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New to study abroad? Tips to get you started 

Studying abroad for the first time can seem overwhelming and no one knows that better than we do. That’s why we scoured our expert articles directory to come up with a comprehensive resource of study abroad tips for first time student travelers.

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“Hello, I am your passport, and also your new best friend.”

Studying abroad isn’t an excuse to take throw-away elective classes and party in a foreign country. You’re there to learn – about yourself, about your host culture, about your chosen field of study, and about the world at large. You’re going to work hard, play hard, and explore far and wide. It won’t be easy, but we think you’re up to the task, and this eBook is here to help!

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Are you ready to study abroad? 

Definitely, probably? A strong maybe. (Don’t worry, we got you, boo.)

What are your first steps? 

Wait— there are steps? (We STILL got you, boo.)

How do you make the most of this experience? 

But, I haven’t even started, yet? (Oh, you’re gonna need these study abroad tips, for sure.)

How important is knowing the language before you get there?

There will be other languages involved?! (Breathe. You guessed it— WE GOT YOU.)

The list of questions to ask before preparing to study abroad just gets longer and longer the more you think about it. But, we’ve already thought about it. In fact, at GoAbroad, we’ve thought about it for 20+ years in the field – and we’ve learned a thing or two in all that time.

As part of GoAbroad’s mission to provide the best and most comprehensive resources for meaningful travelers, our writers share their best study abroad tips every step of the way.

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With these amazing study abroad tips, your study abroad takeoff and landing will be smooth like buttah.

What's included

Nearly 40 pages of study abroad goodness. Study abroad parents and students alike, you will LOVE it. Articles include:

  • 10 Best Places to Study Abroad
  • Top Rated Study Abroad Organizations
  • How to Pick the Right Program Abroad for YOU
  • 8 Essential To-Dos Before You Travel Abroad
  • Applying for Study Abroad Scholarships Without Wasting Your Time
  • How to Pack for a Multi-Cultural Study Abroad Experience
  • The Inherent Risks of Study Abroad (and How to Prep for them
  • Last Minute Advice: Ways to Make the Most of Your Experience Abroad

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With study abroad tips like these: 

“In order to have the most effective, immersive, and interesting experience possible, we do recommend that students consciously push themselves out of their comfort zone and seek housing that is less isolating than a private apartment. Engaging with foreigners, whether local or not, is a really powerful experience, and it would be a shame to be so insular when the opportunity presents itself.”

Megan Lee, “How to Prepare for Study Abroad

And these sage words of wisdom:

“If you are having trouble deciding where to study abroad here is a piece of advice: be spontaneous. Go somewhere you might not otherwise visit, find some place that makes you uneasy, and live somewhere that intrigues you. Be spontaneous by allowing your comfort to be interrupted. Do something new. Experience something great.”

Justin Brendel, “How to Make the Most of Study Abroad

Study abroad tips to set you up for success abroad

Don’t want to take my word for it? That’s okay, you can take our writers’ words for it. They’re the experts with real experience and all the best info on how and when to apply to study abroad, the best possible program options for you, study abroad scholarships and grants, and anything you might need to know. So, now you can go out into the world and really soak it all in.

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