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This is why — and how — to teach English in Thailand

When it comes to teaching English abroad, there are so many destinations to choose from, but there’s no surprise that Thailand is at the top of the list. With a high demand for English language school teachers, a booming tourist industry that demands English-speaking employees, and a rise in program providers, it’s never been easier to find a job teaching English in Thailand. Whether in the urban hub of Bangkok or a rural village in Isan, your teach in Thailand experience is sure to be rich in all the sweet and savory spices of Thai culture (and food!).

Start your research with the wide network of teach in Thailand programs and alumni for a first-hand account of the up, down, in-between, and beyond amazing aspects of making your next career move in the Land of Smiles. With so many reasons to choose from, discover why you want to teach English in Thailand.

turquoise tuk tuk in Bangkok, Thailand

Ride in style as an ESL teacher in Thailand.

Our nine favorite reasons to teach English in Thailand

  1. Pad Thai All Day / Everyday: Maybe you’re a Thai food aficionado with a high tolerance for spicy chili peppers or maybe you’re a pad thai virgin, but either way get ready for a taste bud revelation. No matter what your teach in Thailand salary is, the super affordable (and delicious) Thai street food will be all you need on your daily menu.
  2. Smiles on Smiles: Known as the Land of Smiles, Thai culture is hospitable, friendly and warm. With a small bow of the head and wide-toothed grin, you’ll always feel welcome and at home as you move miles away to teach English in Thailand.
  3. Lotsa Baht: Get ready to make bank with the Thai Baht as an English teacher in Thailand. With a great exchange rate and low cost of living, you won’t have to feel guilty about booking a quick Hangover 2-style getaway to Bangkok or buying extra books for your classroom with Baht to spare.
  4. 1000+ Beach Islands: Each Thai ko has a different vibe, with different nature, features, and wildlife to explore. However, one thing stays the same: their natural beauty and the opportunity to relax as you gaze out into the clear blue waters at the other islands and sea beyond.
  5. Elephant & Mountains: On the other side of the country, the landscape entirely changes with lush forest-covered mountains for you to zigzag up on your scooter or hike up for some clarity. Plus, don’t miss the chance to play around with Thailand’s unofficial mascot, the elephant, at one of the sanctuaries around Chiang Mai.
  6. Passport to the Peninsula: Southeast Asia is a backpacker’s paradise, but there’s way too much to explore in just two weeks or even two months. When you teach in Thailand, you’ll have a firm home base for trips to the surrounding countries of Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and beyond.
  7. Your Neighbors: Whether teaching English in Thailand or teaching English in Dubai, the people you meet along your journey will inevitably shape you and teach you in different ways than in the classroom. In Thailand, it’s the small nods and smiles that will support you as you become the best teacher you can be.
  8. Your Community: Thai friendliness and hospitality transfers to school, where you’ll find the space to embrace your role as an English teacher. Dive into your relationships with your colleagues and students to build the bonds of community that will give you life in the tough moments far from home.
  9. Your Future: Teaching English in Thailand is a career move that doesn’t stop in the classroom. In Thailand, you’ll meet entrepreneurs and digital nomads in a variety of industries with new big ideas to inspire your goals.

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ferry across bright blue waters in Phan-nga, Thailand

Live out all your favorite “King-of-the-World” moments on ferries while you island hop.

Teach in Thailand FAQs

How much can you make teaching English in Thailand?

According to the International TEFL Academy, average salaries to teach in Thailand range from 30,000 – 40,000 THB ($850-$1,150 USD) per month with opportunities to save $200 - $400 USD per month with strategic spending. These numbers can vary based on your school environment, benefits package, and past experience, so be sure to get the full scoop of sticky rice when signing your job contract. 

What are the requirements to teach in Thailand?

Depending on your host school and teaching position, teach in Thailand programs and job opportunities have different requirements ranging from being TEFL-certified with teaching practice to being a native English speaker with a Bachelor’s degree.

To set yourself up to be their next instant hire, we recommend the following:

  • Native English Speaker — aka have a passport from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, South Africa or New Zealand
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree
  • Have a TEFL Certificate

If you check off all of the boxes for requirements to teach in Thailand, you should be hired in no time.

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waterfront village, Koh Chang, Thailand

From the big cities to smaller, waterfront towns and villages, there’s so much to love and learn about in Thailand.

Can you teach English in Thailand without a degree?

In short, no.

To get a work permit to teach in Thailand, it is require to show that you have a Bachelor’s degree. However, if you do not yet have your degree, look at working in a more informal educational setting for a shorter period, such as tutoring, or simply acting as a teaching assistant can be a good “in.”

Volunteer teaching is also an option if you want to teach abroad in Thailand without a degree.

What are the types of teaching opportunities in Thailand?

Teaching opportunities of all formats are always seeking new English teachers in Thailand.

  • Public Schools: If you’re looking for the most authentic experience, aim for a public school in a more rural area for the greatest cultural immersion and insight into the Thai education system.
  • Private International Schools: Teaching at an international school is a smaller leap abroad with a built-in expat community, higher proficiency or native English students, and the opportunity to teach other subjects than just EFL.
  • Language Schools: With larger flexibility and adult students, your TEFL experience will focus more on the language and students’ personal goals and less on classroom management and cultural adjustment.
  • Tutoring: Visit the Grand Palace to find out if the royal family is hiring for a private tutor! Even if not, you’ll find some motivated students of all ages who are committed to improving their English and grateful for your lesson plans that focus on grammar, conversation, and everything in-between.
Fishing boats along the shore of Phuket, Thailand

The morning catch won’t be the only thing hooked on Thailand.

Where can I find ESL jobs in Thailand?

With more and more teach in Thailand opportunities, you won’t have scroll too far down your Facebook newsfeed to find a friend or friend of friend who has some past experience. Ask these folks first who they recommend for finding teaching jobs in Thailand.

Next, compare their suggestions OR start your search fresh within the GoAbroad teach in Thailand program directory. The program listings and positions are vetted, but you can also verify their quality by comparing reviews and ratings. GoAbroad makes it easy to narrow your results and search by city for more control over our teaching English placement.

Still overwhelmed for choice? Consider using MyGoAbroad to bookmark and compare the programs you’re interested in side-by-side. It’s easy to choose the best teach in Thailand program for you when you see the visual comparisons.

If you’re still stumped and want even more advice and direction on finding ESL jobs in Thailand, our trusty OnlineAdvisor is your new BFF.

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Is it safe to teach abroad in Thailand?

While Thailand has experienced several small security incidents in recent years, it is overall a safe country to teach and live in as is evidenced by the large number of expats who choose to live and work and play in Thai paradise. 

Floating market from above, Thailand

Once you get your sea legs, grocery shopping is a cinch.

What are the best jobs and programs to teach English in Thailand?

We are so glad you asked!

1. Live and teach abroad in Thailand with Travelbud

TravelBud makes it easy slip into the Thai lifestyle with job placements at K-12 schools in a variety of environments and a host of support, even while in such a hospitality friendly country. Plus, their online resources for teachers will keep you inspired from the Songkran New Year celebration in April to the Loi Krathong Festival of Floating Lights in November.

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2. See TEFL Teacher Training

Get TEFL certified and start your teaching experience with See TEFL in the northern city of Chiang Mai. The program includes visa assistance, guaranteed job placement, and even volunteer opportunities to both make Baht and get immersed until Thailand feels like a true home.

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3. i-to-i Paid Thai TEFL Internship

A 5-month internship placement with i-to-i is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the clear, blue waters of Thailand’s TEFL scene. With a group of 100+ interns, your new friends from around the world will soon become a passport to travel around Thailand and learn from each others’ teaching and travel experiences.

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Golden Buddha statues in a row, Bangkok, Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand is Buddha-approved.

4. Job placement and TEFL certification with Teach English: ESL

While you might of heard of the parties on Phuket or the full moon festivities on Koh Phangan, let Krabi and its longtail boats transport you to your new career as a TEFL teacher in Thailand. With Teach English: ESL you’ll get certified before embarking on your next Thai teaching journey by AirAsia flight, bus, train, songthaew pickup, or tuk tuk.

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5. Teach and travel in Thailand with MediaKids Academy

Get into the heart of the country and its rich educational history with a MediaKids Academy placement at a Thai government school. MediaKids will turn you into a TEFL professional as you represent this long-standing organization both in and outside of the classroom.

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6. Paid teaching contracts with Greenheart Travel

Every month is a good month to start your teaching English in Thailand adventure with Greenheart Travel. With monthly start dates and semester-long contracts, you’ll have the flexibility to kick off your adventure on your own terms and with confidence.

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7. TIE teach in international schools

For a more experienced TEFL teacher who’s looking for a new challenge the TIE job directory is an easy way to access the American or international school scene in Thailand. With opportunities to teach more subjects than just English as a foreign language, TIE will connect you with Thai schools seeking native English teachers for a variety of subjects.

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Blue water, blue sky, Ao-nang beach, Thailand

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It’s calling, “Hello? Hi, yes, yes this is. Teach in Thailand? I’m in.”

See why you want to teach English in Thailand!?!

Thailand is ideal for teaching English abroad from the culture to the context to the (amazing) cost of living! If you’re not already sold by searching for stunning Instas with temples, elephants, and palm trees, then consider the more practical benefits of deciding to teach English in Thailand.

In few other countries will you be constantly challenged by the endless places to explore, ridiculously intricate language and script, and range of people to meet from kind, grinning locals to the next digitally nomadic Mark Zuckerberg. Whichever reason calls to you, let it be your guide and inspiration as you transform your horizons and your future with a teach in Thailand adventure. 

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