Top 5 Sites on the Italian Amalfi Coast

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If you have the opportunity to take internship in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a must see during the stay. The question you then face, is where exactly to visit there. Let this list of sites guide you through a trip along this Mediterranean paradise in southern Italy.

Boating along the Amalfi Coast in Italy

1. Capri 

This beautiful island off the Amalfi Coast of italy, is the number one place to visit. Many wealthy people from around the world own vacation homes here and even more people flock to the area in hopes of seeing the rich and famous celebrities. It has been a hideaway for quite some time; emperors Tiberius and Augustus spent vacations here. It can be extremely crowded in the summer months but clears out drastically in the off season. Be sure to: 

  •  See the grottos: Blue, Green, and Red
  •  Go to Capri Town
  •  Visit AnaCapri
  •  Ride the chairlift to the top of the island
  •  Swim in the Mediterranean Sea

2. Positano

This is a breathtaking town that you must visit while in the Amalfi coast region. It is one of the few places in the world where the view looking from the sea to the land is more beautiful than looking out across the sea. They have black sand and rock beaches, which are perfect for a relaxing day of soaking up the sunshine. 

Make sure to bring a good pair of sandals because the black sand is very hot by mid day and a trip from your towel to the beach can become quite painful if you don’t. While you are in Positano it is easy to be content on the beach, but there are a variety of lovely shops and boutiques. Make sure to give your skin a break from the hot sun and do a bit of shopping while you are in this unique, lovely town. 

Positano, Italy

3. Cliff Jumping & Cave Swimming from Positano

During your day in Positano, rent a boat that can take you to a great location for some cliff jumping. The sea is very deep and there is nothing quite like the rush of free falling into the Mediterranean. Make sure to snap some good photos midair. For those of you who are a bit faint of heart, you can avoid the cliff jumping and just wait for the cave swimming. It’s important to be aware of the red coral on the rock and make sure not to brush up against it. Swimming through a beautiful Mediterranean cave is an experience never forgotten. 

4. Sorrento

This lovely city is surprisingly budget friendly making it a perfect location to stay to save money on housing. There are a variety of hostels and hotels in Sorrento that are more affordable than the vacation spots in Capri and Positano. Sorrento is a nice town to do some shopping for both trendy clothing or souvenirs from this region of Italy. 

Ruins of Pompeii, Italy

5. Pompeii

You have basked in the sun, swam through caves, and maybe even have a new wardrobe and bag of souvenirs at this point, but now comes a potent dose of history and culture. The extensive ruins of this city, destroyed by the ash of Mount Vesuvius, are extremely well preserved. Pompeii was nearly entirely destroyed by the volcanic eruption, covering homes and many inhabitants in up to 20 feet of ash and pumice. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was home to an estimated 20,000 people at the time of its demise and is now one of Italy’s most popular attractions. Pompeii is too large and historic to explore without an expert so a guided tour is strongly recommended.

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