The “Why Do You GoAbroad?” Giveaway Winner!

Why Do You GoAbroad, Giveaway, iPad 2, screenshotThe GoAbroad Team is pleased to announce today that a winner has been selected for the
“Why Do You GoAbroad?” Giveaway!

GoAbroad was excited to receive such a diverse number of entries to the giveaway, and we applaud every participant who took part in the competition! After careful review and evaluation of each entry, and then running those submissions through, we are pleased to congratulate Matthew Leung for being selected as the winner of the giveaway and the Apple iPad 2!

In his post for the giveaway, Matthew noted that after going abroad for the first time he “became a more critical thinker…I was no longer satisfied with accepting information as a given without first attempting to understand it personally. I also wanted to see more of the world to continue to broaden my perspective.”

GoAbroad Giveaway Winner Post

Matthew's Entry to the Giveaway

Before he went abroad on a week-long tour during spring break through the cities of Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, and Shanghai, Matthew had rarely traveled outside his home state of California. This adventure set the tone for his future and Matthew will soon be en route to Tokyo, Japan for a summer travel-study experience to further his studies in engineering. Rather then end his journey there, Matthew will then continue on to a year-long study abroad program in Seoul, South Korea!

Upon learning that he had been selected as the winner of the GoAbroad iPad Giveaway, Matthew expressed great enthusiasm: “I’m very excited about winning the GoAbroad Giveaway and the iPad 2 will open up new ways for me to communicate and interact with people in other countries. To me, travel means exploration. Through travel, we explore the world and, by reciprocation, explore ourselves within the world.”

Matthew also noted how GoAbroad helped to make his travel dreams a reality, as it was “the newsletter articles, blog posts, and user responses” that gave him the courage in his decision to go abroad!

From all of us at Team GoAbroad, we wish Matthew luck as he sets off an adventures with his new iPad 2!

Congratulations Matthew and Thank You to Every Entrant of the Giveaway!

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  1. goinfg abroad
    Thursday, 26 January 2012 at 11:07 #

    nice one..good to know that..i”m impressed!really inspiring..maybe i should know how to create a blog from now on.. :)) FOR THE IPAD2..