Four Unique Volunteer Programs to Consider

by Aurora Johnson

Considering volunteer programs that step outside the norm will surely enhance your experiences abroad. Volunteering in unique locations and projects will give you the chance to make a difference in communities that aren’t frequently visited, and therefore often left with needs waiting to be filled. Don’t just go to Uganda or India because everyone else is, explore your options fully and you will benefit greatly.

Group volunteering
Group volunteering is fun. Photo by Rachel Jensen


As one of the poorest developing countries in the world, volunteering can be a great help to the residents of Albania. Volunteering in Albania will also give individuals the chance to learn a diverse range of languages, such as Albanian and Greek, and learn about the local culture, especially their unique traditions of dance and religious customs. There are fantastic programmes available and many part time positions offered throughout the summer months.

Through programmes supplied by Love Volunteers, volunteers can sign up to work with disadvantaged children in Albania, many of whom are living in direct poverty and suffering from hard cases of discrimination. Volunteers will have the chance to conduct a number of activities with the children, expanding learning and growth.


Individuals who choose to volunteer in Ukraine must be open to learning about and immersing in the local culture, as most programs provide accommodation in homestays with local families. Host families help teach volunteers about Ukraine culture and introduce them to the struggles and successes Ukrainians have experienced over time.

Love Volunteers also offers volunteer programmes in Ukraine, yet another less common volunteer abroad location. Volunteers can join for a minimum of one week and experience helping out at local orphanages that need international support most. Ukrainian orphanages depend greatly on international funding support and help from volunteers, due to a lack of resources, funding, and staff. Volunteer tasks and roles at orphanages in Ukraine are varied, some may be expected to teach the children while others will provide general care for the children who reside in the orphanage.

Ibiza Island, Spain

To many, Ibiza is considered as party central and the number one destination for upbeat, energetic holidays. However, not many people understand the economical and environmental issues Ibiza is prone to, and that there are very important aspects of the nation’s structure that need improvement and additional support.

Greenheart Travel offers volunteer opportunities around the world, and specifically for those who are passionate about the environment and eco-friendly living in Ibiza at Casita Verde. Environmental awareness is of high importance to those who live in Ibiza. Located in a small village, this Greenheart Travel project is placed amidst 14 acres of farmland used for experimental ecological development which utilizes alternative energy sources. such as wind and sun generated energy.


At the mention of Thailand, many of picture sandy beaches and picturesque temples, and although this is an immediate temptation to volunteer in Thailand, there are many more inspiring aspects of Thailand that will become far more meaningful for international volunteers. All volunteers working in Thailand will be exposed to a variety of animal species, from those that inhabit the spectacular rainforests to the deep, divine clear waters of the coastlines. 

If you are a passionate animal lover and have a desire to care for species in who have experienced unfortunate environmental conditions, Thailand is a great place to volunteer. Frontier offers multiple sanctuary programmes that will enhance volunteers’ work experience with unique animals as well as develop their caring abilities. The main duties of Frontier volunteers include mothering baby animals, researching the psychology of animal behaviour, and helping with general maintenance of enclosures and open habitats. These duties will enlighten volunteers on the level of care needed for sanctuary-based animals and will be widely appreciated by local animal carers.

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