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Simon Klys

Simon Klys Freelance Content Editor, Nomaden Berlin

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness.” - Mark Twain

Having previously lived, studied and worked in the UK, Norway and the Netherlands, Simon is currently based in Germany, where he spends his time exploring the fantastic city of Berlin. When not out enjoying the sights and delights of the city, he works as a freelance content editor at Nomaden Berlin.

Articles By Simon Klys

6 Things to Know Before Moving to Germany Published 29 Dec 2017

So you’ve decided to make the leap. You’ve chosen to say Auf Wiedersehen to your job, flat and home comforts and Hallo to a fresh, exciting (and sometimes uncertain!) start in Germany. It’s time to trade in your burritos for Bratwurst, your vin rouge f...