Nepal’s Kanchenjunga Region: A Place Where Snow Leopards Ramble

Kanchenjunga Region in NepalFor a wild and scenic adventure, trekking in Nepal is tough to beat. This mountainous region features some of the highest peaks in the world, with a wealth of trekking options. Along with the breathtaking Himalayan scenery, you can find everything from tiny isolated villages to tropical jungles.

A visit to Nepal’s Kanchenjunga region can give you all of that and more. If you’re lucky enough you might even see the famous snow leopard. This beautiful creature will hypnotize you with its allure; however try not to get to close since we’re talking about a wild animal that will do anything to defend his territory.

Beyond Everest – The Kanchenjunga Region

When people think of trekking in Nepal, Mount Everest is usually the first thought. As the highest mountain on earth, this is by far the most famous. It’s also a relatively crowded trekking option. If you look beyond Everest, to the eastern border of Nepal, you’ll find that the Kanchenjunga area offers stunning trekking that few people ever see.Only 78 miles from Everest (as the crow flies), Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak on earth, with a hulking mass that rises to 28,169 feet. The name comes from the Tibetan language, and it means “five treasure houses of snow”. That refers to the five snowy peaks of the mountain.  This is a holy place in the local traditions, and it’s easy to see why, when you view these majestic peaks.Kanchenjunga is surrounded by a conservation area which protects the unspoiled wilderness and the creatures that live there. The international zone covers parts of Nepal, Tibet, and India.  Wildlife there includes the rare and beautiful snow leopard. Legends also tell of a peculiar yeti, the Kanchenjunga Demon, that roams the snowy slopes.

Trekking Around Kanchenjunga

Snow Leopard in the SnowThe most popular trekking option here is the Kanchenjunga Circuit trek, which takes you all the way around the mountain. This is a challenging trip, which normally takes 25 to 27 days, with some strenuous sections. It’s a long trek, but it shows off not just the mountain, but also other special features of Nepal. Along the Kanchenjunga Circuit, you ramble through broad valleys, with Kanchenjunga and other Himalayan peaks rising above you like sentinels. You climb across mountain passes, and see the vast river of ice that is the Kanchenjunga glacier. The trek visits the base camps on north and south sides, where mountaineers prepare to tackle the summit.

What to Expect on a Kanchenjunga Trek

This is an isolated area, which has not been much travelled by tourists, as some of this area was only opened to trekkers recently. Eastern Nepal is wild, remote and stunning, with sweeping scenery that can feel almost overwhelming. Untouched by human development, the area is pristine and natural. A trek here is an adventure, a challenge, and a true life experience.Some days are spent in the icy land above the tree line, but it’s not all like that. You traverse an enormous range of life zones, including steamy jungles with tropical foliage, and moderate forests full of rhododendron flowers. It’s a treasure trove for naturalists, with thousands of plants and animals to discover. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience to Nepal? The trekking area of Kanchenjunga is beyond compare; the landscape, the people, the wildlife, and ultimately, the peaks will become unforgettable memories you’ll just have to cherish forever.

You can also experience the rural life in Nepal, visiting some of the tiny, isolated villages along the way. These settlements can be centuries old and today you’ll find yak herders and tea houses, and a way of life that’s very different from the world back home. A trek in Nepal’s Kanchenjunga region is a life-changing experience. If you’re up for the challenge, this is an adventure you will never forget.

A trekking adventure to the Himalayas is challenging, so prior to venturing to the mountains, make sure you’re properly geared up. Nepal features various tour guides you can opt for if you’re not familiar with the area. The Kanchenjunga region in particular, is a lot more difficult than it looks, especially if you’re trekking in winter. Regardless, just enjoy the experience while it lasts, and be ready because it will last a few weeks.

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