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Justin Brendel

Justin Brendel

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news” - Isaiah 53:7

Justin is a student at Haverford College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and he studied abroad in Greece during Fall 2016 with College Year in Athens. He hails from Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys making spontaneous decisions, traveling, journaling, taking pictures, and being outside. Justin is currently studying religion and economics, but he may pursue a career in journalism.

Articles By Justin Brendel

Creating A Formative Abroad Experience Published 19 Jul 2017

How to Make the Most of Study AbroadDeep into the refrigerated section of a Publix Supermarket, I searched. Pacing around cold, perspiring dairy products, deli meats, and pre-made foods, I looked for one item: olives. Greek yoghurt was already in my ca...