at the turn of the century

We’ve seen the internet evolve a LOT in the last twenty years. Long gone are the days of “‘Hello World’ Blog Posts,” counters, and having to share the phone line with your internet connection. We’ve seen the rise and falls of Xanga, MySpace, and Geocities. Remember searching the web using Alta Vista and downloading music with Napster? Or that beautiful login crunchy-crunch-spurrr-SPURRRR-spurrrrr of AOL? Ah yes, the good ol’ days, when chain letters ran the web, it was called “on-line,” and chat room conversations always started with A/S/L?

Well, we’ve all come a looong way since then.

Whatever the future of websites hold, we’re pretty damn excited to continue on the path with some of our oldest friends in the field. Super-duper shout outs to our first twenty clients, those awesome folks who took a chance on us way-back-when. Thank you for the years of continued support. Through the good, the bad, and the downright pixelated.

To celebrate 20 years in international education with us, take a scroll down yesteryear with us to revisit our first 20 clients.

1. Center for Global Education, Augsburg College

The CGE website circa 2000

2. Volunteers for Peace

Volunteers for Peace website circa 1997

3. IPEE Spanish Language School, Costa Rica

IPEE website circa 1999

4. La Janda

La Janda website circa 1999

5. University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

USAC website circa 2002

6. Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel’s website circa 2008… sorry, we couldn’t find an earlier version!

7. Educational Programmes Abroad (EPA)

EPA’s website circa 2003

8. International Studies Abroad (ISA)

ISA’s website circa 1997… great use of Comic Sans

9. COINED International

COINED’s website circa 2010… we couldn’t find an older version, sorry!

10. Eurocentres

Eurocentre’s website circa 1998

11. Vesalius College

Vesalius College’s website circa 2004

12. IES Abroad

IES Abroad’s website circa 1998

13. Intercultura Costa Rica

Intercultura’s website circa 2001

14. Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA)

HECUA’s website circa 1998

15. Uppsala International Summer Session

Uppsala’s website from 2016… sorry, we couldn’t find an earlier version!

16. Globe English Centre

Globe English Centre’s website circa 2000

17. International Partnership for Service Learning (IPSL)

IPSL’s website circa 2000

18. Global Volunteers

Global Volunteers’ website circa 1998

19. Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad

Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad’s website circa 2014… sorry, couldn’t find an earlier version!

20. Cross-Cultural Solutions

CCS’s website circa 2001

We have no room to judge!

We all know that these beautiful websites were KILLIN it in their day, but they are pretty fun to look back on now, huh? Check out this beauty… 😂

GoAbroad’s website circa 1999

That’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed taking a peak at just how farrrr we’ve all come. 😊   Thanks again to these amazing organizations — here’s to twenty more!

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