If You’re Looking for a Life Change, Try Teaching English in Taiwan

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Teaching English in Taiwan should be your next move

How does teaching in the heart of Asia sound? Totally amazing, right? Taiwan is right up there with China, Korea, and Japan when it comes to competitive English teaching opportunities, cat cafes, to-die-for food, and great culture. However, Taiwan’s subtropical climate certainly has the edge over the others because you can swim in the ocean, lie on white sand beaches, hike towering mountains and national parks, soak in hot springs, and enjoy the landscape all year through! 

With so many xiǎochī (“small eats”) at night markets and local specialities like shrimp monkeys, iron eggs, suncakes, oyster omelets, and bubble tea, you’ll learn the true meaning of the local expression, “Have you eaten?” Teaching English in Taiwan jobs can take you to popular locations like the capital, Taipei, the beautiful port city of Kaohsiung, or Taichung, the art lover’s city. If you’re really looking for a life change, try teaching English in Taiwan!

Taipei 101 tower, Taiwan

The sky(scraper)’s the limit with teaching English jobs in Taiwan.

FAQs on teaching English in Taiwan

If you’re thinking of heading to La Ilha Formosa to teach, you must have a lot of questions. Ditto if you’ve never been to Asia or taught English as a foreign language before. Don’t worry! We’ve got your covered with these FAQs!

What is the average teaching in Taiwan salary?

If you stay up at night wondering “How much do teachers get paid in Taiwan?” prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep. On average, teaching English in Taiwan can earn you between $2000 to $2400 at public schools and $1400 to $2100 a month at private schools. Because Taiwan has a relatively low cost of living, a teaching English in Taiwan salary can allow you to sock away a lot of dough to pay debts and loans back home or to fund trips across the country and abroad during downtime. 

A teaching English in Taiwan salary at public schools can also include performance bonuses, housing allowances, and return airfare. On the other hand, if you teach in Taiwan at private schools, you can work overtime and boost your paycheck significantly. 

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What are the requirements for teaching English in Taiwan?

Unfortunately, employers are fussy when it comes to hiring native English speakers to teach in Taiwan. In general, only Americans, Canadians, South Africans, Brits, Irish, Kiwis, and Australians are eligible for teaching English in Taiwan jobs. You’ll also need a police background check in your home country. 

If you’re thinking of teaching in Taiwan, especially in a public school, you’ll need at least one or two years’ teaching experience or proper certification to teach. On the other hand, private schools tend to want teachers to be TEFL or TESOL certified before they start.

Paper lantern-lined street in Taiwan

Light the way to a future career teaching English with jobs in Taiwan.

Can you teach English in Taiwan without a degree?

Disclaimer: it’s nearly impossible to teach English in Taiwan without a degree. The majority of TEFL jobs in Taiwan will require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject. A few lucky folks have squeezed in with two-year (associate) degrees and a TEFL certificate. Although this is legal, it’s far from the mainstream. Good news if you’re a certified teacher in your home country. You’re more or less a shoo in!

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What are the types of teaching opportunities in Taiwan?

You can find teach English in Taiwan programs and jobs in the public and private sector. At public schools, English classes are compulsory so they’re always looking for English teachers. ESL jobs are also aplenty at private language schools because the Taiwanese want to learn English to ace exams or get ahead in the job market. Teaching opportunities include:

  • Private schools (including cram schools aka buxibans and big chain kindergartens)
  • Tutoring (one-on-one or small group tutoring for kids and adults)
  • Public school (elementary, junior high, and senior high schools)
  • Universities (you need at least a Master’s in TESOL, Education, or a related subject to teach at Taiwanese higher learning institutions)

Where can I find ESL jobs in Taiwan?

Check out ESL in Taiwan and track down Taiwan English teaching jobs and teach English in Taiwan programs in our teach English abroad in Taiwan directory!

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan

Beautiful palaces and temples are just a stone’s throw away (just don’t actually throw stones).

Do I need to know Mandarin before teaching English in Taiwan?

Although Mandarin is the local language and the language of instruction in most schools, you don’t need to be fluent or proficient in the language to teach in Taiwan. However, if you want to be more marketable and have your pick of the teaching job market, Mandarin proficiency won’t hurt your chances. You can even graduate from teaching in Taiwan to managing a buxiban manager or getting into other professions like computer programming and journalism. 

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What are the best jobs and programs for teaching English in Taiwan?

Ready to dig deep into the island nation’s ESL market? Here are six awesome teach English in Taiwan programs!

teaching nomad

1. Teach English in Taiwan with GeoVisions

With only one start day per year in September, it’s time to decide whether or not you want to earn between $1500-$2500 teaching English in Taiwan. Use this opp to inspire students, save money, and experience life in Taiwan like a local!

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teaching nomad logo

2. Teach English in Taiwan with Teaching Nomad

Teach in Taiwan at a public school and earn between $2000-$2400 per month. Work with students at almost any level, from preschool to university. Placements include more than 30 cities including Taipei, Changhua, Huwei, and Zhunan. 

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Mountain sunset, Taiwan

With views like these? Is there even a question as to whether or not you should teach English in Taiwan?

shane english school logo

3. Teach English in Taiwan with Shane English School

With over 40 years’ experience in English language education and branches in 10 countries around the world, Shane English School is looking for native English speakers to ace teaching in Taiwan. Expect to earn $1500- $2300 a month, with pay increases every six months! Benefits also include contract completion bonus, visa sponsorship, and health insurance. 

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reach to teach logo

4. Teach English in Taiwan with Reach to Teach Recruiting

This free ESL teacher placement agency connects teachers with great (and screened) schools and happy students. It offers several positions including teaching business English to corporate clients in Taipei and seeks experienced ESL and certified North American public school teachers for public and private schools across the country.

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ita logo

5. Teach English in Taiwan with International TEFL Academy

Get TEFL/TESOL certified and teach in Taiwan with International TEFL Academy! With a database of almost 8000 schools and agencies around the world, this program provider also offers lifetime job placement help. Expect to earn $1000-$1400 a month and still save 30-50% of your take-home salary!

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Snag teaching jobs in Taiwan

woman with red backpack walking through tall grass in Taipei

Pack up your books! You’re teaching in Taiwan!

Although not as famous as China, South Korea and Japan when it comes to teaching English jobs, Taiwan remains one of Asia’s best kept secrets. The island nation’s pulsing yet manageable cities, pleasant climate, and natural beauty cannot be beat and with so much food to try, you’ll never go hungry. What are you waiting for?

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