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Ling Xin Sia

Ling Xin Sia

Ling Xin is a former print and online journalist, who now travels and writes about it for Asiarooms.com. She likes dogs, reading, and “How I Met Your Mother.” The rest of her time is spent trying to replicate exotic cuisines she has tasted on her travels, or cycling in an attempt to keep fit.

Articles By Ling Xin Sia

Which Beach Is The Best In Thailand? Published 07 May 2014

There’s nothing quite as delicious as soaking up the sun, sipping a coconut drink or downing an ice cold beer, while waves lap in the background. Beach trips are the ultimate getaway, and which country has a better selection than a tropical paradise an...

Not A Tourist in Dalat, Vietnam Published 25 Mar 2014

Without a doubt, Dalat is best known for the ‘Crazy House’. The gaudi-inspired structure is reminiscent of Surrealism and something one would expect to see in Europe. Instead, it sits squatly in the middle of the highland resort town, arrogant, out of ...

How to Eat Crab in Singapore Like a Local Published 12 Mar 2014

4 Steps to Ordering & Eating CrabThe seafood culture in Singapore is such a big deal that restaurants there have been known to fight over who invented which dish. Seafood lovers also break into camps that staunchly defend their favorite cooking style o...