5 Benefits of Teaching Abroad in Germany

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Teach in Germany, where old-world charm and modern attractions create a beautiful fusion. International teachers can reap the benefits of teaching abroad in a country full of splendid cities, quaint towns, and enchanting palaces. A nation filled with economic and political history and a distinct culture.

Biker in front of Kölner Dom, Cologne, Germany
Biker in front of Kölner Dom, Cologne, Germany. Photo by Michael Hottman

Live Abroad and Immerse in German Culture

Teaching abroad offers the chance to experience Germany beyond the stops of a tour bus. Foreign teachers get the opportunity to interact with Germans on a daily basis therefore developing a deeper understanding of the genuine German culture. Living with a local family while teaching abroad provides even greater opportunities for cultural learning too. It’s quite easy to find teaching opportunities in Germany, with trusted, world-renowned providers offering many options.  

Get Paid While Traveling

Many native English speakers have grabbed the exciting opportunity of earning a living while traveling around the world. With the increasing importance of the English language, there is hardly a shortage of demand for English teachers. Teachers typically enjoy the same summer, spring, or end of term breaks as their students, providing international teachers with the perfect opportunity to explore the entire country or even the whole of Europe.

Make A Life-Changing Impact

In the highly globalized world, teaching English allows you to individually make a positive impact on people’s lives. With English proficiency, people have increased chances of future success, both on a personal and professional level, as the world turns to English for necessary communication on a global level.

Valuable International Work Experience

Teaching in Germany, or anywhere abroad, helps individuals earn international work experience that increases employability dramatically. Employers all over the world are beginning to prioritize those with international professional experiences because it proves one’s ability to work with people from varying cultural backgrounds and adapt to new situations. Having the courage to traverse the seas also shows a willingness to embrace challenges, and the possession of clear initiative.

Build A Network Across the Globe

Foreign teachers will not only get the chance to make friends with the locals, they will also meet many other international teachers with a breadth of beneficial knowledge to share. At the end of a German teaching career, fellow teachers may easily turn into a very helpful professional network, potentially leading to additional job opportunities in Germany or even employment in another country. Being among those with similar international interests will surely prove to be beneficial.

A Few Program Opportunities

The International TEFL Academy offers TEFL/TESOL certifications that pave the way for paid work not just in Europe, but also the rest of the world. With this certification, individuals can become one of the TEFL Academy’s many international English teachers who have proved to be real global citizens. These professionals travel the world, embracing local cultures while sharing their own cultural identity and knowledge, and you can join them too.  

i-to-i TEFL Courses & TEFL Jobs Abroad gives aspiring teachers the chance to teach English to young learners in Germany, providing an early start to their language training. Teachers are trained to teach children ages six to twelve and adapt teaching methods to this specific age group, catering to their unique needs.