12 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Noosa, Australia

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The Noosa region is rich in magnificent beaches, coastal parks, and other popular landmarks, with each location made up of the collective memories and experiences of local residents and visitors, often celebrated with regular events. This beautiful place is great to visit or live, with so much to see and do all year round. Here are 12 events and activities to get you started in a love affair with Noosa.

Surfing on the waves of Noosa is a must during the surfing festival.
Surfing on the waves of Noosa is a must during the surfing festival. Photo Courtesy of Jason Kerner

1. Noosa Biosphere

The Noosa Biosphere is an organization that focuses on protecting, maintaining, and monitoring the surrounding ecosystem. The place is more than a nature reserve, it is an adventurous getaway. Hiking, camping, or bushwalking around these parts gives you a firsthand experience of the indigenous wildlife of Australia

2. Australian Body Art Carnival

The act of painting your body is a bold and powerful means of expressing yourself and the Australian Body Art Carnival has this stunning performance art at its core. It is here where you can witness the display of raw emotions of artists and models alike. These are symbolized by the artwork embedded on the performer’s body. The carnival also plays host to other forms of visual art, such as paintings, graffiti, and sculptures.

3. The J

The Junction, or simply “The J”, allows Noosa to stand proud amongst other cities in terms of artistic, cultural, and entertainment events. The auditorium is incredibly versatile, accommodating over 300 people. The J also has a large hall which can comfortably fit 500 people. This allows the venue to host a spectacular number of significant concerts and live performances. For those visiting or living in Noosa, you can catch your favorite artists, bands, and performers at The J. 

4. Noosa Triathlon

The Noosa Triathlon is one of Australia’s most well-known and oldest sporting events. This triathlon is ranked as the third largest Olympic distance graded track in the world and participants and racers from around the globe gather every year to compete. Professional and amateur athletes try their hands at the number of competitive events held throughout the triathlon. Being in the Noosa Triathlon can give you a personal experience with the intensity shared by every participant as they push their body to finish first. Not only do you get to enjoy the races, you also enjoy the tropical surroundings of Noosa.

Noosa, Australia

5. Kin Kin Creations Market

Fresh food markets are popular across Australia. What makes Kin Kin Creations Market stand out is that stall holders can sell anything they make. Almost any product you could imagine sold here is homemade and environmentally friendly. As you browse through the market, you are also treated to live performances by local bands and artists.

6. Houseboat Rental

One of Noosa’s spectacular signature landmarks is its coastal beaches and wide rivers. A house boat allows you to fully enjoy everything this aspect of the region has to offer. Imagine a leisurely afternoon of lying on a comfortable chair while the waves from the river rock your home gently. As you lie down, you are surrounded by the breathtaking sights of the Noosa River’s flora and fauna. 

7. Noosa International Food & Wine Festival

Did you know? Noosa is regarded as one of the global havens for people with a taste for the finest foods. The dishes are made possible by the rich assortment of locally grown produce. This fact became apparent on a more global scale when the first Noosa International Food & Wine Festival was held in 2003. Famous food critics cooked and prepared a delightful array of dishes made with the region’s bounty, as well as being treated with Australia’s numerous famous wines. This celebration still continues annually, giving you the chance to taste some of the world’s best beverages and food.

8. Noosa Festival of Surfing

Noosa has one of the best point break waves in the world, making it ideal for surfing. The Noosa Festival of Surfing started out as a friendly competition between surfers of the region to take advantage of the beautiful surrounds. It soon grew into an internationally celebrated event as professional surfers from around the globe compete against each other. There is nothing like hitting the beach during the festival where you can brush shoulders with the some of the best surfers.

9. Riverfest Regatta and Boat Show

The Riverfest Regatta and Boat Show are both held to celebrate the Noosa River and surrounding community. The event comes with live performers, floats, games and other festival attractions. The main feature here is the competition of boat owners against each other with the Noosa River as their stage.

Noosa, Australia

10. Noosa May Fiesta

The Noosa May Fiesta is a series of festivals, competitions and other events throughout the month of May. Starting as a small, local event, the event has grown over time and the Fiesta has since exploded in popularity. The event has been instrumental in making Noosa one of the most visited places in Australia.

11. Great Noosa Trail Walk

The Great Noosa Trail Walk is a therapeutic experience for both your body and soul. The trail allows you to see the majestic landscape of the Noosa Hinterlands as well local towns with a deep history. The Great Noosa Trail Walk is extremely long and may take you three days to complete. Camping is recommended to fully immerse in the region. If you need to return to the nearest town, a shuttle bus can come to pick you up.  

12. Noosa Longweekend Festival

If any of the events is still not enough for you, the Noosa Longweekend Festival can help satisfy your thirst for the arts. This is a ten day celebration of the cultural experiences in Noosa. Be immersed in the works of the region’s many dreamers, romanticists, and performers. The festival hosts a series of theatre, film, literature, music, and other forms of arts, including culinary works. 

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