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photo-1456425731181-2152d80d946cHey there fellow wanderlusters and wordsmiths! Looking to get your foot in the door of the world of travel writing and international education? Are you all about meaningful travel? Do you wield your pen like a pocket-sized sword, taking on the world one country – and one word – at a time? Sounds like you’re a perfect fit for the GoAbroad Writer’s Academy.

What is the GoAbroad Writer’s Academy, you ask? WELL. As a key part of the GoAbroad editorial team, Writer’s Academy students will learn how to source, research, write, execute, and market online content specifically for the travel industry. So if the description above fits you to a T, this is the online journalism course for you.

GoAbroad hosts the Writer’s Academy twice annually – the Spring (beginning Jan. 1) and the Fall (beginning Aug. 1).





“I definitely feel like my writing is stronger now and that is thanks in large part to the editorial feedback”Petrina Darrah, Spring 2016




“Fun, practical, and inspiring.”Jannan Poppen, Spring 2016




“The expertise and personality of the fabulous editors – always helpful and always intriguing.”                     Kerianne Baylor, Spring 2016




“It’s so simple, but I LOVED reading about all these places in the world I’ve never been, becoming an expert on traveling meaningfully, sharing my knowledge on the site, and being able to share my published guides.”Liz Gorga, Spring 2016


We recently filled our Fall 2016 cohort, but never fear!

If your fingers are already itching to get started, you’re in luck. We still want passionate, adventurous souls as a part of our community (aka YOU). Fill out THIS FORM to keep in touch and receive updates when applications open again.

A LITTLE ABOUT GOABROAD.COM urges individuals to do more than travel. It is an online resource for people to find and compare study, volunteer, intern, and teaching programs abroad. guides future travelers to be intentional about their time going abroad, home, and back again, and to consider their journey an experience filled with opportunities to learn, share, educate, and serve.

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  1. Cara
    Sunday, 13 November 2016 at 8:35 #

    Travel writing is a great profession and experience. If you’re well travelled and love discovering new places, its perfect for you being able to share your stories and tips. I would recommend going on some expeditions that are guided and ran, so that you can experience a country with like minded people, where there’s structured activities but also free time to explore and have fun. This allows you to become involved in teaching, community projects, water sports, trekking, and so much more.

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