Why Travelers Make the Best Life Partners

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Couple overlooking a mountain scene

It’s no secret that travelers are awesome to date. There’s just something sexy about a man or woman that does their own thing, bucks the trend, and explores the world. Maybe it’s the perennial tan or the smell of saltwater in their hair, but travelers are hot! Even better than an epic date traveling around the country or a summer fling is having a traveler as a life partner.

If you’re in search of a significant other to take on the world with, go out and find yourself a world traveler. If you are a traveler, you probably already know that you’d make an awesome life partner. And when two travelers get together? Whoooweee! Watch out world. You’ve got a real power couple right there!

Here are eight reasons why travelers make the best life partners:

1. They’re open minded.

International travelers are open to new experiences. They’ve probably tasted some pretty off-the-wall foods, met some interesting characters, and did it all with a huge smile on their face. Travelers are some of the least judgmental people you’ll ever meet because they’ve been exposed to so many different ways of life. They are the last people to criticize you for doing something silly or stupid. Want to dance like a maniac at a concert when everyone else is sitting? They’ll jump right up and boogie down with you. Need a partner for that Spanish cooking class you’ve always wanted to try? They’ve already got the perfect Andalusian wine to pair with it.

Travelers are the type of people you can call at 3 a.m. when you’ve had a few too many drinks and end up with a terrible new tattoo. No matter what situations they get into in life, if you have a traveler as a partner, you can expect them to approach everything with an open mind and nonjudgmental attitude.

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2. They go with the flow.

No one gets through a backpacking trip without some crazy mishaps along the way. Travelers can handle whatever life throws at them in a relationship, because they’ve already proven they can deal with life in stressful situations. Whether it’s a particularly hectic border crossing or having their wallet stolen on a crowded bus, they can keep their cool when something goes wrong. Compared to these catastrophes, something like a missed bill deadline or a being late to soccer practice will seem like nothing. Plus, when life throws you those really complicated curve balls, they’ll be ready.

Traveling with your life partner is also a great way to test your relationship. If you can handle being with your significant other 24/7 in a foreign country without wanting to kill them, you know you have a strong partnership.

3. They’ll drag you around the world.

Once someone has been bitten by the travel bug, it’s pretty much got them for life. If you fall in love with a world traveler, you better be ready to travel with them. Your Christmas stocking is more likely to be filled with travel gear than jewelry; at anniversaries, you can expect plane tickets instead of the standard chocolate and roses. Your loved one will keep you on your toes with spontaneous trips and surprise weekend getaways. It’s best to just keep a bag packed, ready for anything.

4. They’re independent & self-sufficient.

Anyone who has traveled solo has felt independence that no other experience can provide. Even group travelers will know that on the road, you’ve really got to look out for yourself. When you go on your first trip you quickly realize that it’s time to step up and take of yourself. Mom and Dad aren’t there to hold your hand anymore. Feeling sick? Travelers will need to nurse themselves back to health. Want to head to some ruins that no one else at your hostel is interested in seeing? Travelers are down to hit that spot solo. If one of your deal breakers in a relationship is a needy, clingy partner, you’ll never have to worry about that with a traveler. They’re cool flying solo or as a twosome if you want to come along for the ride.

Camel riding in Egypt

5. They can stretch their money.

Unless you’re a multimillionaire cruising around the world in your private in yacht (in which case, can we be friends?!), you’ve probably had to stay on budget. Backpackers know what it’s like to have beans and rice for dinner (again) just to stretch your money and stay on the road a little longer. They know how to find the cheapest accommodation and how to score the best deal on airfare. And there’s no shame in their game! Wouldn’t you rather a life partner that will take another week of traveling over a fancy dinner?

Travelers know how to stretch a buck, which is a great quality in a life partner. Being creatively frugal means your house will probably end up decorated with amazing thrifted antiques and they always know where the best sales are. You’ll be able to save up for the big ticket items in life like a house, kids, and of course, more travel!

6. They’re adventurous.

Celebrating an upcoming birthday? You better believe your travel-loving significant other won’t be taking you to the movies. Travelers appreciate the excitement of a real adventure. No matter where you are, they’ll be able to find the “off the beaten path” experiences. Even if your current situation means three-month trips around the world are off the table, your life partner will be able to find the coolest weekend road trip routes in your area; they’re Tripadvisor pros and can navigate a map like nobody’s business. Don’t be surprised if you end up invited into someone’s home for an hour-long chit-chat about the local history or on a private tour of the nearby attractions, it’s just what travelers do.

7. They value experiences over things.

Travelers make great life partners because they value time spent together experiencing new things rather than material possessions.

World travelers know that they can survive with just the bare essentials and can pretty much pack their entire life into one suitcase. They’d rather spend the night in a tent under the Milky Way than camping outside an Apple store for the newest iPhone. Travel will always be in their blood, and finding someone to share those memories with just makes it sweeter. Having a traveler as a life partner means they value quality time together and know how to get the most out of every experience. You can expect a lifetime of special moments and crazy adventures together, what could be better? 

The Maze Gardens

8. They’ll challenge you.

Travelers are thrill-seekers. Whether their adrenaline-level is more of the skydiving variety or simply exploring exotic lands, they love to push the boundaries of ordinary life. Don’t think you’ll be sitting on the sidelines simply observing either. The best part about having a traveler as a life partner is that they’ll challenge you to step outside your comfort zone. It could be conquering a fear of heights by jumping off a 10 meter cliff into the ocean or daring to go for that promotion at work, they’ll always be supportive and encourage you to get the most out of life. 

There are many other reasons travelers make the best life partners, but to truly understand you need to go find one for yourself. What are you waiting for?

Start planning your next holiday today. Book that ticket, head out on an adventure, and find yourself a partner that appreciates the joy of travel as much as you do.