Top Fall Volunteer Abroad Programs for 2017

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Spin the globe, close your eyes, and point - Volunteer around the world with International Volunteer!

If you’re ready to make that leap toward something new and exciting, wait no longer and sign up for a volunteer abroad program for this fall. People often crave changes with the changing of the seasons, and fall is a great time to start your new transition. So take the plunge into the many volunteer opportunities GoAbroad offers this fall 2017!

Here are some of the top volunteer abroad programs that are sure to quench your thirst for adventure:

1. International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) - Worldwide

IVHQ is a very reputable organization that offers volunteer placements around the world year-round. Participating countries include over 18 countries in North, Central, and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Pacific islands. IVHQ aims to provide safe and affordable volunteer placements for aspiring travelers. Meals and living accommodations are also included in the cost of the program. Projects may include teaching, healthcare, childcare, animal care, construction, general community development, and wildlife conservation. Most programs offer the option to stay for a period of three to six months.

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Get monk’in around in Thailand with these zen dudes

2. Love Volunteers - Thailand

Experience the opportunity to bridge cultural gaps by teaching English to Buddhist monk children in Thailand. Volunteers will be paired with a Thai teacher, who they can choose to assist in class lectures, or volunteers may also choose to lead a lesson themselves if feeling confident enough. In addition to helping the children inside the classroom and with homework, volunteers may also organize extracurricular activities, or assist with daily chores. In addition to working with the students anywhere from 10-20 hours per week, volunteers are encouraged to explore the surrounding area with their free time in the evenings and weekends. 

3. Cross Cultural Solutions - Brazil

Cross Cultural Solutions’ program in Salvador, Brazil is offered year round for varying durations. Cross Cultural Solutions is aimed toward providing the most informative and meaningful experience during your time abroad. With extensive in country training, written materials provided pre departure and on site, staff support, and language training, Cross Cultural Solutions ensures that you are fully prepared to tackle any project. Volunteers have a wide variety of projects to choose from, ranging from HIV/AIDS awareness, counseling, community health and development, music, teaching, tourism, cooking, and computer training amongst many other fields.

Two women outside houses in Salvador, Brazil

Work closely with the community as a development volunteer in Salvador, Brazil

4. uVolunteer - Ghana

uVolunteer gives international participants the chance to volunteer in Ghana in sports coaching and physical education. Ghanaians have a strong interest in sports, especially soccer, and by volunteering in sports and physical education, you will have the chance to instill passion and motivation in children and teens. As a volunteer, you will act as a coach, teaching the youth both the theory and practice of various sports and activities, including hockey, handball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and track and field. You are encouraged to share a sport or activity in which you have a passion for in hopes that this passion will shed off onto your students. As a developing nation facing a variety of social and political issues, sports are a great way to help the children of Ghana escape daily hardships and enjoy the present in some fun natured competition.

5. Love Volunteers - Ecuador

Stationed on a reserve of roughly 5,000 acres, volunteers will participate in a variety of biological experiments and research, handcrafted projects, and fruit and vegetable horticulture through Love Volunteers environmental conservation program in Ecuador. This is a great chance to be surrounded by nature while contributing to a meaningful cause. Volunteers are highly encouraged to have some knowledge of Spanish, but it is not a requirement. Living arrangements consist of dormitories with other volunteers and staff. This is a great opportunity to learn some useful survival skills while also making a huge impact on the ecosystem of Ecuador.

Fire dancing

Trade in your pumpkin spice lattes to share in the joy and power of dancing with Belizeans

6. Kaya Responsible Travel - Belize

Creative expression through dance and movement has been proven to be an effective form of therapy. By volunteering in dance therapy in Belize, you will have the privilege of teaching dance to abused children. Through encouraging children to express themselves through dance, you will instill confidence and self-esteem within the children as a way to integrate them back into their local community. Belize is filled with breathtaking coastlines and a wide diversity of wildlife, providing a number of activities to explore during your free time.

7. Love Volunteers - Rwanda

Participate in the opportunity to work with a farming cooperative in Rwamagana, Rwanda through agricultural volunteering. This particular co-op is aimed to provide local women the opportunity to provide for their families. This program works to train these women in various agricultural methods, so they can then sell their produce at local markets. The program also encourages these women to pass their skills on to other women in the community. This creates a domino effect in which jobs are slowly introduced into the community, creating a more stable local economy. By participating in this program, you will be given meals and a place to stay on top of a wide range of agricultural skills and knowledge, as well as the satisfaction in helping a local community.

Small Rwandan children running and smiling

Watch not only plants, but also your heart, grow as a volunteer in East Africa

8. Performing Arts Abroad - Ecuador

Enrich the lives of others through the power of music by volunteering in music instruction in Quito, Ecuador. This program provides music therapy to children and adults with disabilities. Music is something that is accessible to anyone and everyone in some way regardless of physical or mental limitations. By instilling a sense of creativity in these individuals, you may ignite a source of passion and purpose in their lives. This program requires at least an intermediate understanding of Spanish, but also includes two weeks of Spanish classes in the price of the program. The program will also set you up with a host family for a homestay where you will receive two meals a day. One excursion to another part of the country is also included in the cost of the program, and you are also encouraged to take other independent excursions to ensure that you experience the most out of the beautiful country of Ecuador.

With so many volunteer programs out there, you are sure to find a program that caters to your interests. Most programs are offered year round, starting either every week, every month, or twice every month, allowing you to start your volunteer abroad excursion as soon as you’d like. So stop wondering if you will ever regret not seeing more of the world, and sign up to volunteer abroad this fall!

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