Announcing GoAbroad’s Top Rated Organizations & Programs of 2017

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What do you look for when picking out a hotel for your weekend getaway? Reviews. What makes you feel confident the restaurant will be tantalizing to your taste buds? Reviews. What helps you trust that the company behind a product is legitimate? Reviews.

So, when you’re searching for a meaningful travel program abroad and you want to know your life is in good hands, what should look for?  You guessed it, REVIEWS!

Reviews are becoming more and more important as travelers worldwide want to know what real life participants have to say before choosing an international program. After all, your life will be in their hands as you embark on a new adventure into uncharted territory.

We already released the Where’s Where of Travel Destinations for 2018, to help you choose the best destinations, but now it’s time for more. Below we’ve compiled a list of Who’s Who in international travel, based on real reviews from past participants*. 

Top Rated Organizations of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated Organizations of 2017

Starting your search for a program abroad can be a bit scary, but, we’re here to make it friendly, feasible, and fun! Don’t just take our word for it, hear what past participants have to say before you choose your next adventure abroad. Get your search started with our top rated organizations of 2017!

Top Rated Study Abroad Organizations of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated Study Abroad Organization of 2017

1. IES Abroad

“Of course, I was nervous before embarking on this journey, knowing I would spend the next few months in a new countries surrounded by new people. However, IES quickly eased my fears...They were friendly, approachable and truly cared about our well-being...They truly go above and beyond!” -- Daria, Alumni Study Abroad Student

2. University Studies Abroad Consortium

“I had the most amazing time studying abroad! It is difficult to put into words how wonderful the experience was, to be immersed into a new country with a different culture. I am incredibly grateful for USAC helping me with everything along the way and for providing the opportunity for students like me to have this experience.” -- Sona, Alumni Study Abroad Student

3. Sol Education Abroad

“My time with Sol in Costa Rica was one of the most transformative (and fun) experiences of my life! I had never been out of the country before, but I am so glad I left my comfort zone and came to Costa Rica. The directors at Sol are all amazing at what they do and really care about you as a person...I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.” -- Grace, Alumni Study Abroad Student

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Top Rated Internship Organization of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated Internship Organization of 2017

1. The Intern Group

“Arriving in a foreign country by yourself can be intimidating, but The Intern Group made the transition a smooth as possible...Holistically the experience was one-of-a-kind, providing both valuable internship experience and engaging social aspects. I truly recommend this program to anyone interested in a unique, dynamic work environment...” -- Danny, Alumni Intern

2. Absolute Internship

“Absolute Internship is more than just an internship abroad. It’s all about seeing the world in a different way, the incredible people you meet, the delicious food you eat, the places you visit, and the life skills that you gain...It’s a fantastic program for a college student that wants to learn more about yourself, meet other students, and develop skills that will prepare you for a job after graduation.” -- Alicia, Alumni Intern

3. The Global Internship by We Find Group

“We Find Group did a great job guiding me through every step of the process to find an internship abroad, and made sure that everything this summer ran smoothly. I would recommend this program to anybody considering it.” -- Greg, Alumni Intern

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Top Rated Volunteer Organizations of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated Volunteer Organization of 2017

1. African Impact

“I loved staying with African Impact. I learned so much and the people were great. Every activity I did had a purpose and I felt like I was really making a difference. I highly recommend it to others, and I would love to return.” -- mdefe15, Alumni Volunteer

2. International Volunteer HQ

“My decision to volunteer with IVHQ in Ghana was one of the best decisions in my life...We were warmly welcomed by both, the other volunteers and the locals. The work we did was very versatile [and] everything was well organized from the beginning to the end...I had an unforgettable time with unforgettable people.” -- Vera, Alumni Volunteer

3. Frontier

“A brilliant first hand experience of wildlife conservation in a unique place. Everything from camp life, people, community work, the scientific work AND the amazing, beautiful, odd and colourful animals were magnificent. Truly an experience that will stay in my memory forever!” -- Loreta, Alumni Volunteer

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Top Rated TEFL Certification Companies of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated TEFL Certification Companies of 2017

1. UNI-Prep Institute

“I had a great time completing my TESOL/TEFL course with UNI-Prep. It was self-paced and convenient, so I could take it when I had time. I enjoyed every aspect of the learning process and recommend anyone looking to get their certification to use UNI-Prep.” - Mike, TEFL Graduate

2. Asian College of Teachers

“It was wonderful and marvellous learning, exploring, understanding, and meeting new people. The TEFL curriculum is innovative and easy to implement in classroom teaching. I never imagined that this course would bring out the creativity and confidence in me...I would say that anyone who is passionate about teaching should join ACT TEFL.” -- Jerusha, TEFL Graduate

3. Maximo Nivel

“Who knew that taking a 4-week intensive course learning how to teach English could be one of the most fun, entertaining, enlightening, fulfilling experiences you could have?! Maximo Nivel has your back every step of the way...You get so much more than an international TEFL qualification - you get life skills and precious contacts that will serve you forever!” -- Liz, TEFL Graduate

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Top Rated Youth Travel Organizations of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated Youth Travel Organizations of 2017

1. The Experiment in International Living

“I felt extremely safe during the trip and my leaders were exceedingly helpful, whether pointing your group towards a point of interest or giving insight into adapting into the culture. There were several work outside [my] comfort zone [and] this program also aided in the development of my own leadership skills...This program became an unforgettable experience to me as I look forward to going abroad with The Experiment again.” -- Mathieu, Alumni Participant

2. Travel for Teens

“Packing in so many countries is difficult, but TFT has created an itinerary that leaves everyone satisfied at every stop...I loved getting to experience so many cultures and countries on this trip, and I would highly recommend it to anyone...I always felt safe, and the staff did a wonderful job dealing with any bumps in the road.” -- Sarah, Alumni Participant

3. Sol Abroad

“I definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience and increase their comfort with and knowledge of Spanish. I loved the activities with the program and the flexibility and genuine friendliness of the directors and host parents. I also really enjoyed how we were given time to explore the city on our own, to eat out in restaurants, and to chat with our host parents. ¡Muchas gracias SolAbroad!” -- sday, Alumni Participant

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Top Rated Language Schools of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated Language Schools of 2017

1. Uppsala International Summer Session

“The nine weeks I spent at the Uppsala International Summer Session last summer were superb...The program offered rich opportunities to experience Sweden, [and] the staff were helpful, competent, and supportive. However, the most important thing to me was the quality of the language instruction...I could not have been happier with the quality of the Swedish classes I took, with highly trained instructors and outstanding materials.” -- Jill, Alumni Student

2. Habla Ya Spanish Schools

“Both my teachers were highly skilled, patient, and talked slowly enough for me to understand. They prepared well for each class, and they went with the flow of the conversation. Habla Ya was not boring and filled with the teacher talking most of time. Instead, I learned by practicing and repetition. I highly recommend Habla Ya!” -- Edward, Alumni Student

3. First EDT Learning Center

“I had a good time in EDT/JWE because all of my teachers took care of me to improve my English skills...They made me use and enjoy English [and] I sincerely appreciate them for helping me...the environment of the school is considerably clean, quiet, and pleasant...I definitely recommend EDT/JWE to [anyone]!” -- Damon, Alumni Student

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Top Rated Programs of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated Programs of 2017

We know you don’t only want to know that the organization you’re looking at rocks participants sock off; of course, you also want to know that the particular program you’re going to be participating in is extraordinary. Check out the Top Rated Programs below to ensure your adventure abroad is “top rated” in every way!

Top Rated Study Abroad Programs of 2017

GoAbroad Top Rated Study Abroad Programs of 2017

1. Sol Education Abroad: Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

“My experience with SOL Education in Granada Spain was incredible. If a student is looking for a program to study abroad through, SOL is a great option….The program organization is very simple and easy to follow from the application process to the last day in Spain. I have never felt worried or like I did not have a strong support system from my program. The host families that SOL has are also amazing…. The classes that I was able to take were great learning experiences too and the opportunities abound for language exchanges created an amazing environment for learning Spanish.” -- mariaboretti, Alumni Study Abroad Student

2. College Year in Athens: Study Abroad in Greece

“CYA was the most amazing experience. They have the best professors that are brilliant, funny, and kind as well as an incredibly supportive staff. The field trips we went on enabled me to see more of Greece than I thought I could and I am eternally grateful. Would recommend this program to anyone and everyone, 10/10!” -- emcfee, Alumni Study Abroad Student

3. American Institute for Foreign Study: Study Abroad in Barcelona

"My time in Barcelona with AIFS was without a doubt, the best four months of my life, and the most valuable of all of my college experiences. I chose AIFS initially because they were the cheapest option of all of the programs that I looked at. However, after becoming a part of the AIFS family, I really can say that I chose the best program, and not just the most affordable. Every aspect of studying abroad with AIFS blew me away." -- Greta, Alumni Study Abroad Student

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Top Rated Internship Programs of 2017