5 Places to Teach English in Africa Without a Degree 

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Your eyes are trained on the horizon. You’re only looking forward and always up for an adventure. Making long-term plans may not be in your nature–it’s rare in the wandering type–but you know that you want to help people and you want to see more of the world. And you don't have a degree yet. Here’s your solution: teaching English in Africa.

Let's get to the point: You can teach English in Africa without a degree. Here are some options! 

Africa is the entire world in one continent. With it’s diversity of landscapes, climates, ethnicities, languages, and cultures, each country within its landmass is completely unique. The continent’s population is the youngest in the world, and that creates great opportunity for teaching jobs in Africa. Maybe you should take your talents abroad as an ESL teacher!?

We have broken down the continent for you, to cherry-pick the top five up and coming destinations for teaching English in Africa. Are you ready to get on board? Check out some of our favorite places below to dip your toes into the sea of opportunity and find the best teaching jobs in Africa.

1. Morocco

Does teaching abroad in Morocco make you hesitate because you don’t speak French or Arabic?  Well, don’t let that be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If you can volunteer abroad in Morocco without speaking French or Arabic, then you can definitely teach abroad in Morocco without speaking either of the languages—and without a degree. Whether you find yourself in one of Morocco’s four imperial cities, like Meknes and Marrakech, or in Agadir or Oujda, teaching English in Morocco is equal parts fresh, fun, and historic.

Ouzoud Falls, Morocco
With extracurricular views like these it’s not hard to fall in love with teaching English in Morocco!

While teaching English in Morocco you can learn about how they are tapping solar energy in the Sahara desert and leveraging their natural beauty for box-office blockbusters. With a stable infrastructure, inexpensive transportation, lodging, and food, teaching English in Morocco is an incredibly exciting, and comfortable, experience.

2. Benin

When teaching English in Benin you can combine two common international do-gooder goals – teaching English and working in an orphanage – into one experience. With ELI, you can teach in cities throughout this sliver of a country to get a real feel for what life is like in West Africa.

Traditional dancers in Benin
The best things often come in the smallest packages, and that’s true of teaching in Benin.

With a population of around 10 million, there are 55 languages spoken in the country— not including English! While you don’t need a TEFL certificate to teach in Benin, you may look into getting certified to make sure you can be the best English teacher you can be. After all, even if reading/speaking/writing English is one of your most unique assets, we can all use some additional help! Plus, if you would like to know more about voodoo, there is no better place to satisfy your curiosity than an experience where you teach English in Africa without a degree in Benin!

3. Kenya

If teaching in Kenya is on your bucket list, then you should look into teaching at a school in Nairobi, Kenya with Love Volunteers. You could have the quintessential safari experience (on the weekends) that many conjure up when thinking about teaching English in Africa. Although you can’t see giraffes, lions, and hippos in every African country, you actually can when you are in Kenya on a safari.

Close up of giraffes in Kenya
It’s not all big five and safaris teaching in Kenya, but these giraffes are still pretty cute!

Teaching English in Nairobi will give you the opportunity to experience life in a thriving African capital with endless things to do both in and around the capital, while also getting the chance to flex your muscles as an English teacher.

4. Rwanda

Since Rwanda switched their national language from French to English, they have an increasing demand for qualified English teachers at all levels of the education system—creating a growing market for teaching jobs in Africa. Move to this dynamic east African country to experience life in a country that has experienced unimaginable grief and that is now a model for progress and reconciliation. While you teach your students the English language, you will simultaneously be learning what it means to thrive in a society that has been plagued by horrific acts, and is now surprisingly one of the top places to live and start a business in the world. Who knows, your English teaching might turn into an up and coming entrepreneurship opportunity!

Girls playing jump rope outside in Rwanda
Join in on the fun and games while teaching in Rwanda.

5. Namibia

With the oldest desert in the world - and numerous and progressive renewable energy programs, teaching English in Namibia means you will have more to do than just putting your English-language teaching skills to use. Once you land in Windhoek, you will also have the chance to explore Namibia’s stunning national parks and get to know one of the most entrepreneurial countries in Africa. What’s more up and comping than alternative energy and entrepreneurship? Not much!

Brightly colored dolls in Namibia
Soak in the bright colors as you help create bright futures as a teacher in Namibia.

Just remember to pack your sunhat and a good pair of sunglasses, if you plan on exploring the country on breaks from teaching English, because you will definitely need them!

Teaching jobs in Africa are within reach

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This place—and yes, we do mean the whole continent—has near limitless opportunities for those seeking a way to teach English in Africa without a degree. We listed five countries above that are up and coming destinations for teaching in Africa; the question isn’t are they ready for you, the question is, are you ready for them?

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