London Travel in Different Seasons

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Travelling for the first time to London? But, confused when the best time to visit the capital is? A tour of London has to be in perfect harmony with the season. The best way to plan a stay in the city is with a look at the calendar. There are plenty of spots in London that welcome tourists throughout the year. Yet, there are specific places where you should stay at a particular time of the year, too.

Seasonal London Travel
Seasonal London Travel. Photo by Abhinav Jain


January in London is often cold, wet, and dark. It is not the perfect time of year to expect sun. London can seem gloomy during January, with rain more frequent through the month. If you are in London on a clear day, then plan a visit to the London Eye, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and Imperial War Museum. Stay near these London attractions and you’ll enjoy a cold yet amazing month of January in the city.


February in London has a sweet fragrance of rain and clouds. Though it is not a very popular time for visitors to travel to the city, it can be a good choice for loners who want to explore the city while it is silent with the missing noise of the crowd. Catch the city lulling in sleep at one of the central parts of London, which is also full of discounted hotels for solo visitors.


In March, the events begin in London and go on until the end of the year. While early preparations for Easter occur, the Oxford-Cambridge boat race is planned to follow the holiday at the end of the month. The season is yet to decide its mood during this time, with a little shower and a little sun with wind. Finding an accommodation near the River Thames would prove to be favourable, with the boat race event planned and a seemly view across the waters of Thames.

Patio in London, England


April spells the beginning of the Spring season, with its connections with beauty and nature enamouring visitors. Plan a vacation to London during this time, with a careful selection of dates and location. Pick hotels in central London and be a part of the spring festivals at theatres and music concerts, along with some other events. Plan a stay at hotels near Trafalgar Square, where you get a sight of London’s evenings and have a lot of fun.


It is not yet the summer season, you can still take in the fragrance of spring with its freshness. May is celebrated in joviality, with dance celebrations and musical swaying of the people. Though you will find dance and celebrations throughout the year, celebrate best during this month. The best lodging this time of year, would be offered at the South Bank, with the mania of football going on. Besides, there will also be several other events in the city, to fascinate you; book a hotel near the Chelsea Flower Show in London.


June will bring warmth of the sun, with blooming summers. Summers are celebrated in London around the lidos, and evenings vibrate in the ambience of the London nightlife and London clubs. Make an easy booking before you move on to this city, with one of the hotels near London Literature Festival.


July often observes sudden downpours with the weather going highly unpredictable. If you love life under the rain, turn to London during this time, as the trees and plants are soaked in water every now and then. Find an array of colours with the City of London Festival being celebrated in Holborn and pick up lodging among the accommodations available within Holborn too.


August sees a horde of visitors filling the city. With so many things to do in London there will be additional days needed during the month of August. Include the Notting Hill Carnival and the Great Beer Festival to your itinerary, as you choose to spend sometime in the rustics of London flaring with fun. Try to book a stay in Notting Hill or Earls Court so that you do not miss any live action during these events.


Weather is at its best in London. It is time to enjoy the operas, theatres, and nightclubs, and enjoy a dip into foods that delight! Throw yourself free into the music of the weather. It is just the time to be at the hotels in Soho or Leicester Square, with the most promising time. If you want some rare views, browse hotels near River Thames Festival, planned for this month of the year.

The London Eye, London, England


Sunny weather with the whisperings of a promising winter season, shall serve your vacation in London during October. The weather is still unpredictable, making for a sullen time. However, visitors often still want to be a part of this change in London.


November has a lot of promises with Christmas right in the next month, about to unfold! The events will have already started blowing, with so many markets decked with household decorations for Christmas season. Find a hotel near the shopping destinations, like one of the hotels in Regents Park or Oxford Circus. The London Mayor show is also destined for this month, with hotels around London events bringing it to the fore.


It is the time of Christmas and every corner of the city, from its streets to the shops and the homes, is illuminated and celebrated with feasts and gifts. This true English festival holds a very strong importance in the lives of people. To enjoy this festival, book a stay at one of the hotels in central London, with celebration in each of its corners.

The good news is: there are programs offered in every season.

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