Top Seven Cities for International Student Travel in the United States

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Some students may be overwhelmed when traveling to a country as enormous as the United States, with some states measuring twice the size of many countries in Europe or Latin America. However, students should never miss out on the chance to visit some of America’s most unique cities. They may be spread across the country, but to visit each one is to get a taste of every side of American culture.

Red rocks just outside Denver
Red rocks just outside Denver. Photo by Elsa Thomasma

New York City

With over 8 million residents, NYC is the largest city in the United States and must see for any international student, or any American for that matter. The city virtually combines the world in one place, with a diverse range of ethnicities and nationalities scattered throughout various boroughs across the city. It is also seen as one of the cities in the U.S. that is filled with opportunities, as it is a huge hub for fashion, modeling, business, and of course acting; NYC is the home to the infamous Broadway shows. New York City is also not short of well-known tourist sites like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, as well as many historical and artistic museums.


Recognized worldwide as the base for everything television, Hollywood hosts a number of production companies, T.V. shows, and film sets. Therefore, Hollywood is also home to an overwhelming amount of famous celebrities, or at least one of their many homes. The city is plagued with bars, restaurants, night clubs, comedy shows, game shows, talk shows, and almost any other type of entertainment in the world. International students can fulfill their desire to experience pop culture first hand while embarking on celebrity home tours and visiting the Walk of Fame. Film and Drama majors will especially find things to inspire them during a visit to Hollywood.

Las Vegas

Nearly anywhere in the world these two words spoken together elicit thoughts of glitz and glamour. Las Vegas is known for amazingly, enticing shows, casinos, and bars, but also for oddities like drive-thru weddings. It may seriously be a city that never sleeps. Taking a stroll down the main strip will have foreign students eyes sparking at the thousands of neons signs that light up the city. Las Vegas may not be the most innocent city in more ways than one, nonetheless it is definitely one of America’s most unique cities.

New Orleans

Most visited during the well-known Mardi Gras festival, New Orleans provides international students with the chance to experience real Southern American culture. New Orleans is recognized for its music and food, and in general anything “soul.” In a city of less than 400,000 people, students can feel at home while they taste all the city’s fried seafood delight or listen to a local Jazz band. New Orleans is definitely recognized as one of the top unique cities in the United States, providing a one-of-a-kind American culture for international visitors.

Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is filled with historical monuments and museums. The city itself combines tourism and government into one powerful package. International students can visit the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, or Jefferson Memorial and experience the presidential history of the country, or stroll down the Vietnam Memorial and be moved by the environment of remembrance. Moving across the city students can see the present American government, the Supreme Court Building, Capitol Building, and maybe even take a peek inside the White House, the official home of the U.S. president.


International students can fulfill their outdoor needs in numerous ways in the city of Denver. From hiking amidst the beautiful mountains in the summer, to thrilling sports in the winter season; the city of Denver is active and increasingly eco-friendly. The entire state is experiencing an economic surge, and the open-minded, active residents of Denver are not an exception. Parks sprawl across the city to engage health enthusiasts and nature lovers equally.


Florida offers students the chance to enjoy the beaches of the United States. One of the most southern points of the entire country, Miami exudes a tropical feel paired with a true tropical climate. As a whole, the city is known for more than beaches, it is also recognized for its fashion industry, modeling agencies, and art galleries. Miami is also notably cleaner than many U.S. cities, in terms of water, air, and ground pollution levels. International students who are fluent in Spanish may find themselves among other Spanish speakers in Miami because it is boasts one of the highest Spanish-speaking populations in the country.