Top 8 Cities for Summer Internships Abroad

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When considering summer internships abroad, you might know the exact type of internship or field you’d like to work in. But when the world is your oyster, it can be difficult to decide in which international city to intern abroad. So, let this list of the top eight cities for summer internships abroad be your global internships guide!

1. Barcelona

Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain
Park Güell, Barcelona

If an internship in Spain is what you’re after, startups, sustainable architecture, and social media are just a few of the fields available in Barcelona. Its diverse economy and distinct culture set this capital of Cataluñya apart from other major cities in Spain. Wide boulevards, state-of-the-art buildings, and a stunning gothic cathedral offer something interesting to see or do at every turn. After spending the day at your internship in Barcelona, take a relaxing stroll along Las Ramblas and then sit down to some tapas and conversation!

2. Dublin

Dublin internships allow you to further develop your professional skills and check things off of your bucket list. Try your hand at sports photography on the rugby or football pitch. Develop your CV by writing plays and designing costumes for one of Dublin’s major theatre companies. Accompany political party members to parliamentary meetings. You can even shape Dublin’s future, and your own, with an internship at a technology or marketing startup.

3. Berlin

Gain valuable skills and develop your Lebenslauf (CV) with a summer internship in Germany! The capital of industry and government in Germany, Berlin offers internship opportunities that range from education to entrepreneurship to engineering (and everything in between). With the excellent transportation system, you’ll be able to get to your workplace in a snap via the U-Bahn. Internships in Berlin are sure to deliver rich professional and cultural experiences.

4. London

Union Flags lining a street in London, England
London - Union Flags

The possibilities are endless when it comes to summer internships in London. A capital city of more than 8 million people, London is the UK’s hub for any industry you can think of – finance, film, fine arts – you name it. With an extensive transportation system, your internship in London will be just a few hops away on the Tube. This also makes after-work shopping on Carnaby Street or theatre-going in the West End easily accessible, too!

5. Milan

Interested in business or fashion? Look no further – internships in Milan, Italy offer what you’re looking for. In Milan, you can spend the summer honing your craft at an atelier, in public relations at an international fashion house, or with a finance or marketing firm. Don’t forget Milan’s other great export – food. Imagine a summer internship with an exporter of gourmet products where it’s your job to ensure the rest of the world gets their share of fine Italian cuisine - mangia!

6. Rome

Intern abroad in the Eternal City! Summer internships in Rome offer a breadth of unique experiences, from coding with a tech firm at a startup incubator to handling antiquities at a cultural foundation housed in a 17th century villa. Take in the scenery of the Vatican or the Coliseum on your daily commute or lounge on the grand steps on the Piazza di Spagna with Italian university students after work.

7. Shanghai

Shanghai, China skyline
Shanghai Skyline

Secure an international internship in the financial hub and largest city in China –Shanghai. This thoroughly modern city features a heavy influence from Western culture, architecture, and business (exemplified in the French Concession, a popular tourist area). Find Shanghai internships in engineering, economics, and education, among many other fields and industries. 

8. Santiago

Santiago, Chile City skyline
Santiago Skyline

A summer internship in Santiago, Chile, is the perfect way to gain experience in education, health, business, and government—though these are just a few of the fields Santiago has to offer. Home to more than 6 million people, Santiago is the economic, political, and cultural capital of Chile. In addition to the bustling downtown, the city is flanked by the Andes and the Chilean Coastal mountains on both sides, and an easy drive to the Pacific coast.

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