Top 10 Sights in Singapore

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When one thinks of Singapore, they might assume that there wouldn't be much to see, being such a small country geographically. However, this country is one that should not be overlooked!  Singapore's history and relatively recent independence, along with its rapid growth and development are unbelievable. While experiencing this modernity and new world technology, one can still see much of the country's history through the architecture, streets, food, and much more. Thus this country is one you should definitely visit.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Photo Courtesy of Ohbin Kwon

1. Marina Bay Sands

One of the biggest attractions in the area, this site is one that can be seen from nearly everywhere in the heart of Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is a conglomeration of three hotels connected by a boat-shaped structure on the top. The boat serves as an observation deck providing incredible views of downtown Singapore. This rooftop hotspot also includes an infinity pool, although access is permitted only to guests of the hotels. Situated within Marina Bay Sands is one of the country's largest malls along with a walkway making a loop around downtown Singapore.

2. Gardens by the Bay

Theses serene gardens were designed to preserve some of the green in the country while bringing in eco-beauty from around the world. Within this peaceful space there are two vast domes which house a large waterfall and global flower gardens. An elevated path spans through the entrance of the park among tall trees providing impeccable views.

3. Esplanade

The Esplanade is an opera hall constructed to look like Southeast Asian fruit durian, hence the nickname. This venue is where major concerts, operas, and music events happen. Occasionally there are free events throughout the day so be sure to check the schedule!

4. Singapore Flyer

Ride the world's tallest ferris wheel while enjoying a 40 minute ride. The Flyer provides a full view of Singapore in one sitting.

5. Singapore Zoo

One of the most natural zoos in the world, the Singapore Zoo allows most animals to freely roam around, such as orangutans, kangaroos, and more. The zoo provides realistic habitats for the animals and consists of some of the rarest species found only in Southeast Asia. 

6. Chinatown

Explore Chinese temples, authentic Chinese food, and inexpensive shopping, as this is the place to bargain.

7. Little India

This is the place where one can find delicious Indian food, jewelry, clothing, rugs, and handmade fragrance. Little India, along with Chinatown, is known for inexpensive hostels, the close proximity to downtown, and the MRT (subway station).

8. Botanic Gardens

Spend a day in these gardens and let time fall to the wayside. Whether brushing up on botany skills, playing catch or frisbee in the lawn, or taking a nap, the gardens are always a great place to spend the day.

9. Raffles Hotel

One of the oldest and more historic hotels in Singapore, Raffles Hotel is where Michael Jackson stayed during his visit. The hotel is also known as the birthplace of the famous alcoholic drink, the “Singapore Sling." Stop by and check this hotel out while trying their famous national drink.

10. Sentosa Island

Similar to America's Disneyland or Universal Studios, Singapore has Sentosa Island. This mini Island, within walking distance from the subway station, has studios, multiple beaches, beach clubs, hotels, casinos, hawker centers, and much more. Sentosa Island is Singapore's mini amusement island, where visitors enjoy the nicest beaches in Singapore. All man-made, Sentosa Island still has a natural feel to it.

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