8 Best TEFL Courses in the USA in 2018-2019

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Do you find yourself daydreaming of a far away land? Do you love influencing others and having a lasting personal impact? WELL, your magic GoAbroad genie is now here to help you realize your dreams and live them at the same time! So where are we going with this? Two words: TEFL. Certification. 

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This is Lady Liberty. Lady Liberty loves TEFL courses in the USA and is already certified. Be like Lady Liberty.

If you’re tired of searching “TEFL courses near me” and finding your results are a bust, don’t fret. US citizens, as well as travelers who dream of living short-term in the US, have their work cut out for them when it comes to finding top-notch local TEFL certification programs. Here, you can get TEFL certified online OR take an in-person class with a reputable US-based company—both great options for future English teachers abroad.

Some teach abroad program providers you come across will be… alright. But this is your time to shine—you don’t want just “alright,” you should look for a mind blowing program—right?! Right! Say it with me: “(TEFL) USA! (TEFL) USA!”

So here it is, the best TEFL courses in the USA in 2018-2019 according to people just like you and I—the people that were bit by the teach abroad travel bug (the one that there’s no cure for!).

What makes the “best” TEFL courses in the United States, anyway?

Half of the fun of choosing your USA TEFL course is to see all the gizmos and gadgets that come packaged into it. To make the next chapter of your life overseas what you want to experience, you need to make sure you know what’s included in your course

Do you want great alumni perks? A great bang for your buck? Perhaps one with lifetime placement assistance? Whatever you are looking for, just remember that what you want isn’t going to be the same as the person who just started their TEFL course. So come in close. Closer. Ok, good! Here’s how to actually pick a TEFL course that is right for you

A good program…:

  • Offers a program that fits your learning style. How do you learn? Will an online course be a good fit for you, or would you understand better taking an on-site class? How about a mixture of both? Check out which choice is right by you—and don’t consider programs that don’t offer what you need.
  • Has awesome reviews and ratings. Read about experiences. In doing so, you’ll be able to see what alumni have said about the course, plus you’ll be able to sing “I heard it through the grapevine” all the time. Win win!
  • Is accredited. Don’t bother with programs that give participants certificates that aren’t internationally recognized. 
  • Displays key details readily. Finding important program-related details should not be a Sherlock Holmes mission. Can you find a program that shares its inclusions and expectations conveniently, so you don’t have to search the whole globe?
  • Provides job placement assistance. Getting a TEFL certificate is the first step towards a potentially exciting, yet a little scary and overwhelming, chapter of your life. Will they help you with your transition from student to teacher?
  • Shares additional resources and support for program alumni—so you are able to get a nice push in the right direction for your first ever teaching experience.
  • Has strong values! You want to make sure that who you are working with have similarities when it comes to the important things in life. Respect for the people, places, and things around you—and a sincere commitment to helping students around the world improve their English language proficiency. If they let you bail on classes but still give you a passing grade, they might not be the *best* organization… ya dig?

GoAbroad’s 2018-2019 round-up

1. International TEFL Academy - Chicago TEFL Certification—10.0 Rating

“Going into this experience, I wasn't confident with my grammar skills at all. It had never really been my strong-suit. That being said, I realized that teaching English is not just about teaching grammar, you teach people much more than that. It's really about teaching different cultures and English just happens to be the medium in which it is taught. After my four weeks getting TEFL Certified, I am completely confident in my teaching-ability skills, I not only learned how to teach grammar, but I was given a foundation on how to teach grammar to myself...When I came out the other side, I not only came out TEFL Certified instructor, but I also came out a more confident person all around. If you want a chance to change yours and maybe someone else's life, then I highly recommend you get to Chicago and take this course.” — ITA alum

  • Where?: Chicago, New York, Hawaii
  • What?: Online, in-person, plus hybrid TEFL courses
  • When?: Year round (check dates here)
  • Why?: International TEFL Academy offers top notch courses for TEFL certification which will get you out into the world in no time. The recent recipients of a GoAbroad Innovation Award in 2018, this organization is definitely worth a second glance. With lifetime job placement assistance, an amazing alumni community, and plenty of room for growth, there is never a bad time to reach out to their team and get your teach abroad chapter started.
  • More program info

2. Rennert New York TESOL Center - SIT TESOL Certification Course—9.9 Rating

“I recently completed the SIT TESOL certificate intensive program at Rennert NYC and can honestly say that it was one of the best learning experiences. The staff at the school was so welcoming and I can't say enough about our instructor Selina. Her expertise, attention to detail, work ethic, patience and openness to ideas was so inspiring. Also, the program director, Autumn seems extremely committed to our continued journey after graduation. The support i have gotten while searching for my first teaching job has been great! I would highly recommend Rennert for anyone wanting to begin a career in Teaching TESOL.” — Rennert TESOL Center alum

  • Where?: New York City
  • When?: Year Round; 4-15 Weeks in Length
  • Why?: Take in the knowledge of one of the best TEFL courses in the USA, in one of the most energetic cities on the planet! With Rennert’s SIT TESOL course you will experience small class sizes with open and upbeat instructors, lots of hands on experience with real ESL students, and job placement support. Open up a whole world of opportunities while conveniently located in the center of The Big Apple!
  • More program info

3. UNI-Prep Institute—9.4 Rating 

“Taking courses through Uni-Prep served not only beneficial for my advancement in teaching English abroad but it also helped to guide me in stability and remain diligent through my studies. The coursework was straight forward and timed well with the videos, reading assignments and quizzes provided. This was a very great choice for me and I am happy I chose Uni-prep to pursue my TESOL/TEFL certificate. I highly recommend to others!” — UNI-Prep alum

  • Where?: Your couch! Er, desk.
  • What?: Online TEFL certification programs
  • When?: When you like
  • Why?: With affordable price options, UNI-Prep, accredited by the Professional Education Accreditation Council, is a great provider to get your TEFL certification online in the United States. You’ll have videos and tutor support right at your fingertips (literally), be able to study at your own pace, and enjoy so many more benefits—why wouldn’t you want to “prep” with this institute? Whether you want TEFL courses in Florida, Hawaii, or anywhere in between, the convenience of an online course like this is unmatched.
  • More program info

4. Teaching House CELTA—9.6 Rating

“I think that every aspect of this course was beneficial to me. If I were to narrow it down, however, I think I would point out how beneficial the daily input sessions were, as well as the constructive feedback from tutors on the teaching practices. Being able to have real experience teaching adults from around the world and have practical tools to structure and improve how to teach the lessons along with both positive and negative feedback from the tutors made for an extremely useful and beneficial CELTA course.” — Teaching House alum

  • Where?: Atlanta, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Washington D.C.
  • What?: In-person courses
  • When?: Varies year round (current dates here)
  • Why?: With so many US cities to choose from, including tefl courses in NYC, why don’t you start your adventure by seeing a new city in your own country? All offices are located in the heart of cities so emmercing yourself in different cultures will happen even before you leave to go abroad! Teaching House also offers small class sizes, so no worries about not getting that one-on-one guidance when needed. 
  • More program info

5. Premier TEFL - Level 5 TEFL Course—10.0 Rating

“I really enjoyed the TEFL course and thought that the content was great! The staff at Premier TEFL were extremely helpful and quick to address any of my concerns. Definitely a course I would recommend if you are looking at doing a TEFL! I also liked the grammar booklet and other resources that were available for download!” — Premier TEFL alum

  • Where?: All over the US and the world
  • What?: Online courses
  • When?: Year round; 3-6 months in length
  • Why?: Looking for a course with both great quality and great price. Well, Premier TEFL is here to answer all your questions! Completing the 170 hour course will have you set for your next adventure, especially with their included 70 page grammar booklet that’ll no doubt help you out when in the classroom. The world is your oyster when you get your TEFL certification with Premier TEFL.
  • More program info

6. Let’s TEFL - Ultimate 120 Hours TEFL Course — 9.5 Rating

“I wasn't so suree about taking an online TEFL/TESOL course but their pre-enrollment advice was really helpful and after answering a thousand questions i took the plunge and i'm glad I did so. The course was full of detailed examples and all the lessons and modules build a clear picture of how to teach through a huge range of topics and scenarios. My certificate came in the mail today and i'm really happy with my investment.” — Let’s TEFL alum

  • Where?: New York, Southern California, Online
  • What?: In person, online
  • When?: Year round for 1-2 Weeks, 2-4 Weeks, or 5-8 Weeks long
  • Why?: Don’t get stuck in TEFL courses in the USA where you are taught the old ways of teaching English abroad. Let’s TEFL does exactly what their name says, teach you how to correctly teach in a modern way that engages your students and efficiently helps them learn. Online support, free employment training, free job placement can be your...plus more! From TEFL certification in NYC to the far reaches of the west coast for tefl certification in California, Let’s TEFL has you covered.
  • More program info

7. International TEFL and TESOL Training -Online Courses—8.8 Rating 

“I personally took the course as a secondary certification after several years of teaching, and I found the suggestions given are actually accurate and ones that truly work in class. Many things contained in the course were things I already knew, just from my years of experience; but throughout the course, I kept thinking, "I wish I had taken this course before I began my first year.” — ITTT alum

  • Where?: Anywhere
  • What?: Online training
  • When?: Anytime!
  • Why?: With a wide variety of courses to choose from and guaranteed job placement, ITTT is the way to go! Based in Berkeley, CA and started in 1993, ITTT has a good deal for its participants—including lifetime job placement assistance. Whether it be getting your certification for the first time, or brushing up on some things already known, they can accommodate your next adventure overseas in so many ways. Enjoy ongoing support and work at schools all around the world today! 
  • More program info

8. International Teacher Training Organization—8.0 Rating

“ITTO made my online course achievable, from having constructive feedback to prompt response to all task submitted made learning enjoyable. My tutors made my journey through the entire course a smooth sail, they also awakened a more confident person in me. I successfully completed this online course in less than 1year,all thanks to your support at ITTO and I will willingly recommend ITTO to anyone planning to get TEFL certified as well as share my success story to all and sundry!” —International Teaching Training Organization alum

  • Where?: New York
  • What?: Online + in person
  • When?: Year Round
  • Why?: With YOUR choice of a basic, standard, or advanced course, you have leeway to choose what fits your lifestyle and goals best. Learn at your own pace while diving deep into the need-to-know content of TEFL certifications and teaching English overseas. Learn the curriculum needed for all ages; young and old!
  • More program info

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More resources for TEFL courses in the United States

Ready to grab your notebooks, activity books, marker and crayons yet?! If not, and you still want to take a look around, look through our entire USA TEFL Course directory. So much to choose from, and so much time. Trust me cinderella, you’ll find the perfect fit. ;)

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Where will your TEFL course take YOU?

We understand. Since there are so many options to choose from, we have our Online Advisors are here to help. Not all heroes wear capes ya know. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do your homework for you / send you a handful of specific recommendations to your preferences. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Just a quick tip before you head out scouring all the courses. Whether choosing to do an online course or in person one, one of the most important steps to figuring out which TEFL course in the USA is right for you is to know “WHY”. Why are you taking this course, and why are you interested in teaching abroad? Why get TEFL certified in the first place? Do you want to brush up on your grammar, get your foot in the door internationally, to learn from others and their experiences? Set goals and know that you want. That will then lead you to making the right decision when picking your teach abroad program.

Getting your TEFL certification and teaching abroad can sometimes be costly; so here’s how to “foot the bill” a bit. With the most obvious being not spending so much money, there are tons of other ways that you can save get a little more of that moolah to out towards more meaningful investments.

Get your TEFL certification in the United States in 2018-2019!

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The whole world is in your hands—Sign up for TEFL courses USA today!

Get TEFL certified either online or take an in person class, and next thing you know—ZOOM! You’re off teaching English, and embracing another culture a whole world away. 

With so many states and even more courses to choose from, the possibilities are down right endless! Starting with a certification will help you learn how to become a confident teacher, traveler, and global citizen overall. With the help of your friends, family, provider, and most importantly YOURSELF, you will be ready for your first interview abroad in no time. But don’t forget the ABC’s of TEFL. Stay Attentive when searching for programs and providers. Be Sure to know why you want to get certified. Get Certified! Easy as 1,2,3. Am I right?!

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