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Are you part of a dynamic duo looking to travel the world and make a solid income? You (yes, both of you!) are in the right place. Couple jobs abroad maximize the bang for your experiential buck, allowing you to stock up the joint account, explore the globe, and discover new dimensions of your dream team. Love is magical, and we think you should take yours for a spin on the world stage.

If it’s early in the relationship, you may be wondering, “How soon is too soon to ask my main squeeze to go steady international-style? Is looking for jobs for couples with accommodation the equivalent of asking to move in together?” Only you and your boo can answer these questions. There’s no need to rush into things, but if your relationship can’t handle a little international work and travel, better to know that early on.

Those who’ve already tied the knot may wonder if it’s too late. But fear not, traveling jobs for married couples are as bountiful as your matrimony. Whether you find your jobs abroad for couples on a cruise ship, at a woodsy summer camp, or in the hospitality industry, this experience is sure to be the cherry on top of your life duet. 

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You + boo = #WorkingAbroadCoupleGoals

Why you and your boo NEED traveling jobs for couples

First things first: why are overseas jobs for couples the bees’ knees? Whether you’re looking for an excuse to get some international experience or already globetrotters looking for a way to make world travel $u$tainable, traveling jobs for couples make it all possible.

In addition to bringing home the bacon like you do back home, you’ll also get to know a new part of the world, gain international experience, and learn how to navigate new environments as a team. You’ll both be thrust into new cultures and nourished by new friendships, growing together all along the way. 

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Spoiler Alert: You will also discover new things about the apple of your eye when you start international jobs abroad for couples. Like, maybe they’re an amazing haggler; he snores (loudly) on the plane; or she’s secretly fluent in Spanish. #Surprise! Of course you already know your partner – maybe even a little too well – but there’s nothing quite like working and traveling together to take things to that next adorably cringe-worthy level of union. 

Steps to finding jobs for couples

Before you start booking tickets and saying goodbyes, you both have a “honey do” list to work through. Jobs for couples abroad aren’t rocket science, but they do require a bit of preparation. Make it fun bonding time!

  1. Brainstorm where you want to go. Or make a wish list of both of your top destination and job picks! You’ll find many couples jobs abroad in Europe, as well as South America, Oceania, and Asia. With some effort, you can even get yourselves a gig in Antarctica!
  2. Research, research, research. Make your way through the internet’s (or your local library’s) resources. Don’t forget to check out the handy reading materials at the bottom of this article.
  3. Take stock of your respective skills and interests, and decide on a destination + jobs for couples abroad combo that suits you both.
  4. Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time for a second round of research about visa requirements, travel options, accommodation, and other logistics. (It should start to feel real by this stage. You’re really going on this overseas jobs for couples adventure!).

When everything is sorted, all that’s left to do is make sure your liquid containers are checked, and hop on the plane! The best jobs for couples are calling your names.

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If you want to enjoy every sunset abroad, finding jobs for couples abroad is step one.

9 organizations that can help you find jobs for couples abroad

Ready to take this show on the road? Check out these great programs facilitating traveling jobs for couples. They’ll make your big move easy as pie.

1. Backroads

Calling all outdoorsy couples! Become trip leaders in the backwoods of the North and South America, Europe, or Oceania. Backroads will handle accommodation and compensation, so you can focus on leading trip participants on the best hiking, biking, and sporting opportunities around.


What’s more romantic than whisking off to Rome for a weekend? Whisking off to Rome for a year together, paid! Get TEFL certified and become an English teacher in Italy with Ministry of Education certified non-profit Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational (ACLE).

3. Nomaden Berlin

Vibrant urban Berlin is buzzing with hip graffiti and job opportunities for international couples. Nomaden Berlin makes sure your relocation to Germany is seamless by handling your first month of accommodation, assisting with the visa process, offering local job search advice, and (most importantly!)  bringing you into the bear-hug of a community from the day you arrive.

couple holding hands and walking at white cliffs of dover

Couples who can work abroad together, stay together.

4. Cultural Vistas

Gain international work experience while traveling with the support of Cultural Vistas. You’ll have to identify and apply for a relevant position independently, but they offer pre-departure orientation, visa support, health insurance, and in-country support for students working in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

5. Smaller Earth

As the name suggests, you’ll feel how small the world is when you work abroad with Smaller Earth. Hit the ground running (and start off with a community!) with their comprehensive in-country orientation and work placement as an au pair or resort staffer.

6. The Stir Experience

Experience the wonder of the lands Down Under when you work and travel abroad with The Stir Experience in Australia and New Zealand. Choose to nail down a job offer before you leave, or find something once you arrive with their support.

couple biking at sunset

Think of all the adventures and memories you’ll make together.

7. DEC Camp

Get in touch with your inner children (or prepare for future squirts of your own!) as camp counselors in the mountains of Ukraine. Ideal for early-career couples or those looking for a break, expect to spend plenty of time planning fun activities, singing campfire songs, and venturing in the outdoors.

8. Knowledge Must

If you want to work in Asia but aren’t quite sure how to get started, Knowledge Must is a must. Choose from a wide range of job placement opportunities, and count on plenty of helping hands from the moment you sign up until after you return home.

9. Instituto Hemingway

Say hola to opportunities in hospitality, management, and education in stunning Southern Europe. Instituto Hemingway offers job placement, accommodation, airport pick-up, and orientation. Paella for two, please!

Now what? Next steps towards couple jobs abroad

You’re almost ready for take-off, but as married couples can confirm: planning is KEY.

Teamwork makes the dream work, so divvy up the list and dive into research together. Planning as a team is the best preparation for the new challenges that will arise as a couple on the road.

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At the very least it will improve both of your Instagram games.

Be #RelationshipGoals with couple jobs abroad

Just because you’re coupled up doesn’t mean you have to shack up and rest on your laurels! Grab your partner by the hand, and lead each other into your next grand adventure together with these couple jobs abroad. 

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