Pay Me to Travel! Here Are Stellar 5 Jobs Abroad

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How to travel the world & make money

If you catch yourself on a split screen scrolling through Rome2Rio and online jobs abroad directories with outstretched hands saying “MONEY PLEASE,” you’re either Mona Lisa Saperstein, or a Parks and Recreation enthusiast/meaningful traveler looking to kill two birds with one stone: travel the world and get paid. The fact is, not everyone is cut out for your traditional 9-to-5 desk job. If your Google search history is any indication – yeah, we see you typing “pay me to travel” – finding work abroad may be just the ticket! 

Maybe you’re a little fuzzy on exactly how to travel the world and make money, but it’s honestly a matter of finding the right job opportunities abroad. Once you find the perfect job to fit like a glove, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of making this decision sooner. Here are five job opportunities abroad that prove it’s not a crazy pipe dream to travel the world and get paid.

Landscape view of Loch Ness in Scotland
Guide tours that lead you to views like this at Loch Ness in Scotland

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1. Tour Guide

If you’re particularly interested in one area of the world, you can find tour guide jobs abroad and really get to know a specific region. With this work, you will undoubtedly be dealing with a lot of tourists, so being a people person is a must. Furthermore, it’s also important to have good public speaking skills to ensure that your tour is TripAdvisor worthy. You want to make people love this adventure just as much as you do! Tour guide jobs abroad range anywhere from adventure tours to historical tours to city and sightseeing tours (Added bonus: Once you have the skills and experience under your belt, you will have a great chance of finding jobs in the tourism industry in another location if you ever feel the need to switch up the scenery).

Suggested programs:

Man taking photos of a mountainous landscape
Travel the world one gorgeous photo at a time

2. Picture Perfect Photographer

On your way to becoming a NatGeo contributor, armed with a DSLR and your trusty wide angle lens, you can make a decent living with photography jobs abroad. Depending on who you work for, you could travel far and wide to capture photos of our amazing world from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans. If you’re a freelance photographer, you might find yourself in some interesting places in order to find intriguing subjects and landscapes for a variety of outlets and publications. 

Suggested programs:

Upwards view of a cruise ship
Cruise ships hold the “portholes” to a new life abroad

3. Cruise Ship Employee

HELLO SAILOR! If you don’t mind close quarters and long days (or weeks) at sea, you might want to look into working as a cruise ship employee. When working in this field, you can make a few doubloons and hone your trade. Not only that, with no rent and free food, you can start to sock away some serious treasure. If you’re looking for a nice summer job that also allows you to travel, working on a cruise ship will accomplish both of those goals. Since cruise ships require employees for several different jobs–serving, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, babysitting, instructing water aerobics, and more–you are sure to find something you love (or switch it up if a new position becomes available!).

Suggested program:

Wing of an airplane in the sunset
Take flight and work abroad!

4. Flight Attendant

This job not only has the appeal of travel, but the pay is great as well. If you don’t mind high altitude and work well with people, working abroad as a flight attendant is a great way to see the world and get paid at the same time. Besides the places you might visit during layovers, you’ll also have access to free flights which will allow you to travel anywhere in the world on your off-time. You’ll soon become a traveling pro, and jetting across the country at a moment’s notice will become second nature for you.

Suggested programs (once your plane touches down):

Two orange jellyfish underwater
New sea creature friends come with a scuba diving job abroad

5. Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba diving jobs are a great profession for athletic individuals with a deep love for the deep blue. If you’re already a certified scuba diver, then great! However, if you’re not, no need to blow bubbles. Becoming a certified diver takes a little investing at first (both in cash and in time), but pays off the end when you’re exploring reefs and underwater cliffs all over the world. There are scuba diving jobs in every part of the world, all you have to do is get there. It is easy to learn how to dive into the scuba life by finding work abroad!

Suggested programs:

Pay me to travel! 

These are only five job opportunities abroad, but there are countless international jobs out there to be discovered. To find work abroad, start with an overall idea of what you’d like to be doing as well as where you would like to be doing it, and then narrow your options down from there. Nothing really beats waking up every day and going to a job you love in a postcard worthy locale, where meeting incredible people is part of your daily routine. What else could you want or need in life?

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