Now Hiring! 8 Amazing Teach Abroad Programs In Africa

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If you’re like most people in the teach abroad world, you’ll have both a passion for education and a need for international travel. Why not apply for a job that emphasizes both business and pleasure? Teaching English abroad is an incredible way to see the world and to connect with individuals and communities of other cultures.

Now Hiring! 8 Amazing Teach Abroad Programs In Africa

With so many locations to choose from, figuring out how to narrow down your destination can seem like a daunting task. Popular locations to teach abroad, like in Europe or Southeast Asia, are great, but this article focuses on eight amazing teach abroad programs throughout Africa.

If you choose to teach in Africa, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be able to see some beautiful places along the continent, learn about all its different cultures (and maybe one of its 2,000 languages), and forge incredible relationships with your students and host communities alike.

1. Projects Abroad: Teach English in South Africa

This program is open to all who want to teach English in South Africa and contribute in maintaining and facilitating a sense of hope that is already present in South African students. Unique in that they bring on volunteer teachers (to counteract the loss of great teachers to private programs), these volunteers teaching English in Africa will be stationed in Cape Town and will primarily teach literacy and basic math skills. On the weekends and after school days, teacher volunteers are encouraged to explore, travel, learn, and engage in the beauty of Africa around them.

Sunrise view in Cape Town, South Africa
Africa is waiting to show you the teaching experience of a lifetime

2. International TEFL & TESOL Training in Egypt

This program, located in cosmopolitan Alexandria, Egypt, is designed to award prospective teachers in Africa an international TEFL and TESOL certification. Availability for certification and jobs is year-round, and gives teachers the opportunity to live and learn in one of the most classically ancient locations in the world. Say hello to the Nile River and the ancient pyramids on your free weekends away as you teach English in Africa.

3. The Language House: TEFL/TESOL Courses in Morocco

A North African country that boasts over 32 million people, there is no shortage of teaching opportunities in Morocco. The Language House TEFL program in Marrakesh states that they “provide the unique opportunity to experience evolving from student to teacher.” With the help of a hands-on approach designed to engage the trainee with active participation, student teachers in Africa are teaching right away. Upon completion of this four week course, teachers are able to find teaching jobs in Morocco (and the rest of the world, too).

Woman on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town
Rise to the top when you teach abroad in South Africa

4. GoEco: Physical Education & Sports in South Africa

Don't want to spend all of your time teaching in a classroom? This may be the only program that will allow you to spend more time outside then inside while teaching abroad. Join GoEco in South Africa and you can spend up to 12 weeks bringing physical activity back to schools in the Cape Flats area of Cape Town, which is unfortunately plagued by numerous social problems. Physical education teachers can create a range of lessons and activities, giving students the chance to get healthy, get outdoors, and learn how to play popular sports.

5. Frontier: Teaching Placement in Tanzania

Located on the Mafia Island of Tanzania, this program is an incredible opportunity to teach English in Africa and make an impact on the local community. As the economic difficulties skyrocketed in the 1980s, primary and secondary school attendance plummeted severely. Volunteer teachers are stationed in the primary school where they teach conversational English to all young students. Learn Tanzanian culture, take part in diving and snorkeling conservation trips, and earn your TEFL certificate for free in this immersive program.

Pyramids in Egypt
Get a history lesson by teaching English in Egypt

6. Foundation for Sustainable Development: Youth Development & Education Instructor Positions in Uganda

The goal of this program is to bring important life, health, and education skills to the students of Uganda. If you want to teach in Africa here in Uganda, volunteers are able to start at almost any point in the year and are able to remain on site anywhere from two weeks to 12 months. Provide classes on agriculture, teach vocational skills, educate on health and the importance of vaccinations, and so much more with this all-encompassing program. 

7. WorldTeach: Year-Long Teaching Positions in Namibia

This year-long teaching English in Africa program is located in the rural areas of Namibia, Africa, and offers a TEFL certification course at an extremely discounted price. Participants will teach English, math, and science at either the primary or secondary level. Teachers are also usually assigned an elective course to lead, like physical education, art, or computer studies. A unique addition to this program is that, for interested teachers in Africa, participants may also be trained to be HIV/AIDS Resource teachers. They will lead awareness programs, like clubs and activities, in order to educate the community as a whole.

Sand dunes panoramic in Namibia
Namibia has more to offer than just great teaching opportunities

8. International TEFL Academy: Teach English in Mauritania

The International TEFL Academy program in Mauritania enables you to work abroad teaching English in Africa. For the first few months, participants will earn their TEFL certification at an international location or on an online forum. The International TEFL Academy offers materials and support throughout the certification process, and once you have it in hand, teachers travel to Mauritania to begin teaching English in Africa!

Wait! There's more...

These are only eight programs out of a seemingly endless list of available opportunities to teach in Africa, but they show a great range in opportunity for anyone looking to travel and teach. If you didn’t see a teaching program here that suits your needs or you are wanting to entertain the idea of another location, visit GoAbroad’s Teach Abroad in Africa page to further your research on teach abroad programs in Africa.

Woman hugging an elephants trunk
Teaching in Africa means new experience – big AND small!

No matter which teach in Africa program you choose, you will undoubtedly be challenged in the best way possible, expand your horizons (all the way to Africa), and see how you can take part in the incredible work of international education.

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