8 Best Jobs Abroad for 2018-2019

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There’s nothing quite like a change of scenery to blow out the cobwebs and get a new lease on life. But sadly, the bills must be paid somehow, so if you’re not lucky enough to find yourself with a travel trust fund, don’t despair. Working and traveling abroad has never been easier, with a host of incredible programs out there that can help you get started. 

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Pack your bags—you're about to get HIRED by these best jobs abroad.

If you’re ready to ditch your 9-5 for new horizons, then check out this list of the best jobs abroad for 2018-2019. After all, it’s never too early to start researching the best jobs for working abroad.

What makes these jobs the “best?”

Just like at home, not all jobs abroad are created equal. There are many factors that come into play when choosing between working abroad opportunities and the perfect program. How adventurous are you? Do you want to immerse yourself in a foreign culture or do you prefer a more familiar Western country? Do you want to learn a language or stick with English? Will you need a visa to be able to work in your dream destination?

With so many questions to answer, there’s no better way than going with a reputable program that has years of experience placing people just like you in their dream jobs abroad.

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Whether your "office" is the board room, a family's home, an ESL classroom, or otherwise, you're bound to have the BEST time.

We’ve picked out some of the most popular programs, based on real-life reviews and focused on participant satisfaction, interesting jobs, fair pay, and a range of different regions and countries to bring you this list of the best jobs abroad.

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8 of the best work abroad programs to consider

What are you waiting for? Pick out your dream work abroad program for 2019 now and get planning that trip of a lifetime!

greenheart travel

1. Teaching English in South Korea with Greenheart Travel—9.3 Rating

The godmother of all jobs abroad and one of the best jobs abroad for English speakers is, of course, teaching English as a foreign language. There are almost endless opportunities to teach English abroad, from South America, to Europe and Asia to Africa, the choice is yours. But South Korea has long been one of the most popular destinations due to the generous perks teachers can expect in addition to their normal salaries, which are also at the higher end of the spectrum. Think paid holidays, free accommodation and even end-of-year bonuses.

Navigating the private and state school systems on your own might be a bit daunting, and that’s why Greenheart Travel is one of the most popular programs for teaching in South Korea. They support you every step of the way, reviewing and helping to file your paperwork to ensure everything’s in order and that nothing will get between you and your dreams of working abroad.

International teaching isn’t only a gap-year job, it can become a meaningful and challenging career that can allow you to travel the world indefinitely. And you can save up thousands of dollars over your placement, to help top up your travel budget for exploring this beautiful country.

smaller earth logo

2. Resort Jobs with Smaller Earth in New Zealand—10.0 Rating

Do you love meeting new people, having a laugh at work and making sure holidaymakers are having a fantastic time? Then a resort job could be perfect for you. But why stay at home to work at a resort when you can spend up to 12 months in New Zealand with Smaller Earth?

Known as the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand has a lot to offer, from breathtaking landscapes to real hobbit towns and incredibly friendly people. You could be working a ski season as a barkeeper, ski instructor or chairlift operator. And when summer comes along, Smaller Earth and their partner Kiwi Kiwi can help you find jobs as a chef, waiter, or front of house staff at a resort. Smaller Earth offers guaranteed job interviews before you even depart your home country for its working abroad opportunities and have partnered with some of New Zealand’s most prestigious employers in the hospitality sector.

  • Job type: Resort Jobs
  • Where: New Zealand
  • Average earnings: Depends on role and experience, but starts at around $1,900 per month
  • More information: Read reviews of Smaller Earth

3. Au Pair in Australia with InterExchange—10.0 Rating

Fancy living like a local, being part of a family, and becoming a positive force in the life of some lovely kids, all while making some cash to travel Down Under? Then Au Pairing in Australia is just the ticket—it’s one of the best jobs abroad for English speakers. Working as an Au Pair is one of the best work abroad opportunities for young adventurers, as room and board are fully covered, and you’ll get a weekly stipend that you can put towards your travel fund.

InterExchange will help you find an awesome host family in one of Australia’s major cities, for 6-12 months. And if you haven’t had enough after your first placement, they’ll place you with a second family, so that you can continue your adventures. End of program bonuses are the icing on the cake and will help you explore Australia at the end of your placement.

  • Job type: Au Pair Jobs
  • Where: Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth
  • Average earnings: Weekly stipends range from $200-340 (even more if you have childcare experience) + $500 end of year bonus
  • More information: Read InterExchange reviews 
stint ireland logo

4. Working Holidays with Stint Ireland—9.4 Rating

Are you done with college and in need of an overseas adventure, but want to make some dough during your gap year? Why not live and work in Ireland for a year? Stint Ireland hosts one of the best jobs for working abroad. The Emerald Isle is the perfect home base to explore Europe and salaries are higher than in many other European countries, meaning that your hard-earned dollars will stretch to further travels. Stint Ireland creates the perfect Irish experience for graduates, taking care of all the admin, applications, and accommodation searches, so that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. Impressively, a cool 100% of all Stinters have been offered a job within a month of arriving in Ireland.

Best of all, jobs don’t have to be limited to the more traditional working holiday gigs, like hospitality. Dublin is a bustling European technology hub, so you can find jobs such as web designer, software developer, or in marketing or accounting. Who said working abroad was bad for your resume? Future employers are going to be impressed with your Stint in Dublin (see what we did there?).

  • Job type: Working Holidays and Gap Years
  • Where: Dublin, Ireland
  • Average earnings: Depends on the job, but starts at around $10-15 per hour
  • More information: Read Stint Ireland reviews 
lopair au pair china

5. AuPair with LoPair in China—8.4 Rating

There’s no better way to learn a new language than fully immersing yourself in a new culture during working abroad opportunities. Why not push the boundaries a little and learn Mandarin in China, becoming part of a lovely local host family and getting first-hand experience of the culture and customs? LoPair China is the Au Pair of the Year Award winner of 2017 and one of GoAbroad’s most popular Au Pair programs.

Weekly language classes and daily practice with your host family round out the experience,  helping you get fluent in no time at all. Childcare and practicing English with the kids will be your main jobs and in exchange, you’ll get room, board, and language classes for free, plus round-trip international flights (depending on the length of your stay) and a bonus at the end of your program.

  • Job type: Au Pair Jobs
  • Where: China
  • Average earnings: Around $150 per month pocket money, plus room, board, and language classes
  • More information: Read LoPair China reviews 
instituto hemingway logo

6. Hospitality and Wellness Jobs with Instituto Hemingway in Spain—9.0 Rating

Imagine waking up to the Spanish sun every day, working with an international crew of awesome people, learning Spanish and gorging yourself on tapas during your days off. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Then a hospitality job with Instituto Hemingway might be the perfect answer for your best abroad jobs search.

In addition to learning a new language, you’ll also get all your living costs covered, including accommodation and three meals a day. You’ll gain valuable work experience in an international environment and can explore the beautiful plazas and beaches on your days off. Instituto Hemingway offers programs that last for 1–12 months.

  • Job type: Hospitality and Wellness
  • Where: Spain
  • Average earnings: Minimum €200 per month pocket money, plus all accommodation and board
  • More information: Read Instituto Hemingway reviews
tefl heaven logo

7. Teach English with TEFL Heaven—9.3 Rating

We’ve already shared how amazing teaching English can be for native English speakers, but you might be wondering if you’re eligible to teach English if you don’t have a teaching certificate yet. The great news is that you are! TEFL Heaven is one of the leading TEFL and teach abroad programs. You’ll spend three to four weeks being trained to teach English as a foreign language and will then have a guaranteed paid teaching job waiting for you, lasting for four months or more.

Why wait around at home to get your certification when you can start traveling right away? And best of all, you can pick from programs in 10 different countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Salaries vary greatly depending on the region, the duration of your placement, and the school you’re placed in. However, accommodation is often included, and the work is not usually full-time, which leaves plenty of scope for taking on a few private teaching clients or simply enjoying exploring in your free time.

  • Job type: Teaching English Jobs
  • Where: Spain, Czech Republic, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Argentina
  • Average earnings: Depends on duration and location of placement (ca. $1,200–1,500 in Madrid, ca. $880 in Thailand, ca. $700–1,000 in Costa Rica)
  • More information: Read TEFL Heaven reviews 
bunac logo

8. Working Holidays with BUNAC—8.0 Rating

For the young and adventurous, working holidays can be the best solution. If you’re between 18 and 35, the chances are that you’re eligible for a working holiday visa in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. BUNAC is one of the most well-respected organizations, helping thousands of adventure seekers to fund their travels around the world.

From office jobs to fruit picking, retail jobs to hospitality jobs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the working holidays available to you.

BUNAC helps you navigate the visa paperwork and plan your trip, organizes group travel, and fosters community among the working holiday crowd. The only question is, which country do you want to start in? 

  • Job type: Working Holiday Jobs
  • Where: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Ireland
  • Average earnings: Depends on the type of job and location. In Australia, the minimum wage is around $17 per hour
  • More information: Read BUNAC program reviews

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The best jobs abroad = the best job for you

The decision all boils down to personal preference, visa availability, & which country you most desire to tick off your bucket list.

Working and traveling doesn't have to be a pipe dream—there are thousands of work abroad opportunities available out there just waiting to help you fund your travels. After all, every traveler is different, so the best jobs for working abroad for you might not be the same as someone else’s. Whichever program you choose, make sure you do your homework. Research the organizations and read reviews to find out as much as possible about the work you’ll be doing. Also, look at what your life abroad will look like day-to-day once you’re on the ground.

Are you getting itchy feet yet? Then what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite of these amazing jobs abroad and start your adventure in 2018-2019!

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