Top Things Females Need to Pack When Going to France

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Packing luggage for a much-awaited trip to France can be very challenging.  Going to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, known as the “capital of romance and fashion,” is an exciting experience. The best way to truly enjoy this exhilarating experience of interning abroad, is to prepare properly; if being unprepared for a job in your home country is bad, then being unprepared in a foreign country is an absolute disaster.

Relaxing Pastime in Versailles, France
Relaxing Pastime in Versailles, France. Photo Courtesy of Erica Brown.

Important Personal Documents

Be sure to check pertinent documents necessary for travel such as a visa, passport, airline tickets, and hotel confirmation. Make copies of all important documents, they will come in handy should any unlucky incidents, like losing a passport, happen. If important documents are not needed while going from place to place, keep them in a safe place.  Always check your documents to make sure that everything is intact.

Walking Shoes

In France, the main means of getting around is walking. People walk to shops, look for restaurants, to work or school, and to visit local attractions. So, having comfortable footwear is probably one of the best investments one can make when it comes to luggage weight. Bring high-quality shoes that can support your feet. It is best to refrain from using tennis or sports shoes if you want to stay fashionable, however comfort is often more important in the long run. At least one pair of stylish shoes, sandals, or dress shoes are probably worth bringing too, just not as essential. 

Proper Clothing

When choosing what to wear in France, think comfort and style. France does have certain rules about appropriate clothing etiquette, but they pretty much always include dressing smart, neatly, and fashionably. Black is always an appropriate color for clothing in France.  French people have a thing for scarves, sunglasses, and headbands, so bring one of each.  Adding a scarf or headband to one’s wardrobe also adds class and elegance, along with a few dresses. You never know it may come in handy, especially because some shops and restaurants actually require their female customers to wear dresses. Again pack as little as possible. This will leave space in your luggage for the new dress or shirt that you are bound to purchase at some point during your stay in France.     

Rainwear/Waterproof Gear

Even if you have already researched and the weather channels say that it will not rain in France, always be ready. Expect the unexpected! Short rain showers are very common in France, especially in the afternoons. Bring a raincoat and even small umbrella. You do not want to lie in the hotel bed, feeling under the weather because you got caught in a rainstorm, when you should be exploring.

Personal Essentials

Packing toiletries can be a bit tricky since most airline companies regulate the amount of liquids allowed for carry-ons, but prices for items such as shampoo, toothpaste, and soap are usually expensive in France. So pack what you can in small little bottles before you leave, and by the time you need more you will have hopefully found the right place to get a decent price and product. Don’t forget to ask the airline company about baggage allowances and inclusions to avoid dealing with problems while at the airport. If you have medications, supplements, and vitamins, do not forget to pack them because they may not be easy to acquire once you arrive, especially prescriptions. Also don’t forget a universal adapter and travel charger should a charging need arise. As always on any trip away from home or to a new place, do not forget a camera to document all your new experiences!

Now that you already know what to prepare, check out our internship programs in France here, along with more items to bring along in the video below!

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