Top 7 Jobs Abroad to Kick Your International Business Career into Gear

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International experience is practically essential to being successful in the business world of today. It seems you can’t get too far into any business-y realm without coming across some type of cross-cultural interaction, whether it be working for an international corporation, with international clients and customers, or alongside international co-workers. So, what better way to kick that aforementioned ambitious international business career into high gear than with a job abroad?

Top 7 Jobs Abroad to Kick Your International Business Career into Gear

Since the term “business” tends to umbrella several distinct positions within the professional workforce world, the first step in forming your international business career path will be to hone in on your personal area of expertise. Whether you’re a savant with numbers, a promo master, or a natural leader–there are jobs in international business abroad just waiting for you!

1. Accounting Jobs Abroad

Woman working in a blue room
You won’t be feeling blue with a new life and a hot new international business career.

This broad (yet booming) field of business offers countless jobs abroad to professionals of all ages with varying levels of experience. Accountants seeking to kick their international business career up a notch will benefit from an accounting job abroad; especially since today’s increasingly global and intertwined economy practically requires accountants to remain connected to the larger financial realm and rules, versus allowing finances to be confined to a single country (as it has been in the past).

Although international business jobs can be found across the globe, Asia tends to be a promising destination, specifically providing the most international business jobs in accounting. A business internship in China or accounting position in India may be just what amateur accountants need to break into a global accounting career.

2. Administration Jobs Abroad

Group of wall clocks
Get used to living in one time-zone, but frequently working in another with global collaboration.

Although all businesses require administration of some sort, the hospitality industry is especially popular when it comes to administration jobs abroad. What better place to begin an international business career as a hospitality administrator, or gain invaluable experience AND have the time of your life, than by working at (and taking advantage of) some of the best resorts in the world?

Oceania is a prime and popular destination for administrative and hospitality jobs abroad, and for good reason. International business jobs in Oceania feature everything from sunny, sea-side resorts to epic ski slopes. Up-and-coming professionals couldn’t ask for a better experience than a hospitality stint working and living among smiling Aussies or Kiwis.

3. Business Jobs Abroad

Tax forms on a desk
Keep your career in the black by pursuing international business jobs.

Speaking of broad job descriptions, we couldn’t compile a list of jobs in international business abroad without including some good old “business” jobs abroad. While a generic job in business can include any number of professional positions, required skills, or work duties, those unsure where they fit in the scheme of more specific international business career opportunities may get a better feel for what is available by starting their search at this very broad level.

Jobs in international business can take place on any continent, thanks to our globalized world, and may include working for organizations of all sizes and statuses. Why not try a customer-relations internship in Rome or become a business manager in Costa Rica?

4. Finance Jobs Abroad

Man in a suit drinking coffee
Enjoy your morning break room chat around espresso and pastries.

The role of a financial expert is often a very strategic one. It involves possessing well-rounded and vast knowledge of our global economy in order to find the biggest bang-for-your-buck and earn their business the best profit. Inevitably, finance professionals must be aware of the financial situations around the world to carry out their job function effectively, making international finance jobs key to a career in business.

Traditionally, U.S. cities, like New York, and European hubs, like London, have been major hotspots for international finance jobs, and continue to prove themselves as valuable choices for kicking one’s financial career into high gear. Other major cities around the globe, however, should definitely not be short-changed for attention when it comes to finding the right financial fit–especially if located in Asia. Global hubs, like Beijing or Hong Kong, in China are both rife with international business career opportunities. 

5. Human Resources Jobs Abroad

Bloomberg terminal tracking international markets
If you follow the numbers, the ROI of taking an international job makes this a no-brainer.

Working with, relating to, and communicating effectively with people of all kinds is essential when working as a HR professional. Conveniently enough, not many things can sharpen these skills and broaden one’s awareness like human resources jobs abroad! So, why not opt to work abroad and expand your cross-cultural knowledge and international network while boosting your resume, career, and wallet?

Human resources jobs can be found worldwide, but, similar to accounting jobs, are most often available throughout Asia. Professionals seeking to surround themselves with some of earth’s friendliest people (on the off chance they may pick up this useful HR trait through osmosis) should consider a seasonal stint in Thailand. Alternatively, you could pick from a variety of HR roles by working at a hotel in India.

6. International Relations Jobs Abroad

Man with socks reviewing business numbers
Fingers crossed for stylish presentations AND socks.

If you chose a career in international relations, chances are you grasp the importance of working abroad. But, if you are, in fact, an international relations professional and thought you could get by just fine without having to leave your comfort zone—think again. To really kick your international business career into gear, you simply must experience and have relations with the actual international world.

International relations positions exist in NGOs, government roles, and civil service positions, basically everywhere but the kitchen sink. They may be located in rural areas, small towns, or buzzing cities–professionals in this field literally have the whole entire world to choose from. If that seems to overwhelming of a place to start, consider a position in American politics and you could be based around the world.

7. Marketing Jobs Abroad

Empty business office
Don’t be intimidated by a full office! Take a deep breath, lean in, and get to work.

The more creative business types usually find themselves in some type of marketing, advertising, or public relations position. Overseas exposure is not only is it important for getting acquainted with your audience–especially when working with international organizations–but the adventure of being abroad will prove an excellent inspiration to generate even more impactful messages and out-of-the-box thinking.

The lively and colorful culture of Spain provides an excellent kickstart to your international business career, especially if you are looking for a marketing internship. You could also explore South America while creating content in Lima.

Last-Minute Tips for International Business

While creating your international career path and narrowing down your specialty area should be relatively easy, picking a specific placement might not be. So, when figuring out where to invest your application efforts, consider using these tactics to narrow down which opportunities will prove to be your best bet:

  • Reach out to past or current employees for honest feedback
  • Read reviews on employers and host companies
  • Save and compare programs side by side with MyGoAbroad

Finally, the real trick to kicking your international business career into gear is, obviously, to put in what you want to get out. Even the best international placement won't get the job done if you’re not willing to work for it. So put yourself out there, be willing to work hard, and remember you can always improve yourself and expand your knowledge.

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