The 8 Best Language Schools in the World

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Learning a second language is essential in today’s global marketplace. If you plan on making a career in any area of the international sector—be it in business, education, policy, hospitality, or any other avenue—being a multilinguist is a fundamental skill you need to acquire. Not only will it qualify you for a position, it will also drastically improve the quality of your work and the enjoyment you take in everyday communication.

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Grab your pens & books—you're gonna want to take notes.

That all being said, learning a language is not an easy undertaking. In fact, it can be quite daunting. Becoming fluent in a foreign language requires time, patience, commitment, and—most importantly—practice, practice, practice. 

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Learning a new tongue at a language school is a sure way to meet all these criteria if you’re willing to give everything you’ve got to the effort. And taking classes at a language school abroad, in a country which speaks the language you’re learning as its native tongue, is the best way to maximize the output from your studies therein. Supplementing daily lessons in the classroom with steady practice in life outside will improve your language comprehension exponentially.

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to make the commitment, then the next part is crucial; choosing the right language school. Planning to Learn abroad, even for a short period of time, can be a monumental task. So to help simplify your research for you, we’ve compiled here an easily accessible list of some of the best language schools in the world.

Now revealing the 8 best language schools in the world

Check out these top notch language schools and start practicing rrrrrrrrolling those r’s. Or making those other weird sounds that exist in non-English languages. 

1. Learn SPANISH in Spain with Euroace — 19 Reviews | 9.6 Rating

Beach in Gibraltar

If you’re ready to lithp your way to fluenthy, learning Spanish in Spain is the way to go.

Euroace is a Spanish language school located in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain. It offers a broad course selection, tailored to each student’s needs by way of duration, price, and career orientation. Programs also incorporate an element of Spanish cultural education into their curriculum, giving students in even deeper context by which to appreciate their linguistic studies.

Pro: Valencia is one of the most desirable locations to live in Europe, and Euroace gives students the opportunity to fully immersive themselves in major hub of the birthplace of the Spanish language.

Con: Euroace may be one of our best language schools in the world, but Spanish manifests in many regional accents and dialects. Depending on where you want to end up, learning Spanish in Spain may not be the best choice. For example if you want to work within Latin America, then it may be better to Learn the language there.

2. Learn SPANISH in Latin America with Maximo Nivel — 38 Reviews | 9.6 Rating

Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico

If you’d rather taco ‘bout taking on Latin America, you’ll want to learn Spanish in Mexico (or elsewhere in the region).

Maximo Nivel is one of the largest and best languages schools in the world. With a presence throughout Latin America, you can have the opportunity to choose which country you want to Learn in and be guaranteed the same quality instruction.

Pros: Maximo Nivel is a well-established organization that is highly reputed across Latin America. It also offers opportunities to study, volunteer, intern, and teach abroad—which means you’ll be making connections within an expansive regional network.

Cons: Because Maximo Nivel offers many different types of programs, it may not allow the same acute degree of specialization that you’d find in other language schools. So you have access to a broad network, but programs may not be as focused therein.

3. Learn FRENCH in France with Greenheart Travel — 2 Reviews | 9.0 Rating

Arc de Triomph, Paris, France

Learning French is a Triomph in and of itself, but taking on the country and culture? Your stomach will certainly thank you.

Greenheart Travel in France is one of our best language schools in the world because of its high quality programs and pristine location in favorite French cities like Paris or Bordeaux. It prides itself on flexible courses for students of all levels, situated in a location where you can relax and enjoy the best of French culture.

Pros: Greenheart Travel combines language immersion with summertime holiday, letting the student dictate the intensity of their own studies. Give it all you got in a beautiful setting, or just relax while refining your linguistic and cultural knowledge.

Cons: Greenheart Travel only offers summer courses/camps, so if you are looking to commit to a year-round intensive effort, then it’d be best to explore other opportunities.

4. Learn RUSSIAN in Russia with Derzhavin Institute — 4 Reviews | 9.3 Rating

Mosque Kul Sharif in Kazan, Russia

What you Russian for? (Jk, jump on the chance to learn Russian in Russia… like… NOW!)

Derzhavin Institute offers year-round Russian language courses that are flexible in duration, skill level, and intensiveness. Situated in the historic city of Saint Petersburg—often hailed as Russia’s greatest metropolis—you’ll the opportunity to learn one of the most valuable languages in the world in a setting ripe with cultural and linguistic integrity.

Pros: Derzhavin Institute is one of our best language schools in the world because it combines flexible programs and a great teaching staff with the chance to experience a truly unique cultural exchange. How many native English speakers get to live in Saint Petersburg for up to a year or more? 

Cons: While learning Russian in the country itself is undoubtedly the best way to gain fluency, be prepared for a higher degree of culture shock in Saint Petersburg than in other European cities. If you’re one to value that kind of experience, then this con could wind up being more of a pro.

5. Learn ARABIC in Morocco with Qalam wa Lawh — ✓+ Verified

Blue door in Chefchaouen, Morocco

You’ll never be blue learning Arabic in Morocco.

Qalam wa Lawh is a highly reputed Arabic language school located in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Offering volunteer and internship placements as well as language courses, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Arabic culture and language in multifaceted ways in one of the Arab world’s greatest cities.

Pros: Morocco is one of the more accessible countries across the Middle East and North Africa to Westerners, while sacrificing nothing in cultural integrity. You’re ensured a highly educative and rewarding experience at a school with many different flexible programs.

Cons: Qalam wa Lawh may be one of the best language schools in the world, but Arabic itself is notorious for its drastically different regional dialects. Anywhere you study, you’ll have to choose what strand you’ll focus on learning.

6. Learn MANDARIN in China with Hutong School — 23 Reviews | 9.48 Rating

Temple of Heaven, China

You’ll become fluent in Mandarin and dim sum when you attend language school in China.

Hutong School is one of our best language schools in the world because it offers students ambitious enough to learn Mandarin the opportunity to do so in either of China’s two greatest cities—Beijing or Shanghai. Offering internship opportunities in addition to intensive language programs, studying Mandarin at Hutong School is a sure fast-track to success.

Pros: Hutong School has expanded to open schools across Europe and Asia as well as within China itself, making for easy transfer therein. Mandarin is becoming a truly global language, and this expansiveness speaks to Hutong School’s successful educational model and vision.

Cons: While Hutong School is one of the best languages schools in the world, Mandarin is also considered one of the most challenging languages in the world to learn. If you’re planning to learn Mandarin in China, you should plan on living abroad for a while.

7. Learn JAPANESE in Japan with KCP International Japanese Language School — 48 Reviews | 9.58 Rating

Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms, Japan

Watch your Japanese skills blossom like the cherry trees in spring.

KCP International offers intensive Japanese language programs to hundreds of students every year coming from across Asia, the West, and beyond. Located in Tokyo, you’ll be immersing yourself in one of the world’s truly great nations while studying in its beating heart—which also so happens to be the largest city in the world.

Pros: While Japanese is a challenging language to learn, the English-speaking staff at KCP international are there for you every step of the way. This supportive model is why it’s one of our best language schools in the world.

Cons: Living in Japan will come with its fair share of culture shock and social nuances to master, and throwing yourself into it unprepared can be overwhelming. KCP International will offer help during your adjustment, but it’ll be best to supplement this with some of your own preparation as well.

8. Learn ENGLISH in the United Kingdom with Eurocentres — ✓+ Verified

Big Ben, London, UK

These language schools all come with fish, chips, and a cold pint. Guaranteed...Probably…

If you’re currently reading this without too much confusion, then odds are you have a fairly strong comprehension of English. But if you want to brush up or recommend to a friend, then Eurocentres is our recommendation for one of the best language schools in the world. It offers flexible, affordable courses oriented towards a diversity of students’ needs.

Pros: Eurocentres offers many programs for different languages located across the world. Servicing thousands of students every year, you know you’re in good hands.

Cons: More so than any other language, there are English language schools located all over the world. It will certainly help to learn in an English-speaking country, but because it’s the world’s current lingua franca, it may not be as necessary an investment to go abroad for.

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Next steps for learning a language abroad

Our best language schools in the world listed here are only a select few of the hundreds of fantastic providers out there. Think of these options as a peg by which to measure the many other options you’ll come across during your research. For more insight into the decision process, also check out these helpful articles.

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With all of this info right at your fingertips, finding a perfect program match and totally kicking a$% learning a language abroad is easier than ever. 

Take advantage of the BEST language schools in the world

man doodling in notebook with colored pencils
Quit playing and get studying! (Especially at the best language schools in the world)

Now that you’ve got an idea of where to begin, get searching! Begin by casting a wide net, gathering as many different options as you can for the language you’re interested in learning. Then start filtering down to a select few that seem like the best fit. Read reviews, reach out to alumni, make your pros and cons list, and come to a decision. 

From that point on, however much you put into it you’ll get out of it. Learning a language is a big commitment, but one that can take you to new heights as a global citizen. Now, it’s time to get started.

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