10 Eateries To Try While Studying In Toronto


A melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, Toronto provides a diverse restaurant scene that is guaranteed to satisfy any palate. With such a variety of cuisines at your fingertips, restaurant hopping is a must when studying abroad in Toronto. Here are 10 Toronto restaurants that should be on the top of your list.

Toronto skyline
The best view of Toronto while you dine is at CN Tower's 360 Restaurant. Photo by Tiffany Harrison


This trendy pasta bar and grill offers delicious modern French cuisine with breathtaking views of downtown Toronto. Start with a Spicy Steak Tartare or fresh oysters, enjoy your choice of several main courses like Grilled Lamb Sirloin or Handmade Cavatelli, and finish with a delectable dessert — perhaps the Soft Pistachio Meringue or a traditional crème brûlée.

360 Restaurant

For the best view of Toronto while you dine, the only choice is the CN Tower's 360 Restaurant. Each guest receives complimentary access to the observation deck and glass-floor levels of the tower. This guarantees you'll get the full 360-degree, top-of-the-world experience.

Saffron Tree

This quaint Indian buffet is a popular choice among the locals and well-known to many international students studying abroad in Toronto. With more than 35 items in the lunch and dinner buffet, it provides a real taste of India. Choices regularly include popular Indian soups, chicken, lamb, and seafood dishes, as well as rice, salads, breads, and desserts.

Toronto skyline

Toronto skyline

Richtree Market Restaurant

This market-style restaurant has many locations, one of which is in BC Place in Toronto, and another in Eaton Centre. Their menu offers a variety of fresh options, including homemade soups, pizza, pasta, and baked goods. They are known for their rich coffee made from five Arabica beans; their unique Swissie bread sandwiches, and rosti, a Swiss concoction of pan-fried potatoes.

Canoe Restaurant

Not only does Canoe offer another sky-high dining experience at the top of the TD Bank Tower, but it is also known as one of Canada's best restaurants. Famous for its delicious and traditional Canadian cuisine, Canoe is a must for experiencing all that Toronto has to offer. Dishes include Pan Seared Quebec Foie Gras, Labrador Tea Leaf Smoked Duck, and Alberta Lamb.

Tacos El Asador

If you're craving Mexican, hop on over to Tacos El Asador on Bloor Street in Koreatown. As the name suggests, they have a variety of tasty tacos, but also offer tostadas, nachos, enchiladas, and burritos. Don't let the location fool you; this place has some great authentic Mexican food.


Its cafeteria-style buffet offers a little taste of everything a “flexitarian” or vegetarian could dream of. From seafood lasagnas to dozens of vegetarian pastas and salads, Commensal has it all. Their menu has many sustainable choices, including chicken that is 100 percent grain-fed and shrimp freshly caught off the coast of Newfoundland.

Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto

Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto


This modest cafe is famous for brunch, where diners indulge in scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, cranberry cream cheese French toast, or a Monte Cristo served with potato hash. The walls are covered in featured artwork that is available for purchase.

Pure Spirits

Nestled within the Distillery District, this oyster house and grill has many culinary delights, and is often recognized as the best seafood joint in Toronto. In addition to the plentiful oyster bar, the dinner menu includes Sichuan cured albacore tuna, New England clam chowder, spiced squash cannelloni, and black cod and Dungeness crab paella.


Inspired by the diverse regions of Italy, Vertical is recognized by Ocean Wise for its seafood selections. They are proud of their naturally-raised Ontario beef, and a menu that includes many delicious options including but not limited to: beef carpaccio, gnocchi, risotto, braised whole orata, and a suckling pig rack.