10 Highest Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad in 2017-2018

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Where can you make the most money teaching abroad?

Who says that teaching abroad only means slumming it in a jungle or on a mountain top for chump change? For many smart cookies, teaching overseas is a lucrative gig. These savvy folk earn more than enough to pay off huge student debts back home or go traveling afterward. 

Of course, your teaching English abroad salary comparison should always be balanced with the cost of living in the country you’re planning to be based in. For instance, you may get paid big bucks in Japan, but you’ll also spend more than a pretty penny to live there.

10 Highest Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad in 2017-2018

Another thing many teachers who want to work abroad may overlook are additional benefits. Even if the job doesn’t offer a huge salary, if it offers subsidized accommodation and travel tickets back home once a year, it’s still a pretty sweet deal. So sometimes, the highest paying English teaching jobs abroad are a combination of benefits and salary, but sometimes they're also just gigs that pay really, really well.

With all of this in mind, here are some of the highest paid teaching jobs abroad in 2017-2018!

A snapshot of the highest paid teaching jobs— by continent

We break it down for you in this handy TL;DR summary of what's to come:

  • Arab countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia have always been and continue to be some of the top places to make bank teaching English in the Middle East. However if you want to snag one of these highest paid teaching jobs abroad, these big pay packages come with one caveat: you must be teacher certified and have some serious experience under your belt.
  • The Asian teaching job market is like a gigantic piñata filled with all sorts of goodies. From Japan to Taiwan to South Korea, there’s something for everyone and a lot of opportunities you can take straight to the bank. 
  • Although Latin America may not boast the sky high salaries of Arab and Asian countries, it’s still worth exploring when it comes to English teaching jobs abroad. 
  • Europe, particularly Western Europe, often gets a bad rap as a region where you can only break even as an ESL teacher. However, in parts of Eastern Europe, like the Czech Republic, you can still earn competitive salaries if you know where to look. 

Alright alright! Give us the deets on those highest paid teaching jobs...

Here we go!

1. Teach in the UAE with Edvectus

Teaching abroad in the UAE continues to be the golden ticket for education professionals. Edvectus recruits primary/elementary, middle school, and secondary/high school teachers at international schools across the UAE. Applicants must have valid teaching credentials. TEFL alone just won’t cut it. Salaries range from $2,000 to $5,000 monthly depending on the subject, teacher’s qualifications, and experience. Other perks include furnished housing, yearly flights back home, paid utilities, and gratuity. 

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Teaching abroad isn’t just for ESL teachers anymore.

2. Teach in the UAE with Seek Teachers

Seek Teachers also offers teachers some of the highest paying English teaching jobs abroad. If you’re a physics teacher with at least two years’ experience, this teaching position promises a tax-free monthly salary of $5,000 and free visas and flights for the teacher and family members. Huzzah!

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3. Teach in Saudi Arabia with Teach Away

Teaching English in Saudi Arabia is also another great way to break more than even. Teach Away seeks qualified ESL instructors and teachers of all levels for institutions in Riyadh and Jeddah. Earn $3,400 to $4,000 each month. Perks include accommodation, health insurance, and round trip airfare for the teacher, spouse, and up to two dependents.

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4. Teach English Abroad in Japan with Amity Corporation

If you really love kids and want to teach English in Japan, teaching with Amity is currently one of the best highest paying English teaching jobs abroad. Expect to commit to at least one year and make around $2,400 as your base monthly salary. If you do more classes and bring in more work for this eikaiwa (private English conversation school), you can make even more yen. Amity also subsidizes accommodation and sometimes offers travel allowances. Even if you don’t have teaching experience, the company will provide one week of training before you go to your branch school.

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stack of old fiction books
Make the big bucks teaching English and language arts to college students abroad.

5. Teach English with Travelbud in South Korea

Teaching English Abroad in South Korea is definitely one of the most popular choices in Asia because of the generous salaries and benefits. Travelbud recruits year-round and offers teachers the chance to earn up to $2,300 a month, free accommodation, free flights, end of contract severance pay, and more! You don’t need teaching experience but you should have at least a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification (which the company will provide if you don’t already have it). Travelbud also offers round-the-clock support, perfect for folks who’ve never worked or traveled in Korea before. 

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6. Teach Abroad in China with Teaching Nomad

Teaching English abroad in China continues to attract teachers because the country is so vast and offers so many different teaching experiences. Teaching Nomad offers positions for subject teachers, ESL teachers, college counselors, principals, and other education professionals. ESL teachers can expect to earn up to $2,800 while subject teachers can earn a whopping $5,000 a month!

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7. Teach ESL in Taiwan with GeoVisions

Taiwan no longer flies under the radar when it comes to profitable teaching gigs. GeoVisions welcomes native English speakers who have just graduated from university and are looking for a non-traditional career abroad that pays between $1,500 and $2,500 a month. 

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two students with backpacks looking at whiteboard/chalkboard with papers on it
Teaching at the college levels means there’s a little extra cash to put away each month.

8. Teach English in Chile with TeachingChile

Latin America often gets dissed when going head to head in a teaching English abroad salary comparison, as many schools expect teachers to volunteer their services for free or for a measly monthly stipend. However, teachers hired by TeachingChile can expect to make a minimum of $650 a month, on par with the average monthly salary of a local Chilean teacher, earning its spot as one of the highest paying English teaching jobs abroad. Teachers can also make more if they work more hours. This salary is more than enough to meet basic living costs in Chile and participants are free to supplement this income with private tutoring and other side jobs.

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9. Teach at a University in Colombia

Teaching English in Colombia doesn’t always mean teaching really young kiddies or really old biddies. Snag one of the highest paid English teaching jobs abroad by teaching college students. For example, you can teach at the Universidad del Norte in Colombia. Benefits include a competitive salary, medical and dental plans, bonuses for every six months worked, an annual cost of living increase, and up to $1,000 refund for travel to Colombia. P.S. you need an MA in TESOL, Linguistics, or a related field and teaching experience to get in on this sweet deal.

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close up of sidewalk with chalk and child writing
But, don’t forget the kiddos! There are still plenty of well-paid teaching positions with younger students.

10. Teach English in the Czech Republic with i-to-i TEFL

i-to-i TEFL offers a passport to Prague and other gorgeous Czech cities with jobs for TEFL certified teachers between 23 and 50 years old. Teachers can expect to earn around $1,000 to $1,600 a month in the capital city. P.S. you don’t need a bachelor’s degree or previous teaching experience for these positions!

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How to get the highest paid teaching jobs abroad 

Let’s review: the highest paid English teaching jobs abroad might not always offer the biggest number on your monthly paycheck, but will include sweet sweet benefits that make it all worth it. Hey, if you don’t have to pay for housing or flights, that’s more money in your pocket!

The key to scoring one of the highest paid teaching jobs abroad is to simply care about your students and their education— whether it’s teaching English or another subject abroad. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a line of work motivated by making the big bucks, and you should always put your students needs first. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still sock a little rainy day money away, or look for teaching jobs that allow you to do what you love and live comfortably.

Want to learn more about the salaries of the highest paid teaching jobs abroad? Check out some more hot teaching jobs, reach out to different program providers, talk to program alumni and veteran teachers, read unbiased program reviews, and compare programs side by side with MyGoAbroad. You'll be well on your way to finding the best paid teaching jobs abroad in no time.

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