Top 5 Ways to Discover Paris with Low to No Budget

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Imagine this: You are sitting on the steps of the Trocadéro with a delicious crepe in hand, staring across at one of the most beautiful sites in the entire world, La Tower Eifel. The clock has just struck 10pm and the tower begins to sparkle. You bite into your crepe, you smile, and you think to yourself, Paris is truly the most magical place on Earth.

Museum visits for free!
Museum visits for free! Photo by Shannon Hemmings

A place where one can explore historic sites, try new and delicious foods, and revel in the everyday fashions of the true Parisian people; Paris is indeed a beautiful city where many people dream of traveling but are too afraid to pursue. One of the biggest worries that keep aspiring travelers from going abroad, whether it is Paris, or any other amazing city, is money. While Paris can be a very expensive city, there are plenty of things one can experience for very cheap or even for free and still enjoy their Parisian adventure to the fullest. Here are 5 absolutely amazing things one can do in Paris with low to no budget. 

1. Free Museum Days 

Imagine walking through the beautiful halls of the Louvre and coming face to face with the Mona Lisa. It’s no longer a part of your imagination or the latest artistic movie but it’s your reality.  You are standing face to face with the Mona Lisa and you smile.  Then you come to the painting of Liberty Leading the People and you get shivers down your spine because you feel, even for a moment, that you yourself are a part of an amazing piece of history. The Louvre is just one of the many outstanding museums that Paris has to offer and on the first Sunday of each month the doors are opened for free.  This is an amazing opportunity to see beautiful pieces of artwork, extravagant statues, and many more priceless artifacts for no price at all.

2. Celebrate Bastille Day

Bastille Day, also known as La Fête Nationale, is the independence day of France. Bastille Day is a huge holiday for the French people and you can take part in all of the festivities completely for free! Dance the night away with the firefighters on the eve of Bastille Day at traditional Pompier parties. The next day celebrate Bastille Day by going out and seeing all the parades. Discover the city and revel in all of the fun street performances you will see when walking around. Lastly, end your amazing day sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower watching the fireworks sparkle in the moonlight and embrace the unforgettable day that you just experienced. 

3. Free Fashion Shows

When people think of Paris they think of great food, beautiful people, wonderful sites, and they think of FASHION. Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world and there is no mystery as to why. Wouldn’t you want to snag great seats at one of the prime weekly fashion shows the Galeries Lafayette has to offer? All you have to do is reserve a seat by email and an experience of a lifetime is yours for FREE.

4. Paris Plages

Salsa dancing alongside the perfect stranger right next to the shimmering Seine River,’ seems like a scene from a movie, right? How about laying out a towel and lofting by the sand as music plays or competing in a fun beach ball game? Paris Plages, also known as Paris Beaches, is a time where the area next to the Seine River is transformed into a true oasis. A sandy beach in the summer where people come to picnic, to dance, to play and enjoy; Paris Plages is one of the most exciting times in Paris, and you can enjoy it for little to nothing. 

5. Explore

There is so much to this fantastic city that one can see for cheap or for no price at all. Walk around Paris, take the metro, and truly discover all this amazing city has to offer!  As Thomas Jefferson once said, “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.”

Paris is one of the most amazing cities in the entire world! Don’t make Paris a place you just dream about or see in the movies, make it your reality. Pursue you dreams and explore them for little to nothing. You will leave with priceless memories and you will leave head over heels in love. 

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