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Selena Singh

Selena Singh

Selena Singh is a fourth year student majoring in Biology at McMaster University, Canada. She enjoys writing, desserts and travelling. She has visited numerous cities in South America, the Caribbean, England and the United States. She also enjoys volunteering and plans to have a career in the health care field.

Articles By Selena Singh

Top 10 Unique Restaurants in Toronto Published 13 Mar 2014

Toronto is known for its nightlife and great dining. Whether you’re feeling romantic or adventurous, there’s sure to be a restaurant that will fulfill your needs. The top 10 unique restaurants in Toronto each offer an unforgettable experience and delic...

Top 5 Guyanese Festivals Published 21 Feb 2014

Guyana is a South American country which lies north of Brazil. Filled with palm trees, exotic wildlife and waterfalls, volunteering abroad in Guyana is an adventure at any time of year. The country’s official language is English and the population is v...