Supporting Relief & Recovery through Local Organizations After the Nepal Earthquakes

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As hundreds of humanitarian aid workers and relief volunteers flood into Nepal, bringing thousands of necessary supplies, essential skills, and financial support, locals are forced to be patient and endure the challenges that their long road to recovery entails. Local organizations that regularly serve communities, families, and individuals in need in Nepal, are now also faced with the challenge of not only continuing their programs and rebuilding their organization, but they are now also surrounded by insurmountably more need than just a few weeks ago.

Relief truck in Nepal

Truck to transport medical supplies and volunteers to rural villages in Nepal - Photo Credit: Medical Trek Nepal

After hearing the devastating news from Nepal, the GoAbroad team began reaching out to our numerous long-time partners in Nepal, to send our thoughts and prayers and ask how we could help support their recovery. The following local organizations shared their experiences with us and expressed their need for international support, in order to rebuild their lives.

With the tremendous number of organizations attempting to help Nepal, it can be difficult to know who to support, where your support goes, and the impact your support will have. We have compiled a list of local organizations, who have had a lasting relationship with GoAbroad, and have verified programs; we encourage you to learn more about their needs and find an organization to support that speaks to you.

Volunteer Medical Trek Nepal

Just a few short days after the first earthquake struck Nepal, the Volunteer Medical Trek Nepal was already gathering supplies and volunteers to begin trekking to remote villages where medical care was nonexistent and the status of whole communities was unknown. Weeks have passed and the team has thankfully been able to distribute life saving medical supplies and provide treatment to dozens of survivors.

Earthquake survivors in Manbu village of Gorkha, Nepal

This picture was taken in Manbu village of Gorkha where all houses are destroyed and many were killed by the earthquake.

Photo Credit: Maya Universe Academy

Maya Universe Academy

Though all the Mayan children are safe and sound, the Girl’s hostel has been destroyed, forcing the girls to take shelter in makeshift tents during the first few days. The girls are now relocated to the Boy’s Hostel for the time being. Maya Universe Academy is raising funds to rebuild their Girl’s Hostel, in hopes that they can restore normalcy for the children and begin to provide further assistance to the surrounding community.

Himalayan Education Lifeline Programme

In order to help locals in Western Nepal recover from the earthquake, Himalayan Education Lifeline is collecting donations to provide families with temporary shelter as well as items to maintain necessary day to day needs.

We want to raise money for our partner NGO, Himalayan Projects, so they can help villagers in Western Nepal, a region badly hit by the earthquake, get back on their feet.

Innovative Volunteer

After the earthquake, Innovative Volunteer has initiated a plea for support to rebuild Orphanage Home Nepal, their orphanage located in Kathmandu. The orphanage’s children are currently dealing with many uncertainties in their future, and the staff are confident that, more than ever, additional children will need a place to call home; the recent earthquake has undoubtedly left more children orphaned and in need of support. The orphanage has already received support from the Dan Fredinburg Foundation, through a campaign called "Celebrating Dan,” which is dedicated to Dan Fredinburg, a Google Executive who died on Mount Everest due to avalanches caused by the earthquake.

Temporary shelter for families in Nepal

Life inside one of the tents, it looks nice and spacious but everyone is out. This tent has about 100 people in at night!

Photo Credit: Education & Health Nepal

Education & Health Nepal

Supporting a range of on-going projects, from women’s empowerment to teaching at rural schools to medical treks, Education & Health Nepal is seeking funding to “help in rebuilding the country” through re-establishing their various programs and bringing volunteers back to Nepal.

Chhahari Group Nepal

In order to buy essential relief materials, like tents, food, and water, Chhahari Group Nepal is requesting support from the international community. They hope to purchase and distribute these items as soon as possible and, over the next few weeks and months, begin to help villages rebuild and move on with their lives.

Trek to Teach

In order to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake, Trek to Teach has joined forces with other nonprofit organizations to form Help Nepal Now. Their goal is to raise $20,000 to provide relief to local communities, and support the long term reconstruction of Nepal.

Home for Rescue of Afflicted Children

The HORAC team recounted their experiences over the past few weeks on their Facebook page:

We all were about to forget the effect of earthquake. Everything was going to be normal. Children had just started to go to school. We were smiling forgetting the past. We were also encouraging children. But suddenly another big hit of earthquake in Nepal,in which we all are affected mentally and physically.

Children in Jharlang Village

Children in Jharlang Village - Photo Credit: Medical Trek Nepal

Nepali Host Family 

Founded in 2006 and based in Nepal, Nepali Host Family is run by local social workers. In the aftermath of the recent earthquakes, they are fundraising to buy tents, blankets, water purifying tablets, mosquito nets, and other basic necessities to support survivors. The organization is remaining positive, as illustrated by the words of one of the members of Nepali Host Family:

This catastrophe has affected the Nepalese society in many levels. In order to deal with unforeseen problems, people must stay positive and unite at this time of national tragedy.

The Umbrella Foundation

As an organization focused on community support, child care, and youth development, the Umbrella Foundation is highly valuable to the communities they serve, especially in such an immense time of need. In order to provide relief to local communities and continue caring for children and youth in Kathmandu, they need financial assistance.

Want to Volunteer in Nepal and Contribute to Disaster Relief?

Consider volunteering with one of the organizations below:

Collapsed buildings and debris in Nepal

Collapsed buildings and debris in Nepal - Photo Credit: Education & Health Nepal has partnered with numerous local NGO and nonprofit organizations in Nepal over the years, promoting their volunteer programs and connecting them with individuals that can help them continue their mission. Likewise, the GoAbroad Foundation has partnered with local Nepali organizations to promote various community development initiatives. Our commitment to Nepal is only strengthened by the recent tragedies and we are dedicated to helping local organizations rebuild, recover, and re-establish their essential programs.

Please join us in our efforts to help the people of Nepal by sharing this article, supporting one of the local organizations listed above, or joining a volunteer program in Nepal!

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