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One of our favorite women in history said it best:

Women are like tea bags. You never know how strong they are until they get into hot water.—Eleanor Roosevelt 
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Sometimes, you’ve got to be your own ‘Yonce.

And, we all know that women are strong as hell—especially women in travel. Despite still facing so much economic and social inequality worldwide, women still travel the world and are making a huge impact as students, volunteers, teachers, and adventurers abroad. This Ebook is inspired by the women in travel who came before us and made to inspire future young women to travel far, wide, and deep. 

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As part of GoAbroad’s mission to make travel more accessible, support women who travel the world, and provide the best and most comprehensive resources for meaningful travelers, our writers share their words of wisdom—from the inspiring women who travel and from men who travel with women. 

Whether the people in your life are unsupportive of your travel goals or you have concerns for your safety as a woman traveling solo, our writers have a ton of experience with handling overbearing families and that underlying fear we live with in the pit of our stomachs. The great news is none of this has to deter women who want to travel the world. You’ll learn your strength once you get out of your comfort zone and into a little hot water. 

And for any men looking to be a better support system for the women in their lives who travel, we’ve got you covered, too. Not only can you be a better ally to the women you travel with, but we’ve got tips for how you can be upstanding men in the movement, champion equality, and support women worldwide. 

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Here’s a peek at what you’ll get in our women in travel Ebook: 

For the women who travel:

  • Here’s Why We Think Women Should Travel the World 
  • Solo Travel Ideas Because You Should Explore On Your Own
  • Traveling as a Feminist in Traditionally Patriarchal Societies
  • 11 Things Traveling to Morocco Alone as a Woman Taught Me
  • Cassie DePecol, Fastest (AND 1st!) Woman to Visit Every Country

For the men who travel with us: 

  • 4 Tips to be the Best Ally While Traveling.
  • Small Ways to Encourage Feminism and Equality Abroad
  • 10 Things Women Who Travel are Tired of Hearing

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For women still looking for a little nudge in the right direction, we hope this Ebook will inspire you to get out there and see this big, beautiful world, and make your mark. For women who travel the world we hope this Ebook will empower you to keep traveling and continue to support your fellow women in travel. 

Because no matter how hot that water gets, we’re always stronger together. Happy travels! 

All About Women and Travel? This Ebook is for You

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