8 Well-Paid Summer Jobs Abroad

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Your forecast is bright for paid summer work abroad in 2018

For some, summer is the time to let loose and have fun in the sun. For others, summer is the ideal season to add experience to resumes and earn extra cash in the process. If the latter is you, then the great news is, summer jobs can come in all different shapes and sizes, with some being much more lucrative than others. So, if you’re looking for a bit of extra adventure this year, why stay at home, or just lie on a beach, when you could land yourself a well-paid job abroad?

Beach goodies

You’re bound to have the best break yet thanks to finding paid summer work abroad!

If you’re interested in boosting your bank balance and traveling the world at the same time, look at these eight well-paid summer jobs abroad. You’ll certainly find something for every taste—from summer cruise ship jobs to summer jobs in Alaska.

1. Teach English in Asia $$$

Are you a native English speaker? Then teaching English abroad could be one of the best paying job opportunities for you. As English continues to be the business and political language of the world, there is never a shortage of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) positions available around the world. The pay varies greatly from country to country, and even school to school, but by strategically planning where you want to teach English, you can earn a very decent living. 

There has long been debate over which country pays English teachers the most, but generally speaking, Asia, especially South Korea, is your best bet, along with Middle Eastern countries, which also pay very well.

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Most English teaching jobs abroad require a one-year contract. However, short-term opportunities can also be found, usually in the form of summer schools or summer camps for children.

While pay for short-term opportunities might not be as high as for full-time teaching jobs, many positions come with added benefits that can add a lot of value—perfect option as paid summer jobs abroad for students. Free language classes, accommodation, and travel allowance are just some of the benefits to look out for when looking for English teaching jobs abroad.

Recommended jobs:

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Teaching English in Asia is a tried-and-true way to make good money during the summer.

2. Work in hospitality in places that practice tipping $$

Working in hospitality can be a mixed bag, as the pay can range from meagre and meh to actually being one of the most lucrative summer jobs. It really does depend on what type of job you do and which country you choose to work in, and especially whether that country encourages tipping.

For example, working as a waiter/waitress in the US will usually mean a low hourly wage, while the average pay of waiting staff in Australia is higher at around AU$20 (US$15) per hour. However, Australia doesn’t have a tipping culture, whereas it’s common to be tipped around 20% of the bill in the United States. So, depending on the job and venue, you could make even more in a country where tipping is customary.

A great way to increase your tips is to work at more expensive venues. For example, if the average tip is around 20% and the average bill per table is around $50, you’ll make $10 in tips from each table. If the average meal is $100 though, you automatically double your tips per table. Also, try to work in busier locations, as the turnaround per table will be higher and so you’ll be able to make more tips.

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Remember that not all hospitality jobs are created equal when it comes to tipping. Housekeeping staff tend to get tipped less than waiters, who themselves get tipped less than bartenders. One of the best-tipped jobs is working as a dealer at a casino. So, if you’re good with cards, this could be a great choice for you.

Recommended jobs:

3. Become an au pair in the Middle East & Down Unda $$$$

Au pair jobs are some of the most paid summer jobs abroad and for good reason.  You get to live with a family in a new country, get to experience the culture from a local point of view, and get to play a big role in kids’ lives. On top of that, au pairs usually get room and board for free, so your living costs are very low. 

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The Middle East is a treasure trove of lucrative summer jobs. 💰

On the other side, working as an au pair isn’t usually associated with making a lot of cash. In most cases, your host family will pay you a small stipend each month, so that you can enjoy your days off, almost like pocket money. However, it really depends on which country you choose for au pair work. While you might only get paid a few hundred Euros in most European countries, other countries tend to pay much higher salaries. 

So, which countries pay the most? Unsurprisingly, you can earn the most as an au pair in Australia and the Middle East. In Australia, the average monthly pay is around $1,000, while you might make anywhere from $1,000–2,000 in Dubai and other countries in the United Arab Emirates. Also, as you don’t have to pay rent, you can save most of your salary for travel on your days off and during school holidays.

Recommended jobs:

4. Score resort jobs in Europe with housing & meals included $$

Does spending your entire summer in a beautiful, sunny destination, where others usually only go for short vacation sound good? Then a job at a European holiday resort might be a great choice for you. There are dozens of roles that resorts need to fill each summer. From receptionists to kid’s reps and pool guards, to bartenders, service staff and entertainment crew. There’s a role for everyone. 

And while resort jobs might not be the highest paying summer jobs available, they certainly have some advantages. Many resort jobs include not only food but also a room for their seasonal workers. So, a moderate monthly salary will stretch much further, because you will save hundreds of dollars on rent and food. If you spend your money wisely, you could save over $1,000 each month while working with a group of people from around the world. As a bonus, many resorts will cover either part or all your travel costs, to get to and from the resort town.

Resort jobs are not just restricted to Europe—they can be found all around the world. However, many European countries have working holiday visas that make applying for jobs there relatively straightforward. 

Recommended jobs:

5. Tough it out during outdoor work in Alaska $$

Are sun and fun at the sea not really your thing? Or maybe you’re looking for a less-traditional summer location, a little off the beaten path? Well, look no further than Alaska to find paid summer jobs abroad for students and career breakers alike.

backcountry road in alaska

With views like these, you might not care about the salary of summer jobs in Alaska! 😏 #jk #stillimportant

Alaska might not sound like a great summer job destination, but it actually has a lot to offer job seekers. The summer season in Alaska is the busiest for tourism, mainly in the outdoor and adventure niche. From June to September, a range of job opportunities become available, many of which are very well paid, because Alaska is remote and has a low population.

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Furthermore, many adventure jobs hire people with little to no experience, which means you’ll get plenty of training and can add new skills to your resumé. Jobs range from rafting guides to cooks, and tour guides, to dog handlers. In your free time, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning countryside and try out some new activities such as fishing, hiking, rafting and zip lining. 

Recommended jobs:

6. Summer cruise ship jobs $$$

Cruise ship jobs are some of the most coveted travel jobs. Although it’s not a traditional summer job industry, there are ways to snag yourself summer jobs on cruise ships. 

As with all jobs, planning and preparation are very important when you’re looking for a seasonal cruise ship job. Look for regions that have peak cruising season during the summer months, for example, Alaska or Europe, especially Northern Europe. River cruise lines can also be a great choice, as they often only operate during the summer months. Jobs vary greatly, so you could work as service staff, an entertainer, a skipper, or nurse, but all positions come with free accommodation and meals so that you can save most of your pay.

Another option is to apply for youth counselor jobs, which are much more in demand during the summer months when families are more likely to join cruises. 

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Cruise ships

Summer cruise ship jobs can take you to some incredible places—AND make you rich.

7. Rickshaw driving—but seriously! $

This one might sound a little crazy, but rickshaws have grown in popularity hugely over the last 10 years or so. While they used to be only seen in Asia, rickshaws now roam the streets of most European countries. Even smaller towns nowadays offer rickshaw tours as a fun and comfortable alternative to traditional walking or bicycle tours.

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Driving a rickshaw requires a certain amount of fitness, so make sure you train a bit before applying for jobs. They are usually quite well paid, and most rickshaw drivers make a nice extra income from tips. There are ways to maximize tipping, such as by driving night and weekend shifts, when partygoers are looking for a fun way to get back to their hotels. Also, if you manage to get a highly coveted job as a rickshaw driver in Munich, during Oktoberfest, you can expect very generous tips indeed.

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8. Be our next favorite bicycle tour guide in Europe $$

Working as a tour guide can be a fun and interesting way to travel the world while making good money and improving your resume. While there can be a lot of competition for traditional tour guide jobs, adding a little adventure tends to result in higher pay and less job competition.

Europe is a great place to work as a bicycle tour guide, with cities like Berlin, London, and Paris providing a growing number of bicycle tours. Some smaller locations also have popular cycling tours, so it’s worth looking around.

The requirements for working as a tour guide differ from country to country, so make sure you have the required qualifications or paperwork before applying for jobs. Generally, you should be fit, able to ride a bike comfortably and safely, have good people skills, and have a passion for the city you’re working in. 

Recommended jobs:

Paid summer work abroad is on the horizon!

As you can see, there’s a whole host of well-paid summer jobs available abroad, all of which can look great on your resume. All these jobs have their pros and cons, so always make sure you do your research and compare positions, taking into account added benefits like free rent, travel reimbursement or other perks like language classes. 

Which one of these lucrative summer jobs will you try this year?

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