Great Reasons to Volunteer in South Africa

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Volunteering and travel go hand in hand; its a perfect match made in heaven. It’s a chance for you to leave your comfort zone, head abroad, meet like-minded people, and make a difference while seeing some wonderful places. So why choose South Africa as your volunteer destination?

Come Experience Volunteering in South Africa!
Come Experience Volunteering in South Africa! Photo by Dreams To Reality

1. A chance for you to make a difference in the world.

Volunteer placements at Dreams to Reality range from teaching children to surf and sports development volunteering or working as a teaching assistant. Whatever you wish to do, and whatever type of volunteer project you would like to do, there will always be an option for you in South Africa.

2. Immerse yourself in a new culture.

Many travellers turn up to a new destination and feel a little, well, lost. Volunteering will give you the opportunity to instantly immerse yourself into a new community, soak up a new culture, and travel with a purpose.

3. Add something of value to your CV.

It can sometimes be a little tricky knowing how to cover your travel experience on your CV when you get home and start looking for a job. The worst thing to do is to leave the time that you have spent travelling completely absent from your CV; prospective employers may jump to the conclusion that you were unemployed, so always cover any travelling that you have done on your CV. Volunteering abroad, however, will give you something substantial to add to your CV, and it will set you apart from the crowd. It will show that you are open to new challenges, willing to take risks, flexible, and hard working.

4. A chance to gain work experience.

Do you want to be a teacher? Most volunteering programmes do not require previous experience or qualifications, so it is a great chance for you to gain some industry experience to take home.

5. Meet like-minded people.

One of the best things about volunteer work overseas is the people that you will meet; you and your fellow volunteers will be sharing a new and exciting adventure together, and you will most likely meet lifelong friends.

6. A great option for new travellers, or solo travellers.

Most volunteer organizations will  provide airport transfers so as soon as you step off the plane you will have someone there waiting to collect you; a pretty nice feeling when you’re young and travelling alone!

7. It’s fun!

Don’t think all you will be doing is working; that most certainly will not be the case! You will have days off and will likely not be working full time hours, so you will have plenty of time to check out your surroundings with your new found mates!

8. Affordable travel.

One of the great things about volunteer work overseas is that it is a cheaper option than just travelling.

9. Build your self-confidence.

You will be faced with new challenges, new people, and a new type of work, not to mention a new place! Volunteering overseas is a chance for you to discover hidden talents that you never knew you had!

10. Volunteering is more flexible than paid work.

If you want to see whether or not you actually enjoy working with children before you commit yourself, to a year long course or accept a permanent paid job, why not try some volunteer work overseas first? This will give you the opportunity to test the waters without having to commit.

Volunteers give their skills, life experience, time, and expertise to the community they volunteer in, and as a result, they provide the opportunity for extended services and an enhanced quality of community life by their active participation in the community.