Why Study Language Translation in France

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There are so many benefits for students who embark on a study abroad program, such as gaining skills for their career and being able to work within a global workforce. But, for some careers, such as translation, studying abroad is more than beneficial; it’s a necessity. Let’s take a look at how studying translation in France will help you to become an international translator.

A headless angel statue in Louvre France

Headless Angel, The Louvre

Why Study Translation?

In today’s global world, the need for individuals who can convert information from one language into another is growing. Translation and interpretation enable communication between two or more languages. Whereas interpretation works with the spoken or sign language, translation works with the written language.

Most students who study translation abroad are also studying foreign language as a major or minor. Translation students focus on the decoding of word meaning in order to preserve its meaning when converting it into another language. This is often done by translating modern and classic texts from foreign languages into the student’s native tongue and vice versa. Studying translation is a great way to improve foreign language skills as well as an understanding of another culture. It also prepares students for working in or alongside other cultures, due to the intensive cultural and linguistic immersion involved in translation studies.

Translation jobs abroad can range from writing or working for a literary publishing house to working for a large business that needs its product manuals translated.

Eiffel Tower, France

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Why Study in France?

France is a beautiful country that is rich in culture, world class museums, entertainment, great food, and home to many world renowned universities. With a central location in Western Europe, traveling to other European cities is easy and affordable. No matter what your area of interest, there’s something in France for every major.

Are you pursuing French language studies? France is the motherland of the French language. If you want to beef up your language skills, you need to study French in France. With French being the language of commerce and the ninth most spoken language in the world, it’s a good language to know.

Why Study Translation in France?

Translation is more than just word conversion; it’s capturing the cultural and linguistic significance of the original written word and relaying it to the reader in their own language and cultural understanding. If your area of interest is translating French, you need to get hands on experience with French culture to be able to translate linguistic and cultural nuances correctly. There is only so much translation study that you can do at home. To really master your translation skills, you need to go to the country of the host language.

Studying French in France provides students the knowledge and skills needed to become a translator of the French language, not to mention your experience studying abroad in France can create opportunities to work in France too, such as interning or working at a literary publishing house, bookstore, magazine, or a newspaper. It can also open doors for working in international relations between France and the United States, with possible job opportunities at an American Embassy.

How Studying Translation in France will Help you Become an International Translator?

Dreaming of becoming a translator? As the ninth most spoken world language and a language that is spoken on almost every continent, French is an important language to know. Your experience studying abroad in France will help you to land a translation job for a variety of major companies and in many countries.

Louvre Museum, Paris

The Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Being a translator means that you are able to decode one language and convert it to another. There is no better way to become a translator than decoding the culture of the language to learn its ins and outs via a study abroad program. Studying translation in France will get you the hands on experience needed with the linguistic and cultural intricacies of the French language to create accurate and meaningful translation.