Getting a Job After College… Abroad! Here’s How to Live Your Best Life

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How to find jobs after college

The school year is (almost) over, and you’re still looking for that first job after college. Yipes! Rather than freak out and stick your head in the sand à la ostrich, it’s time to pull up your big kid pants and do some sleuthing for job openings for recent college grads. Some of your friends are still finishing up final exams while others have already started full-time positions. But you’re somewhere in between; no longer a student (technically) but not yet into your career. You’re out there, floating, hoping to get a job after college, desperately trying to find that current of success that everyone else seems to be cruising down.

Getting a Job After College 101: Abroad Style

Before you launch into a full on existential panic attack, take a deep breath, friends, because we’ve all been there. Instead of over-stressing about getting a job after college, why not take advantage of this temporary career break? Use this time to do something for yourself before your life is taken over by a full-time job. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider working abroad! Can’t afford it? We saw this coming. That’s why here at GoAbroad, we’ve dedicated a section of our website to assisting you with finding jobs abroad.

Getting a Job After College 

woman working in open space on laptop
Three to five years experience is NOT entry level,

Resume complete? Check. Cover letter ready? Check. Experience? Uh oh.

Getting a job after college with little work experience is HARD. You could stay at home applying for jobs you don’t want or working menial jobs you despise just to start your career. However, working abroad will make your life WAY more interesting and meaningful!

Some of the best jobs for college graduates with little experience are abroad, such as teaching English, au pairing, interning, or working in hospitality. But don't ball up your past strategies and toss them in the garbage just yet — that resume and cover letter will come in handy to fulfill the application materials required for jobs abroad! If you’re not keen on interviews, we got you covered there, too, with interview tips. Keep reading, our soon-to-be-hired friend.

Where can I find the best jobs for college graduates?

ABROAD SILLY! With more than 1,000 work abroad programs, you’re sure to find something in anything from fine arts to business to environmental studies, and more, to pay for your time spent abroad. Traveling abroad after college will fill your life with unforgettable experiences. Just imagine being surrounded by ancient temples in China, fairytale palaces in Germany, or towering mountains in Sweden! Plus, the skills you learn abroad will be highly valuable to employers that you can’t learn at home, such as learning another language and gaining cross-cultural communication skills. 

Here are a few work abroad opportunities to get you started on your search for jobs after college:

Top international jobs for college graduates

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You’ll never have more fun with English in your life.


Teaching abroad is a popular way to travel abroad after college and earn money without racking up on travel expenses. If you’re a native English speaker and looking for your first job after college, you can teach English abroad. The benefits of teaching abroad are endless, from gaining new skills to making new contacts. Since so many institutes from across the globe are hiring English teachers, hours, salary, and requirements vary. Most programs don’t require teaching experience or a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as Foreign Language), as you can get these on the job abroad. If you’re looking to earn more money and get hired quicker, becoming certified in TEFL is a good idea

Current job openings for college grads:

  • Say Ni Hao to students in China with GeoVisions: China is in high demand of English teachers. With a degree in education, you could be earning as high as $2,500 a month! Those extra bucks will come in handy to do some major exploring of temples and landmarks in this ancient country. Not bad for your first job out of college.  
  • Get your K-Pop on in South Korea with Travel & Teach Recruiting: One of the best words in the English language: free! This program is 100 percent free, and will cover your flight, apartment, and visa. Your Seoul will thank you for educating Korean schoolchildren, and after class you can thank yourself by exploring the Changdeokgung palace, hiking around the Jeju-do, and marveling at the many fortresses. 
  • Czech out CIEE to teach English abroad: Even if you have no teaching experience, you can earn your TEFL certificate and get paid to teach English while immersing yourself in the fairytale-esque beauty of Prague. Many placements even offer rent-free accommodation! 

Au Pairing

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Coloring with children is always a perk.

Like English teachers, au pairs are in demand and can find work in almost any country. For most programs, au pairs are required to be in good health, have some child care experience or a degree in early childhood/family development, at least a high school diploma, be between the ages of 18 and 30, and able to pass a background check. With most au pair jobs, you would live with a host family and take on the responsibility of caring for the family’s children while parents are at work. Like many jobs abroad, au pairs abroad usually earn enough money to pay for living expenses abroad and do a little traveling once the job ends.

Current job openings for college grads:

  • Enjoy life in France with Cultural Homestay International: Has it always been your dream to learn the language of romance in the City of Lights? Oui oui! Live with a host family in France! Discover the beaches, the alpine villages, and medieval cities on the side. Maybe you can take the kids along in a straight line like in “Madeline.” 
  • Surf’s up in Australia with InterExchange: Try out some vegemite and tim tams as you’re preparing food for the kids in The Land Down Under. With the money you earn, you can dive in the Great Barrier Reef, tour the Sydney Opera House, and meet a koala on the side. The program offers plenty of opportunities to live the Aussie way! 
  • Tango with kids with Smaller Earth: Fly on over to the land of fiestas in the diverse country of Spain for your first job after college as an au pair. Teach the kiddos some English and practice your Spanish with them. Can you say win win? You could just do it for the summer or for the entire year! 


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Take your first step into a career with an internship abroad.

Maybe you aren’t interested in being an au pair or teaching abroad; you’d rather continue to advance in the field you’re passionate about. If this is the case, you could search for an internship abroad. The downside of internships abroad is that most are unpaid, and many actually require you to pay a fee that covers housing and meals. But don’t let this stop you from applying for internships in other countries. When future hiring managers see that you had a business internship in Japan, it’ll be hard for them to pass you up. If you’re concerned about money, inquire about part-time employment opportunities before accepting an internship abroad.

Here are the top 10 most popular destinations for interning abroad in 2017.

Current job openings for college grads:

  • #Worklikeaboss with a startup experienceship in Germany with Corkscrew: If you consider yourself a future entrepreneur, this internship in Berlin could be your ticket to starting your own business. Learn how to develop your business plans and get experience with a real start up company. Lets not forget -- Cultural lovers will rejoice with the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, and Museumsinsel within arm’s reach too.
  • Help the Otter Sanctuary and Conservation with Frontier:  For those you love Mother Nature, this internship is for you. It’s an-otter good opportunity for your first job out of college! You’ll be doing plenty of fieldwork and research with otters and kayaking and trekking along the way.  
  • Strut your heels with Fashion Week Internships in Italy: Experience the fashion industry up close and person in Milan! From short-term to long-term options, you can tailor your placement that best works for you. You’ll be expanding your fashion network with access to over thousands of brands, labels, designers, and more! 


The facade of a hotel in France with arches.
Open new doors with hospitality.

Perhaps your bookshelf is overflowing with travel guides and phrasebooks, you can name every country in the world, and you dream about working in beautiful accommodations, learning new languages, and giving tours in other countries. The tourism industry is growing rapidly all over the world, and many are in need of English speakers. Why not get your foot in the door with your first job after college in hospitality? You’ll be glad you did! 

Current job openings for college grads:

  • Go across the pond to the England to intern with IES Internships: You’ll gain practical experience in the hospitality industry with a customized placement in London. This semester long program includes excursions and the opportunity to earn academic credit. 
  • Get a paid job in Hospitality Management in Spain with Instituto Hemingway: Don't just work at a hotel, work in management. Instituto Hemingway will find you a job at one of the top hotels in all of Spain.
  • Warm up with Chile with ELI: Live and work in a geographically and culturally diverse country while working in a hotel. Become fluent in Spanish as you speak frequently to the guests and take care of their needs. 

Find YOUR Career

Are you planning on living abroad for an extended period of time? No worries! You can search for full-time, salaried jobs on GoAbroad in your field of choice (just use the drop-box to narrow down your options based on country and job type). Finding and applying for full-time jobs out of college abroad can be a challenge, so if your heart is set on living in a certain country, our best advice is to use a job placement company to help you find work. These companies will find jobs for you to apply for and make sure that you have all of the necessary paperwork for living and working in that country. Using a company such as this may require a fee, but it also guarantees that you’ll find a position that fits your interests and skill-sets.

From enjoying the wonders from traveling to gaining job experience, working abroad will be highly rewarding and valuable. Even if you have to pay a few bucks up front for program costs, any one of these jobs abroad for college students will be worth it in the end career-wise. Whether you’re teaching abroad in Chile or interning in business in China, your first job after college will be a memorable experience you’ll never forget. 

Find your PERFECT first job out of college now!

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